Dryer Repair- Replacing the Drum Roller Shaft (Whirlpool Part #6-3129480)
Dryer Repair- Replacing the Drum Roller Shaft (Whirlpool Part #6-3129480)

Hi, it’s Steve from PartSelect. You’ve
decided to change the drum roller shaft on your dryer. It’s a pretty easy job, don’t
need too many tools: stubby Phillips screw driver, 5/16ths nut driver, pair of snap ring
pliers, and a 9/16ths wrench. Let me show you how we do it. The very first step in doing this repair is
to disconnect the power from your appliance. If your dryer has a cord on it, simply unplug
it; if it has a disconnect switch locate that switch and turn it off, just verify that there
is no power going to your dryer. The disassembly procedures for this repair
are going to require taking the front panel off, removing the 2 Phillip screws that are
located underneath the lip, about an inch in from each side. Once we remove the front
panel, we will take four 5/16ths hex head screws from the bulk head, remove that, and
we’re going to remove the belt, pull the drum out, and that’ll give us full access
to the repair. Pull the front panel forward. The next step will be to remove the four 5/16th
screws that hold the front bulkhead in place. Just pull forward on it, lift up and pull
forward. Reach in, roll the belt off the idler, feel the belt wrapped around the idler pulley,
just roll it off. Now that we’ve removed the drum, you can
see the location of the two drum rollers, held in place by a snap ring we need to remove.
A flat washer, the drum roller itself, spring washer that mounts in the rear, and then our
shaft. The shaft is held in place with a 9/16ths
hex nut on the back side of it, put a wrench on that, and remove it. To replace the shaft we’ll take our new
shaft and our 9/16ths nut, hold the nut in behind the bracket, thread the shaft in by
hand, make sure we don’t get it cross threaded. Take a wrench and tighten that nut. Then we
can reinstall the drum roller, washers, and the retaining clip. To install our new drum roller, it comes with
2 fiber washers, so we can eliminate this metal wave washer that was originally on the
dryer. Now our fiber washer, just slide it over the shaft, the drum roller and there’s
no front or back on it, take our second fiber washer, locate it over the shaft, now we’re
ready to put our retaining ring back on. With our retaining ring pliers, just spread
it enough to get it over the shaft, and lock it into the groove. Now our repair is complete. To begin the reassembly, we’re putting the
belt in first. Turn it so that we have the grooved side of the belt outward, just going
to drape it up over our rear bulkhead here, and lay it roughly in position where it will
be around the motor pulley and idler pulley. We’ll take the drum, slide it back, until
it’s fully inside the cabinet, but we won’t set it up on the drum rollers yet. Because
what we’ve gotta do is reach in over the top, take that belt, lift it off the bulkhead,
and lay it across the top of the drum, just forward of this rib. Reach in on the left-hand
side, the belt, roll it around the motor pulley, the grooved side facing the motor pulley,
come across the top of the pulley, wrap it around it, tuck it through, and then roll
it onto the idler pulley. We can view that from the back to make sure
we have it right. The tumbler off the rear drum rollers, that takes the tension off the
spring, now we can just lift it up into place, rotate the drum clockwise, make sure our blower
wheel is turning freely, and that should center our belt. So last check, you can reach in,
just feel make sure that the rib side is up, the flat side of the belt is against the drum,
and it’s in position. Next, we’ll take our bulkhead, you want
to make sure that this piece fits into this felt and doesn’t fold it over. Line it up,
to aid in putting this front bulkhead on; we have a couple locator tabs here that will
fit into the hole above where the screw would go in. Lift up on the bulk head, lifting the
drum with it. And let that sit into place there. Then we can reinstall the 5/16ths hex head
screws. Put one in one side, line up the hole, again we’ll check that felt, make sure it
didn’t move on us, nope, we’re ok there. And the last thing is to feel inside the drum
where it meets the front bulkhead, to make sure that felt isn’t folded over. Nope,
that’s all lined up. We’ll tuck our wire harness in behind, bring
our front panel into position, we’ll engage the clips on the top of the front panel into
a couple openings in the top panel, tilting it forward, lifting it up into place, holding
it firmly against the top, and then lower it into position. Reinstall two Philips screws.
And our repair is complete. That’s just how easy it was to change the
drum roller shaft on your dryer; thanks for watching, and good luck with your repair.

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