Dryer Bearing Replacement
Dryer Bearing Replacement

Remove 2 screws that secure the top panel
to the cabinet. On some models, you may need to slide the
top cover to the left to release it from the three locking tabs. Remove 2 screws from the front inside edge of the front panel. Tilt the top edge of the front panel out. Disconnect wiring to the door switch, light,
and sensor rods if present. Depress the 2 tabs on top of the bearing support
to release the bearing from the front panel. Push the bearing inward towards the drum.
Pull up to remove. The drum slide assembly is located on the
back side of the front panel and ultilizes 4 drum slides. Two white outer slides are used as guides and two gray center top slides are used to
support the weight of the drum. To remove the belt, reach under the left hand side of the drum, push the idler pulley down to the right, and lock the idler arm on the top corner of the motor bracket to release the belt tension. Install the new belt around the drum. Ensure the ribs of the belt are touching the
drum. Release the idler pulley from its locked position. The drum seal can be replaced by removing the seal from the channel located in the air
duct assembly. Wrap any excess felt around the left hand
side of the air duct assembly. Reassemble the unit.

3 thoughts on “Dryer Bearing Replacement”

  1. Abdul Khan says:

    when dryer start then motor fuse blew .what is problem?

  2. Keith Noneya says:

    Good video, but you don't have to completely remove the door front panel or the upper bearing.
    1. Open the dryer door and remove the top two screws inside the dryer door. Use a No. 2 Phillips screw driver.
    2, Lift the lid from the front, and set it aside.
    3. Remove the top two inside screws from the top of the front panel assembly. Access them from the inside where the top lid was removed. Use a no. 2 square screw tip.
    4. Lift the drum with one hand and pull out on the top of the front panel assembly and just lean the top against your tummy.
    5. Important: Check the dryer felt seal while you are there. If need be replace it or take it out and trim it then reinstall it. Note to remove and replace it you'll have to pick up on the front panel and slide the right side out while not pulling the wires on the left side. Just move it like there was a hinge on the left side. If you didn't have to slide the door open then move on the the bearings.
    6. Remove the old slide bearings and replace them with the new ones:
    a. With the old bearings removed install the top center two with the dark grey ones. Place the hole on the right tab, pull up on the middle and place the notched sides in the rectangular hole on the left and push down gently to seat it.
    b. Repeat the process for the outer lower bearing slots with the white Teflon bearings.
    7. Reassemble the dryer in reverse process. I just did this today, worked like a charm.
    8. I would recommend just replacing the whole top bearing assembly, the bearing tabs, the felt and the rear drum bearing. That's about $50.00 bucks and your dryer should last another 10-15 years.
    Thanks for sharing your nice video with us. GE. Best Wishes n Blessings. Keith Noneya

  3. Skiidzman says:

    Great video thanks, my lady been asking me to fix the dryer ;P

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