Driving with square wheels
Driving with square wheels

Hi Folks, good that your wachting. And welcome to useless experiments part 9! And today at your request we are going to drive with… squares wheels! Let’s test it! There we go. Comfortable The parking brake was still on. Were almost by sand, i think thats drives better Do you know what the advantage of these square wheels is? Well? You can always easily find your way back! Yes, that’s true. These wheels are starting to wear pretty well If we could have made more speed then it might have worked. What I just drove was the hardest thing he could. But he just does not pull it. I was driving in gear 1 I pressed the pedal as hard as possible But he just did not go any faster I tried to switch to his two then he immediately fell silent I don’t know It seems that square wheels have quite a lot of resistance That role resistance is not good. Square things just do not roll that easily It looks like those rear wheels They are not driven, and they really do not want to roll. They keep it so bad. So now we’re going to take those back square wheels off And now put old-fashioned round wheels on it And see if we can still drive through this with square wheels That would be nice I’ll pull him off Did you fix it to the bumper? Yes. We could not reach it with the towing eye The car has been pulled loose again We put it behind old-fashioned round wheels. let’s see if we will continue I’m curious. Let’s test it! Yes, you get that if you do not change your tires on time No, it is clearly worn out Yes. Well, this was a grand experiment Of course we did not expect that wheels have to be round. This is seriously a useless experiment But do you still have an experiment that is even more useless than this ?! I dare you Put it in the comments below and who knows, we will do your experiment next week Thanks for wachting, see you later!

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  1. Нурай Аскарова says:

    Машинаны жалко

  2. Aju Àjú says:

    better than MRF tyres.

  3. imran ak says:

    ROFL 😂

  4. Akhil Cholakkal says:

    ഓരോരോ പ്രാന്തന്മാർ..😮😪

  5. Sahil Kumar says:

    This car worked as agriculture machine


    evande onm nadakm pothille myrentekke

  7. Abduxanon Axmedov says:


  8. Árisson cantor says:

    Aqui no Brasil um corsinha desse aí vale 10 mil reais lá é uma sucata na vale nada……..

  9. Бахтиёр Хомидов says:


  10. Marwan Swagui says:


  11. Patrick Tops says:

    mee doen met de crazy cross Bergeijk op 20 en 21 april

  12. Ismael Cruz says:


  13. Nazis nazis says:


  14. YouTube khan says:

    The brother you insisted on this car was beneficial to you

  15. askar askar says:

    Psycho man

  16. Коля Николай says:


  17. Nico Brouwers says:

    kut filmpje
    volgens mij verveel jij je eigen helemaal de tering Milo

    Nico Brouwers

  18. Aijigit Arynbaev says:


  19. Sebastian655 says:

    Start an engine into a reverse rpms

  20. Nirvan Naik says:

    Now put octagon or Pentagon tires and try it.

  21. Akam says:


  22. HenryDeTrein says:

    "Ouderwetse ronde wielen"

  23. Владислав Егоренко says:


  24. Sansplomb303 says:

    please, don't weld on rust 🙁
    appart from this, that really funny!

  25. Schyena says:

    Gewoon doorrijden totdat de banden rondgesleten zij

  26. mustafa lika says:

    Shum buku plako

  27. vida loka says:

    imagina sem suspensão

  28. Тунук Есенкулов says:

    Avtooo 😢😢😢

  29. Staz Charlie Blood says:


  30. Aku Korhonen says:

    Make wheels with off-center attachment, like 5cm or so, with regular tires. Put them in the rear axle on a fwd car, take shock absorbers away, secure the springs in place and try max speed.

  31. Abuhalid Dataev says:

    Что далбоебов из гараж 54 насмотрелся или они тебя

  32. Mariano Letelier says:

    Máster mastermilo

  33. sistema colomiano de leon gto says:

    Pinche vato pendejo cabron no saves lo q ases

  34. kral oyuncu says:

    Bşıd, to tpx06f s9y ışık o n Diaz izm logo gk

  35. Uday Kumar Sah says:

    Foolish Ness

  36. Amarjit Singh RANA says:


  37. Alex Setyapranarka says:

    Fail experiment, wasting everything.

  38. Shekar Shekar says:

    mentl lodu

  39. Zamfirica Ciobotaru says:


  40. Floris Boon says:

    Dit gebruikt de boer om zijn land om te woelen.

  41. Leo Țârdoiu says:


  42. 246 80 says:

    You can use this car for vertikutieren (I don't know the english translation).

  43. Rens Bakker says:

    Laat een auto vooruit komen met bommen 👍👍👍

  44. TheTrotterTrainSpot says:

    Aww Diesel…

  45. ronny smit says:

    4:53 wat zullen die personen wel niet denken

  46. Phil the Doctor says:

    Rip coins at 5:01

  47. PreezeFX says:

    mojang wants to know your location

  48. ucho says:

    When squares dont work, try triangles

  49. Maxime Swennen says:

    Baronnen wielen

  50. Mr lancer boy says:

    drive on just bare rims? with no tires

  51. Emil K says:

    This is painful to watch.

  52. Anthony Heithuis says:

    https://youtu.be/t4CHCIGX86I Master Milo at 3:50 😂👍

  53. Selçuk Pativerdi says:

    Hele şükür altyazı eklemişler adamları bi türlü anlayamıyorum.

  54. Ron Ng says:

    Could you make your car upside down and drive around?

  55. prenjak nge brem says:


  56. levi kamerik says:

    probeer driehoekige wiellen

  57. Zoometry says:

    lekker die klik van de camera op het einde xD

  58. xyzzy777 says:

    Onze Nederlandse Colin Furze

  59. Of course it's Sander says:

    “Vierkante wielen rollen nou eenmaal niet zo makkelijk” ik ga stuk😂😂

  60. Sariaty Tambunan channel says:

    What this cara name

  61. jurgen bussche says:

    tuurlijk werkte dit amper ze waren niet gebalanceerd

  62. seryjka po nogach says:

    What about square wheels in 4×4 car?

  63. joris v.h says:

    Canada be like:

  64. Meneer suiker says:

    rijden met bakstenen in de vorm van een band aan elkaar met sement

  65. Nick Geffen says:

    Milo wat gebeurt er alsje vretuurvet in tank doet in plaats van bezine en ollaafolie in moter doet in plaats van ollie

  66. money collection review says:

    4:57 moneeeeeey !

  67. Boris Horstink says:

    Kun je rijden op velgen

  68. Boris Horstink says:

    Kun je rijden op velgen

  69. Bryan Liguori says:

    🤣🤣 this is so damn great

  70. Zulfahmi Johari says:

    Crazy russian

  71. Noah Langens says:

    Ik weet wel een leuke, hoelang kan je rijden zonder versnellingsbakbak olie op hoge snelheid😂

  72. Dakota Carey says:

    Even though this guy doesn’t speak English, his charisma is unmistakable. Impossibly not to laugh while watching his videos

  73. 46dude 46dude says:

    you should cut 2/3 of the car, so you should put the seats above the bonnet, and then a hammock above the seats and make a triple sanwich with a car that only has one axe and keeps balance over two small wheels on the front and back welded to two metal bars. then paint it pink with yellow dots and put a pitbull sticker in the carburator to make it more fierce, and play a spice girls song with a big loudspeaker while driving. if you do that i would definitely love you all more. if thats too much for you i would be happy if you change seats for 2 wc's with a tub in the rear part to have a bath confortably.

  74. Liberty Central says:

    This is how the Aztecs would build their car.

  75. Squanchy FapFap says:

    Here is a more useless experiment Put bicycle wheels on a car and try do a burnout!

  76. alan ojeda says:

    While you're broking cars, there are so many people who needs one.

  77. UKallroad says:

    Please try joining 2 cars together side by side and driving, with straps or welding, maybe one facing either direction?

  78. Red Computer says:

    what is this shit exiperment

  79. omarsho2711 says:

    it's useful if you want to prepair the dirt for the crops xd

  80. THE67S says:

    You want a experiment that is even more useless!? Try to drive with no wheels😂

  81. El Fanatico Adrian says:

    Jajajaj que chucha el auto jajajajaja que wena

  82. Zero Ninety says:

    Seems like it isn't any slower than a standard Corsa.

  83. Milan Djuric says:

    This will work better with an all will drive or some 4×4

  84. CD Thorpe says:


  85. thomas van manen says:

    olijfolie als motor olie

  86. Amaroq Starwind says:

    Squares? Everyone knows that hexagons are more awesome.

  87. Daniël Persyn says:

    Twee auto's aan elkaar lassen en er steeds meer bijdoen tot het niet meer kan

  88. Melvin says:

    de auto loopt letterlijk

  89. Abdulrahman Hmeid says:

    هكذا تعمل حكوماتنا العربية وكذلك مؤسساتنا الاقتصادية

  90. Adi Rosu says:

    😡👎Esti un prost. Ce iti a facut mașina de iti bați joc de ea.👎👎👎👎😡

  91. taye tay says:

    Hoe zou de motor lopen als je hem in zijn geheel met de versnellingsbak onderste boven zet?

  92. STAR-LARS-010 says:

    South park Canadian noises

  93. QHA Herman says:

    The Square Club motto:

  94. White mage says:

    how to test your suspension

  95. abdullah akdağ says:

    Facia üçlü

  96. Muhammet Bro says:

    Bahçede kazılabilir

  97. Aqil Teymurov says:


  98. Klaas J says:

    4:99 youtube payment fell off dashboard

  99. Gelson Silva says:

    Vai são Paulo 🇾🇪🇾🇪

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