Dryer Repair- Replacing the Dryer Drum Belt (Frigidaire Part# 134503600)
Dryer Repair- Replacing the Dryer Drum Belt (Frigidaire Part# 134503600)

Hi, it’s Steve from Part Select. You’ve
decided to change the drum belt on your dryer. Really easy job, you only need a few tools;
a putty knife, Philips screw driver and maybe a flat blade screw driver. Let me show you
how it’s done. The very first step in this repair will be
to disconnect the dryer from the power supply. If there’s a cord on it just pull the cord
out of the socket. If it is hard-wired you need to locate the breaker for this dryer
and make sure the power is turned off. Next we’re going to take a putty knife and
find the clips that hold
the front to the top. Release them both and lift our top up. The top won’t support itself
so we need to lean it up against a wall. Now with a Philips screw driver we’re going
to remove two screws, one on each side that hold the front panel on. There are some retaining
clips along each side that might be a little snug so if the front panel doesn’t pull
away freely locate those and just pry gently on either side. The clip may fall off of the
front panel but they mount very easily, just a matter of sliding into the rectangular slot
and snapping them in to place. Lift up on the front panel, tilt it away and we’ll
reinstall that clip right now so we don’t lose it. Support the front panel against the cabinet.
Next we need to release the belt from the idler. So we’ll reach in over on top of
the exhaust, find the idler pulley, pull it towards the left and with our right hand we’ll
roll the belt off the motor pulley. Once we know the belt is free slowly release the idler.
Now, with a firm grip on the belt we’re going to give it a sharp pull upwards to release
the rear drum bearing. Now that we’ve got the drum free of the
bearing remove this front guide. One Philips screw, just in case it’s in the way. Now
we can slide the drum forward through the opening enough so that we can get the belt
off the back. Now to install the new belt we need to drape
it around the drum with the grooved side of the belt against the drum. Take care not to
get it into the grease on the rear drum shaft and we’re going to slide the drum back.
Once we clear the front we can lift it up and locate the tumbler shaft into the rear
bearing. Make sure it drops into place. Line our belt up, come around to the front and
we’ll reach in with our left hand over top of the exhaust, our right hand across on top
of the motor and lay the belt across the idler pulley. Pull the pulley to the left and we’ll
rotate the belt around the motor pulley. Release the tension on the idler and the spring should
snug the belt up. Feel and make sure that the belt hasn’t come out of either the idler
pulley groove or the motor pulley. Should be able to rotate the drum clockwise and we’ll
see the fan moving. If you have difficulty installing the belt from the front there is
an access panel at the back that will show you a different view of how that belt goes
on. Now we’re ready to reinstall the front panel. Position the front panel, lining up the slots
on the front panel with the tabs on the base. Make sure our clips line up and you may have
to lift up on the drum a little bit to center it on the door opening. We’ll reinstall
the two Philips screws that secure the front panel to the cabinet. Then we can lower the
top down, locate the clips on the front panel to openings on the top. Snap it into place
and our repair is complete. And that’s how easy it is to change the
belt on your dryer. Thanks for watching and good luck with your repair.

48 thoughts on “Dryer Repair- Replacing the Dryer Drum Belt (Frigidaire Part# 134503600)”

  1. Gustavo72 says:

    Thank you verry much for sharing. Very helpful.

  2. Dawn Blakeley says:

    Thank you, my dryer belt broke, luckily I was in the room when it happened so I had a pretty good idea what it must be.  Got online found this video & was able to replace it by myself.  Hubby had just fractured his back, so I decided to go solo on this project & & with your help was successful.  Many thanks & more money left in my wallet!

  3. J.B. Garza says:

    I did everything in the video but now the dryer won't spin when there is weight in it.

  4. josh tackett says:

    thank you for making this video!!! with a six dollar belt I was able to get my.dryer working again!

  5. Terry L says:

    THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I am a 50 yr old woman and I fixed my Mom's dryer and saved her $150 for a service call, labor and parts. I'm now TRULY her handiest child in our family thanks to your videos. Keep up the great job and thanks again for the great info to fix these machines. <3

  6. teresa bolen says:

    Thank you so much, I am a 41 year old woman and have never done anything like this, but I DID IT!!! $17 for a belt was much better than service call, parts and labor!!! You truly make a difference!!!

  7. John Shuppas says:

    just fixed mine while watching your video but my tenchener was on the right though but thank you..

  8. RockstarsandMonsters says:

    Thank you very much! Being frugal is so much easier with pros like you sharing your knowledge on YouTube! I fixed it!

  9. Lorena Nathaly Hermosillo Chavez says:

    Thanks for the video in the middle of reparing, I noticed that my dryer is missing the front guide so the drum is resting on the blower housing and its making a groove. do you have part number for the front guide? model glgr331as1. it looks just like the one in the video..Thanks

  10. james Holmes says:

    make sure you don't script the screw on the doors because it won't sit right afterwards

  11. Shahzad Akhund says:

    Quite impressive. The easy to understand stepwise instructions gives me an impression that you have been a maths teacher. I am having trouble with my frigidaire dryer, and based on the squeeling sounds, I assume it's the belt. I will try to see if I can handle the project as easily as you did. Thanks and regards.

  12. puzx18 says:

    My dryer is the same as this one. I put the belt around the pulley and motor the same way, but the belt feels sort of loose still and the fan does not rotate when I spin the drum. any ideas?

  13. Natalia says:

    instead of reaching under theres a back panel with two screws and once you remove it you can see where there pulley is and you can also put the belt back on the pulley from the back panel. I found it a lot easier than reaching under the drum from the front

  14. Antonio Lozada says:

    excellent video…….easy to do instructions

  15. James Cioffi says:

    i have this dryer someone like this but it has two screw near the bottom on the front panel also and not sure how to get at them

  16. Roy Mora says:

    hey Steve!!! thanks a lot for the video… i just spent $12 for belt… and 30 minutes of my time doing this…
    greatings from Costa Rica ✌

  17. ItsCioffi says:

    I can't seem to get the drum to release from the bearing as you showed.

  18. Md afzal says:

    it has been very noisy how to know what's problem in my dryer

  19. Dennis Wage says:

    Thank you for this video. This just happens to be a belt that Lowes keeps in stock. Is the Lowes belt far inferior belt to what I might buy from an appliance vendor or PartSelect. Be honest, don't be a homer. I need to get this dryer fixed Monday morning.

  20. Pandajo510 says:

    can you help? My girlfriend's dryer won't spin or cycle… do you think you know what the problem is? please help

  21. MrBillyattitude says:

    What is the part number for the top "front guide" bracket removed at 3:33 on the video ???? I can not find that part on any of the diagrams

  22. Mark Bischoff says:

    I have a Frididaire Dryer Model # LG20152ES0. Can you tell me the part number for the belt replacement? The drum spins but if the load is large/heavy it seems to be slipping. Also needs a rear bearing, WD 40 worked for awhile, but, there now is a lot of metal dust at the rear of the unit. This model is 11yrs old and has never given me any issues until now with a family of 5.

  23. David Finn says:

    Thanks Steve at Parts Select !!! It was also a great opportunity to clean and vacuum out 18 years worth of lint from the front of the unit as well. Runs like a charm !!!!

  24. Seba Almada says:

    Me podrias decir de cuantos Kilogramos (Kg) es esta secadora?

  25. Seba Almada says:

    ¿Cuántos kilogramos es??

  26. Seba Almada says:

    How many kilograms is it

  27. lmercado9999 says:

    I just fixed mine thanks to this great video! Thanks

  28. Jason Wane says:

    It was my first belt change. You made it simple. Thank you.

  29. Ivan Fuentes says:

    Thank you! You save me! Great Video!!!

  30. jordan collezion says:

    Thank you so much you’ve helped me as

  31. M. Frederick Schneider, Jr. says:

    Thank you Soo much!

  32. Tony Ginzo says:

    Thank you for this video. My belt snapped. I was just gonna buy a new dryer, but thanks to this video, a $500 dryer became a $5 fix.

  33. J G says:

    Does anyone know how in the heck the motor pulley, not the idler pulley can fall off. My belt came off but didn't break and the smaller pulley is gone. The round piece on the motor itself is flat with the round rubber piece around it. Can this be replaced? Has anyone seen this before?

  34. Kari Perez says:

    so helpful!!

  35. Kris Clark says:

    I had no idea. Thank you very much

  36. thateldoo says:

    As many below have said…THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!
    It was a "honey-do" to fix the squeak in our dryer…Fridgidaire model just like you have in this video. Took the tub out about 6 inches, cleaned and then lightly lubed the ball and the little bearing in the back…put it all together and, for now, no more squeaks!

  37. Alma Rosas says:

    Thank you it was very helpful

  38. Capital OTB says:

    Saved me money. Thanks

  39. NunOfYa Business says:

    Can you just come to my house and fix it? 😂😂 Looks very easy but I feel like I would mess it up. 😂

  40. John Wernz says:

    Great video. It's videos like these that have just the information the viewer needs, in easy to understand verbal and visual descriptions. I can't get over how many videos on Youtube I looked at before I found this one. It's like having the teacher you always wanted in school. Saved me a load of time and effort.

  41. Riley says:

    we followed this and our dryer blew up. so thank you

  42. Katmeow Garcia says:

    Thanks. That was easy to follow. Great view of how the belt fits around the pulleys. I appreciate the pace and the lighting .

  43. Julio Lib says:

    thank to share your knowledge.

  44. Fred's Appliance says:


  45. Brandi Apetsi says:

    Thank you!!!

  46. spicky !!! says:

    Steve sir Thanks for the best video The hardest was for me was to put the drum ball into the rear bearing thanks for the fix….

  47. Migo STX says:

    Thank you Mr.Steve!!

  48. -- says:

    Thank you for your video. It helped me replace the belt of my White Westinghouse dryer ( Model: WDE546RBW1)successfully. One question: I noticed the plastic spacer that meant to support the drum on the door side (held down by a Philips screw) Mine seems to be far away from the drum and it is not even touching the drum. Might it be a wrong part? Could you please let me know? I uploaded a photo on google drive: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1yHW16eR2-SfFqL_a9o3W4B_oi4KJfRi1

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