Dryer Repair – Replacing the Drum Rollers (Whirlpool Part # 349241T)
Dryer Repair – Replacing the Drum Rollers (Whirlpool Part # 349241T)

“Hi, it’s Steve from PartSelect decided to
change the drum rollers on your dryer. It’s a pretty easy job, all we’re going to
need is a putty knife, Philips screwdriver, and a 5/16 nut driver. Let me show you how easy it is. Very first step to this repair will be to
remove the lint screen pulls out of the top located beneath that are two Phillips screws
that we need to remove. The next step will be to depress clips that
hold the top cover down there’s one located about an inch in from the right and an inch
in from the left, we use our putty knife for that. And you may find that you need to pull forward
on the top and ideally we’d like to have a wall to lean that top up against but if not
take the cord fasten it through one of these two screw holes to a point on the cabinet
suspend it in an upright position. Our next step we disconnect a harness to the
switch sometimes these are little tight so take your putty knife just disengage the locking
tab and we need to remove the two 5/16 screws one on each side of the front panel and remove
these two 5/16 screws from the front panel, careful not to drop them down inside. Now we’ll want to support that front panel
as we remove this last screw. Lift the front panel forward and up and we
can remove it sit it out of the way. Next we will need to roll the belt off of
the idler we can with the drum out of place. Now while supporting the drum with one hand
reaching on the right hand side here notice how that belt comes off the drum around the
motor pulley backing underneath the idler pulley and onto the drum. Take note of how that belt is orientated on
those two pulleys because we’ll need to know that went put it back together. Simply roll the belt off the motor pool. Now we have access or remove the belt from
the drum. We take note that the rib side of the belt
lays against the drum. The next step we did lift the drum off the
rear drum rollers pull it forward, now we have access to the drum rollers. Now we have access to both rear drum rollers. We need to do first is loosen this 5/16 screw
you don’t have to completely remove it next we’ll pry that spring clip and bracket off
the end of the drum roller shaft and we’ll take your putty knife and we’ll pry these
triangular clips off of the shaft. Then we slide the drum over off. Right side all we need to do is take that
triangular clip little bit. Now we’re ready to put the new rollers on. Now to reinstall your drum roller kit came
with four of these triangular clips, hold the roller and place on the shaft. Replace the two rear ones whether they look
bad or not. You have four new ones might as well use them. Slide them on over the shaft, they will probably
pop into that first groove and you’ll need to lift them out the same as you did to remove
them in the first place. There’s no front or back to the roller, we
slide it on the shaft, take your triangular retaining clip press it into place. Now reinstall support bracket slide it over
the front of the shaft take your new spring clip push on nut and just press it onto the
shaft. And we’ll retighten the screw. Now replace the right rear roller slide a
knot on the shaft, repeat the same procedure, snap the clip to the cup into the groove on
the shaft. Now we’re ready to put the drum back in. Before we reinstall the drum it’s a good time
to take a look at the rear felt, make sure there’s no damage or gap and that it’s in
good shape. This portion of the drum is a little hollow
will sit on top of our rollers on both sides, so we need to make sure those are firmly engaged
onto the rollers when we set the drum in place. Now to assist you in putting the drum in place
and drink the belt around front portion of that drum, lift it straight in engage that
groove on the back of the drum onto the rollers, take note make sure that our felt, it’s
Flat, and in place. Now we’re ready for the built to be installed
and our front panel to go on. We’ll keep in mind that the ridge portion
of the belt goes against the drum flat side up. Now it’s reassemble you want to make sure
that the drum hasn’t come off of the rear rollers and will line the belt up pretty much
in line with the motor pulley take our either set up into place. Now when you just support the drum holding
it in an upright position the easiest way to do that it’s put your shoulder in underneath
of it, rotate the belt over the top the roller in through the opening a little tension on
that idler bracket and roll the belt onto the motor pulley. Now just line everything up, we’ll rotate
the drum, least a full revolution and now we’re ready to put the front panel back. Now to reinstall the front panel we need to
engage these slots on the front panel with the hook on the cabinet flange the one on
each side. So tuck the front panel in at the bottom we’ll
need to raise and tilt back the drum at the same time, lift up on the front panel till
it slides over those hooks and let it drop down into place. Now that we have the bottom hooks in place,
line the drum up, press the front panel back into position and we’re ready to put the two
retaining screws back in. We’ll reconnect wire harness to our door
switch and the last thing we want to do before we put the top down is make sure that our
self is laying flat on the rear bulkhead. Look inside the drum you want to make sure
that that felt is firmly in place and not fold it over. This one there’s an area here where it’s folded
in. We need to push that back out careful not
to damage it and rotate the drum to make sure there’s no other spots. Well it’s all good. The last step just put our top back down and
remove our sport device make sure there’s no wire harnesses to get pinched, line it
up over these retaining clips. Just press down on each corner. Now we’ll put the two screws that hold the
lint filter in place. All remains to be done is to reconnect the
power. Good luck with your repair and thanks for

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    Blew my mind.

  2. Roy Cunningham says:

    This was a great help … please mention the pulley trick you used to name attaching the belt to the pulley look so easy

  3. james campbell says:


  4. Mark Noirot says:

    Is there any reason to add grease to the roller axle? … to not add grease?

  5. Shonna Buazard says:

    Yayyyy I'm so EXCITED!!!!!!!!! Because of you, I was able to fix my dryer and for free.. thank you so much h.

  6. HT says:

    Nice job and clearly explained

  7. eli madr says:

    My wheel right rear roller rubber keeps falling off …i replaced it 2 times within one month.what could be the problem?

  8. Loh Pro says:

    God Bless you sir for this video. My parents thought they were going to need a brand new dryer when it started making that loud banging noise. I found this video, followed it to the T, turned her back on & it sounded smooth & like new. None of us had ever opened up a dryer before tonight. I just used a new belt & rollers. I also used rubbing alcohol on the shafts that the rollers are on, to clean them well. THANK YOU!

    (the outer rubber on one of the rollers came completely off & was worn out. that was apparently our problem btw.)

  9. Michael Coutts says:

    This video was great! Thanks for walking me through this repair!

  10. Aaron Shooltz says:

    Just replaced my rollers thanks to this video. 5 year old dryer back to brand new for $8.

  11. SEESEP says:

    Thank u very much. My dryer works again. 🙂

  12. Brent Johnson says:

    Amazon for parts, YouTube for this video. I am now a Whirlpool Man in my own home. Every step of this video was helpful. Thank you for showing me how to get this back to the almost new condition. Soooo much quieter again!!! THANK YOU!!!!

  13. Soco says:

    Thanks for pointing out the little things too like the ribbed side of the belt and the felt not being folded. I wouldn't have thought to make note of that.

  14. Sharon Smith says:

    Steve.. I'm a single grandmother trying to save some money.. I followed the video and made the repairs.. The dryer did great for 4 loads and the banging was back.. Sure enough a busted roller… What would cause that? My drum slides back and forth. I don't think it should be doing that hummm? Please help

  15. wa4aos says:

    Great video… Thanks!!!

  16. Bill says:

    If you're getting a thumping noise from a flat spot on a wheel, you can often flip the wheel, and it will solve the problem.

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    Great video saved over 150 bucks in service house call labor and parts. I only spent $19 on the kit to fix my Maytag.

  20. Beast6228 says:

    Make sure you don't make the mistake of buying cheap parts, genuine only, the cheap Chinese replacement parts don't last long. One of the brands to stay away from is Jason. Go with FSB or Manufacture labeled. Another thing, make sure your roller shaft is clean and polished before you put the new roller on. I kinda wish they would use a bearing in the roller wheel, it would give double protection against wear.

  21. S.N. Belmonte says:

    You are a great teacher – thank you for this video! Your instructions were easy to follow and – like someone else pointed out – thanks for adding the tip on checking the felt strip on drum and belt placement. These are tiny details that a professional might forget to mention to the do-it-yourselfer.

  22. Greg Randolph says:

    This doesn’t work for my Kenmore because the idler pulley is facing the back panel. The back panel is spot welded to the side panels so I can’t see the view you show in the video.

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    Great video–my Whirlpool Cabrio Dryer had 4 rollers besides the tension roller which was bad. My kit had the belt, Tension roller/arm & 2 rollers. Lucky for me the 4 main rollers were good–addition 2 rollers attached to a front panel not shown behind front panel. But I used the belt & tension arm assy. Thanks again

  27. Holton 345 says:

    The rear felt, front felt and the two rollers are my next thing to do with this old dryer (1990). I used another of your videos to replace my belt and idler pulley. It worked perfectly, and the dryer became much more quiet – for about a half hour. Then the old noises came back. I can only assume it is the rollers, and at $21 if that is not the noise source it is all good because my 28 year old dryer will have a few more brand new parts. Thanks for sharing this series of videos!

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    My lower roller got hair wrapped around the shaft. Locked the roller in place and wore a flat spot on the roller. Might not be a bad idea to open it up periodically and clean out the inside. It's a ridiculously easy dryer to work on.

  33. The Zesty Ginger says:

    Thank you for this!! I’ve had my dryer for 8 years and recently it started this ridiculous thumping. The dryer worked, so I knew it had to be something fix-able (I wasn’t about to spend $400 on a new one). This video convinced me it was the support rollers. I took my dryer apart as the video instructed and, sure enough, the rollers were a mess. This video was clear, to the point, no-nonsense. Thank you. I’m am so NOT a do-it-yourself kind of guy but this video made it simple. Thank you.

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