Dryer Repair – Replacing the Rear Drum Bearing Kit – Part 1 (GE Part# WE25M40)
Dryer Repair – Replacing the Rear Drum Bearing Kit – Part 1 (GE Part# WE25M40)

Steve: Hi, Steve from PartSelect, today we
are going to show you how to change the rear drum bearing kit on your dryer, it’s a pretty
easy job, only need a few tools, and your number two Robertson square head screwdriver,
or a Philips screwdriver, 5/16” nut driver, and a number 25 torch bit, and a ¾ inch or
19mm socket with a short extension. Let me show you how it’s done, the first
step in this repair, will be to disconnect the power to the dryer, if there’s a plug
on, just disconnect it from the receptacle, if it’s hard wired you need to turn of the
breaker, or the disconnect switch. Next we need to remove the front of the dryer,
for gaining access to that one; you have to take this trim panel off from the back of
the console, with its three Robertson/Philips screws, once we remove that, we will take
the top off, and then the front. Two long screws, that hold the top on, lift up in the
front of the top, pull it forward, and then it will lift out of place. Next we need to disconnect wires to the sensor
and the door switch, you should locate it on the left hand side here, just disconnect
those, and we are ready to remove the front, un screw in each end of the brace that holds
the control panel in place, simply lift up on this, and lay it across the top of the
cabinet. Those are the two wires needed to disconnect for the sensor and the door switch
circuit. Next we have two screws in the top corner,
and also two at the bottom that just need to be loosened; top two needs to come out,
just pull forward on the front panel, and lift it free with the screws on the bottom. Next step will be to disconnect the belt from
the idler pulley, and the motor pulley, put one hand in on the left side of the drum,
one underneath the center, till you feel the belt and the idler pulley, just put some more
tension on the idler pulley, roll the belt off of it, release the belt, now we’re going
to lift the drum out of the rear bearing, just a little snug coming through the front
of the cabinet, gives us access to the bearing mounted on the drum. Next we are going to remove the complete element
housing, that holds the bearing housing, to do that, you have two choices, you can either
disconnect all of the wires to the element housing, what I find is a little easier, is
to release the wire tabs that hold the harness to the back of the cabinet to simply press
those from the back of the cabinet, push them in through, and that will give us enough room
to pull the element housing far enough for load. Four screws that hold the housing to the back
of the cabinet, remove those, and caution up the damage of the element with the housing
when you remove the last screw will give us enough access, and we can remove these four
screws that hold the rear bearing housing. Take the new housing, which comes complete
with four new screws, so we’ll use the new screws on the housing, locate the spring clamp,
exactly the same as it is, on the original, and then go line up with one screw hole in
the back. Before we attempt to mount that rear bearing
housing, I suggest you take one of the screws supplied and cut some new threads in each
of the four holes; it will make mounting it a whole lot easier. Position the bearing housing in its place,
just take one screw, and start to thread, and just hold it in place, if the 5/16 is
not drivable snug all those screws firmly, now we are ready to mount the housing back
onto the back wall, lets locate one of the screw holes in the rear cabinet, connect all
four screws firmly, make sure the element is not touching the metal bracket at any place,
then we can reinsert all of the retaining clips from the wire harness, snap them back
into place.

8 thoughts on “Dryer Repair – Replacing the Rear Drum Bearing Kit – Part 1 (GE Part# WE25M40)”

  1. Jared Balis says:

    Thanks for the tutorial. I just got done changing my rear drum bearing using your video and now it purrs like a kitten…my wife will finally be able to sleep and dry clothes in the nighttime. thank you!

  2. Gail Pearson says:

    Great Video! So easy even a girl can do it! It only took me 2 days to fix my dryer. My unit is a dryer over a washer, so it was a little bit harder to take apart and reassemble One to take it apart and the next to put it back together. The tapping the bearing for the screws took me a little time. I was by myself, so I used a ratchet strap with a pole across the top so I could level the drum and get the new bearing seated and to reassemble all the parts. Thanks for your excellent instructions!

  3. Mardom TV says:

    Excelent video 🙂 Thanks
    do you have video for stochable Kenmore dryer ?

    MardomTV usa

  4. skimmilk68 says:

    I ordered the bearing from GE and replaced it per your instructions and it still squeaked so I uninstalled and reinstalled with high temp grease and it squeaks less but still squeaking.

    What is the most common problem if a brand new bearing is squeaking?

  5. KrisD Mauga says:

    So my drum on my front loading frigidaire affinity dryer now makes a loud banging sound…the drum is clearly being affected…I can move it with my hand easily. What video would be most helpful for a repair?

  6. Tom Krist says:

    is a screeching noise fixable for a Frigidaire Gallery front load dryer,with the rear bearings?

  7. Jennifer Stuebner says:

     The dyer won't start but it makes a buzz when I depress the start button. Is that a problem with the door switch?

  8. Amber D says:

    I have a ge dryer model number dbvh512ef0ww. My dryer drum just stopped turning, one day it was fine and the next it didn't turn anymore. When I turn it on it everything sounds normal it just doesn't tumble. Is there any tips you could give me on repairing this issue? Three young boys and no dryer isn't a great combination. 🙂 thanks for your help!

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