Dryer Repair – Replacing the Drum Bearing (GE Part # WE3M26)
Dryer Repair – Replacing the Drum Bearing (GE Part # WE3M26)

Hi it’s Steve from PartSelect, today we
are going to show you how to change the front drum bearing on your dryer and it’s a really
easy job all you’re going to need is a Phillips screwdriver maybe a pair of needle nose pliers,
let me show you how it’s done. Now the first step in this repair should be to disconnect
the power to the appliance if your dryer has a cord on simply remove it from the receptacle,
if it’s hardwire find the breaker and turn it off. Now the next step in this repair will
be to remove the main top so there will be access to the screws holding the front panel
on now there are two screws that hold the top in place and locate it here and here,
so we’re simply going to remove those, the two screws removed we’ll lift up on the
front of the top panel, kind of tilt it so that it disengages from the control panel
and we can set that aside. And there are two screws that hold the front
panel in place and are located in each top corner, so remove those hold the front panel
in place as you remove the last screw and we’ll tilt the front panel forward the drum
will drop off of the drum glide and in the lower left corner there will be some wires
that connect to the door switch, so we need to remove several of those before we can remove
the front panel, take note of the color codes of ht wires and where they are located, and
you may need a pair of needle nose pliers to remove the terminals, once we’ve removed
those wires we can lift the front panel off of the base, and that will give us access
to change the drum bearing. Now we have the front panel removed we’ve
just leaned it up against the dryer but this is a convenient spot to work on, we are going
to replace this top bearing housing, now since we have it apart there’s a good chance to
look at the actual drum glides check all four of them and make sure there’s lots of surface
left on those, if they need to be replaced or if the felt runs in the lower half of the
drum bearing, is torn or there is missing pieces you may want to get those patched before
you complete your repair, now to remove it if your dryer has a lighter I’ll want to
remove that bulb first, now it just simply snaps in place these two tabs at the top engage
a little hook on the front panel. Just disconnect those there’s a wire harness that runs up
to a lamp on the assembly, pull that out of the way just tilt the bearing forward and
lift it out of it’s slot, there are two hooks on either end that engage the lower
half. If your drum has a light in we’ll want to
knock this little plastic tab out discard that and we’ll engage two hooks on either
end tilt it back into place and make sure we don’t pinch that wire harness, make sure
the light right socket lines up and the channel that runs all the way around the inside parameter
has to fall over the metal protrusion on the front panel, now that that’s in place we
can take the old drum glides remove those simply slide them out, there’s a hole in
one end of them that will and a short tab on the drum bearing so we’ll hook those
on first and then slide the other end in place, there are two clear ones on the lower portion
and two darker ones on the top. Now before we reinstall the front panel you may want
to clean any accumulated lint that is down in the lint opening and as well the wire harness
that, that comes from the dryer that is going to connect to the door switch, has to tuck
up underneath this plastic retainer, so I’ll make sure there’s room for that to happen
and you may also want to crimp the ends of those female terminals so that they fit snugly
when you reinstall them. The last thing we need to do is reinstall
the light bulb, should turn in with three to four full turns, to make sure that it’s
not cross threaded, now we are ready to reinstall, now we are ready to reinstall the front panel
we’ll locate the square holes in the bottom of the front panel with the tabs that protrude
from the base frame and line that up, next we’ll reconnect the wire to the door switch
make sure all the electrical connections are secure, and we’ll tilt the front panel into
place and we’ll have to lift up on the drum a bit to set it on top of the bearing and
there’s a couple of tabs on the top of the front panel that line up with a slot in the
cabinet, hold the front panel in place, now reinstall the two screws, now we are ready
to put the main top in place you’ll want to locate those three slots with the three
tabs on the control panel, make sure the control panel is firmly engaged with the top, and
now we can reinstall the two long screws up through the front panel into the main top.
Make sure they are nice and tight, and our repair is complete, I told you it was an easy
job, thanks for watching and good luck with your repair.

64 thoughts on “Dryer Repair – Replacing the Drum Bearing (GE Part # WE3M26)”

  1. Chuck Bradley says:

    Thank you!

  2. SizzlechestXXX says:

    Just completed this on my GE dryer. You guys saved me from buying a new one! You should point out that the green glides go on the inner top and the white ones are on the outer positions. It's shown in the video, but not explicitly mentioned.

  3. charles foltz says:

    Bought part on ebay, fixed myself with help from this video.. Total cost $21.00

  4. Keith Lawson says:

    No more rhythmical squeaking. Thank you!

  5. james says:

    yea my main concern was where the different color slides went

  6. Arthur Zasadny says:

    Thank you! I followed your instructions and everything turned out great! Our front bearing was literally in pieces and the bearing slides were a pile of powder at the bottom of the cabinet, so they definitely needed replacing!

  7. rosycheks says:

    Thaanks so much!! It saved me tones of money. Day before I spent well over $300 to clear my basement sink. Water backed up into my washer for a long time so I just had to get it done. Couldn't do it myself and it took two plumbers to clear it. At least I saved money with my dryer and washer. Parts came the next day!! I highly recommend PartSelect! Thank You!

  8. Josh Chappell says:

    Steve, scored a few points with the wife; was such an easy repair after viewing you helpful video. It was somewhat surprising how costly the replacement glides were[appox $5per drum glide] thank you!!

  9. Kim Richardson says:

    This video was helpful because it is specific to my dryer model. I watched the video before buying the parts, and that raised my confidence level. Once I bought the parts, I watched again, step by step as I performed the repair. The instructions are thorough and detailed. Without the video, I wouldn't have been able to handle it myself. Saved at least $120!! Thanks!!

  10. PartSelect says:

    Hi Kim,

    That's really great news – so glad to hear it! Good job on the repair, and thanks so much for the great feedback.


  11. Bo Swansen says:

    I love all your videos especially since it seems like everything in my house is breaking at the same time! I replaced the whole front assembly and rear bearing and the felt that goes along the inside but now I can't get the front panel back in place without feeling like I'll break something. I'm not sure if it is because of the felt lining?

  12. PartSelect says:

    Hi there, can you provide your model number? Thanks!

  13. no name says:

    Simply fantastic clear instructions.  I am not a DIY guy, but wifey will be very pleased to be able to dry a full load of towels, and not have to take Motrin afterwards.  I also had my 14 y-o son follow along with me, so he can see how to do stuff. 

  14. abbey branco says:

    Good morning, last week I replaced the idler pulley and drive belt because the dryer was making an ungodly squeeling noise and could only dry 3 or 4 pieces at a time. After the repair it was working better, the noise wasn't as severe. Last night it started making that loud noise again. Not quite sure if it's the rear drum bearing or the front drum bearing that needs to be replaced. Your thoughts, thanks.

  15. tygrys96 says:

    Hi Steve, great video. I have a quick question. My dryer is making a squeaking sound. I believe it is the drum bearing. It disappears if i put some pressure on the front of the dryer. Just wanted to confirm that it is the drum before I take it apart. Thanks!

  16. Hal R. says:

    Unless the drum bearing is cracked or otherwise broken, why not just replace the drum glides? Looking forward to your response. Great video though!!!

  17. roger hurd says:

    Was just about to drag the dryer out back and unload on it with the AK. However after seeing how easy this is have decided to fix it instead. Thank you.

  18. D Young says:

    Your best bet is to fix it if you can and sell it and never buy g e again. Why would you keep making something that wears out so easy? I have owned a lot of dryers in my life but never one that makes these noises

  19. Demaris B says:

    Hi, I did this repair and I still have the high-pitched squeak. I'm glad I did this fix as the drum bearing was worn so thin that 3 of the 4  pads were missing and the plastic had started to thin. What should I look for now since I still have the awful squeaking? Thank you so much for your help.

  20. UncleAl3 says:

    I followed your process, it worked really well. What was rather difficult was unscrewing the extremely over torqued screws without damaging them, and unscrewing the inside screws without getting slashed by the razor sharp flange of the side panels. Also replacing the top while aligning all five tabs and sliding the side flanges under the control panel was no easy task either. However after all of that; it's back together and working. Thank You!

  21. Chuck Jankowitz says:

    If you follow these steps you will have no issues. I have moderate DIY skills and was done and cleaned up in less than 1/2 hr.

  22. sam ganci says:

    I have the equivalent Fisher Paykel model and it's pulling our garments into the gap between the drum and wall of the dryer and leaving black grease marks on our clothes. I've been advised that I need to replace the drum bearing. Is this correct?

  23. Pamela Sprayregen says:

    I had a repair guy come in three months ago because the dryer was leaving brown marks on my clothes. He replaced this felt pad that goes around and charged me for a "maintenance kit" on my dryer. Now, the dryer is leaving brown marks again and sometimes makes loud noise. He came back and without even opening the dryer he said the bearings needed to be replaced and that he would apply a new felt pad again free of charge. Does this make sense to you? Thanks.

  24. Marie Smith says:

    I am all about doing what I can before replacing things. (thanks to Dave Ramsey).
    My clothes we NOT drying it was taking 2-3 50 minute cycles. I thought it was perhaps the blower wheel, because the clothes were warm. I took apart the machine and cleaned out all of the lent. There was lots of lent. I found the blower wheel working fine. and everything else looked to be in good working order so I put the machine back together. I washed some sheets threw them in the dryer, it worked! about 40 minutes in the dryer the load was dry! I was so happy!!
    I took out the sheets, I had few hand towels that needed a minute or two longer.
    AND THEN…..  I turned the dryer back on and it started shaking. It was not constant shake but about every 45 seconds. Somewhat reminiscent of when the washer goes off balance.  I noticed that when I took apart the dryer that the glides were basically non existent. I didn't know what they were when I took it apart so I didn't pay them much mind. so my question is —
    Could this cause the shaking?
    Thank you so much in advance!

  25. Stuff says:

    I replaced the bearing, glides and felt gasket on an identical GE dryer. The squeak is now gone but I have a dragging sound as the drum goes around. More noise than it should make, in my opinion. What's wrong? It all lined up and went together easily but it's like something is out of alignment casing this rubbing sound. Sound occurs all the way around the drum so it's constant like the glides are dragging too much. Your thoughts?

  26. dennis williams says:

    the lamp socket at the top of the bearing frame MUST be positioned correctly in order for the bearing frame to seat properly at the top. I loosened the socket hold down screw which put the socket in the correct position to enter the frame.

  27. Helene Wilson says:

    That piece looks like its all plastic. Mine has metal that is shredding apart n snagging n ripping my clothes. Am i looking at the right part?

  28. Adam Bromberg says:

    Steve….I followed this and the squeak stopped but now seems to make more of a rubbing sound like someone else mentioned below. Everything seemed to line up ok. Any suggestions…..could it be from new glides?

  29. Jamesm B says:

    video worked for me thank you

  30. Christina Siler says:

    Thank you so much for this video!!! I was thinking it was the drum bearing but then I saw the title of this video and decided to watch it. That's when I figured out it was the front bearing that was causing all of the squeaking!!

  31. nancy miller says:

    thank you for the video ! I did it and it worked 🙂

  32. Alex Ray says:

    thanks for this, with this video it took me maybe 10 minutes to fix the problem. one point i'd make is that when taking off the top portion of the case when you unscrew it and go to pull it off make sure to slide it slightly to the side so it comes off the plastic tabs on the control panel.

  33. Mindy Burns says:

    I have an old GE dryer, about 17 years old but still works good, and it has been making a thumping sound. After watching your videos I tore the dryer apart. The belt looks ok. The bearing couple probably be replaced and the little slider pieces on the inside of the door but there is a good crack on the back side of the drum where the bearing kit is. Advise please. Could that crack be the biggest issue. Thank you.

  34. russell edsall says:

    Thank you. It looks pretty easy. Excellent job of explaining the repair.

  35. Michael Veltman says:

    I have a GE dryer model #gfds150ed0ww that I need to replace the belt on, but can't find any info on changing it. Everything I find is of the machines that have the control on the top back like the one in this video. Do you have any videos of how to open my machine? Thanks.

  36. Ian Dalton says:

    I watched it through once. I went and bought the parts I needed once I had opened the dryer up and examined the damage. I followed along for the reassembly. An excellent walk through. Thank you.

  37. Guillermo J. Flores says:

    Thanks…parts are in the mail and I'm eager to get this fixed. I'm driving the neighbors crazy with our squeaky dryer. It sounds like a goose being tortured.

  38. Mariah Williams says:

    I replaced the drum bearings on mine and fixed the squeel but now when I turn it on the screws holding the drum in back out and 1 fell out. Any trick as to what I could try or what would keep these screws in? Thanks!

  39. Florent Perreault says:

    pourquoi pas en français

  40. Alex Luyong Sun says:

    Thanks, it looks easy. Can you let me know how to disassemble GE dryer model GFDN120ED2WW. This one is not the same as your video shown and I can't find any other videos and manuals.

  41. Jenny Whitfield says:


  42. steve dental says:

    I just did this repair . I replaced the felt that was in with the kit I got along with the drum bearing . The best I could figure out how the felt works is that once you put the felt under the plastic clips on the plastic piece below the bearing , the drum just pushes on the felt . The drum doesn't go between the felt and the plastic piece the drum it just pushes the felt that is at a slight angle . Is that right ?

  43. Kestrel Huxley says:

    I feel like I am getting a quality education every time I watch your videos, thanks mate.

  44. imquick2 says:

    Excellent walkthru! Very detailed, clearly explained. Everything I saw in my dryer was in the video. Thanks for keeping video up and available. Viewed in February, 2018. Still relevant nearly six years later! Thanks again…

  45. Tanya K says:

    Chiming in late here, but I'm trying to reconnect the moisture sensor wires on my GE DRSR495EG6WW electric dryer.  At some point, one of the wires in the harness was damaged, and now that it's fixed, I have no clue how to reattach it.  There are 3 wires – 1 large "white" one and 2 identical ones.  Assuming one goes to the light that comes on when you open the door (??) and the other to the sensor.  HELP!!

  46. karenroman81 says:

    Eventually when a front bearing of dryer breaks will that cause dryer bot to start?..it was working before as stared to notice broken pieces of the bearing..

  47. Beverly Kazimir says:

    maytag model#MGDX600XWO

  48. Beverly Kazimir says:

    Need help in removing bottom panel of dryer

  49. zr1sparky1 says:


  50. andrew p says:

    Thanks so much! My dryer was making terrible noises. When I opened it, up this piece was completely destroyed. I guess I found the problem. Replacement parts are on their way. Thanks again!

  51. joediecast says:

    Thanks for the video. I fixed my dryer today and used your video as a guide. Easy peasy and works great!

  52. Tom Gaitsch says:

    Great help–thanks!

  53. CasinoWhale says:

    Saved me 1000 bucks from buying a new washer/dryer set. Thank You!!

  54. puttin90 says:

    Excellent video. Thank You!!!!

  55. Chas Welch says:

    I'm not the most handy guy in the world, but I followed your instructions, and I did it. No more squeaky dryer!!

  56. Guy DeRose says:

    This video was very helpful in repairing my GE dryer. Thanks for posting.

  57. james cagney says:

    Thanks – Helpful on Jan 31, 2018 as well!!! – Fixed

  58. Tim Kloss says:

    Thank you so much for your video. 3 of the 4 glides were dust. My 12 year old GE dryer runs like new. February 15, 2019. It took less than 15 min.

  59. Larry Hutcherson Sr says:

    This was good for replacing the top drum bearing, but you gave no information about why that might need to be done.

  60. Annelise Collette says:

    Dear Mr. Fix It, I thought my dryer was dying. Watched all the videos, ordered the parts and was actually able to fix it myself. Good as new. I am so excited. Happy Dance. Was surprised there was a light bulb, since it has never worked, but, I will get a new one and fix it, too!! Thanks for such a great tutorial. Took me about 30 minutes. 🙂

  61. itis nownow says:

    Thank you!

  62. Michael Cummings says:

    Your awesome, very well planned out and explained than you so much

  63. litehouse6 says:

    Why would you replace the entire bearing? Why not just replace the slides?

  64. Fred's Appliance says:


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