Dryer Repair – Replacing the Rear Drum Bearing Kit – Part 2 (GE Part# WE25M40)
Dryer Repair – Replacing the Rear Drum Bearing Kit – Part 2 (GE Part# WE25M40)

Steve: That completes the rear portion of
our bearing, now we need to remove the middle portion of it from the drum, there’s three
number 25 torch screws, coming through from the inside of the drum, we need to remove
those, support the bearing while you remove the last screw, once we’ve cleaned the lint
from the rear of the drum, you will notice the heat shield, identifying all kinds of
it, you need to remove all of this old lint, and you are vacuuming it out or take a rag
and clean all of that over there. Once we have that all cleaned up, we can start the
reassembling process. The next step is to reassemble rear bearing,
you need to take the stud, which has a little square shoulder on it, insert it into the
holder, and we’ll take that ¾ nut fasten that to it, if you have a vice, you could
clamp this piece in a vice, and tighten that nut to your socket, most cases you can do
it by hand. Now we need to assemble that to the drum,
this portion sticking backwards, the new torch 25 screw, and a heat shield, install that
into the drum, and start with one screw and just to get it lined up, now that we have
one of the screws inserted, make sure the other two holes do line up with the holes
in the heat shield, if it doesn’t, you may need to turn it left or right one notch. Align that up; put one of the holes on the
bearing retainer, screw start it, don’t snug them up yet, just enough to hold that
in place till we can get the next two screws in, again don’t tighten that screw up too
much until you get the third one. And we are ready to reinsert the drum, into
the dryer, the tricky part of this will be installing the belt, which needs to wrap around
the motor pulley, and the idler pulley, well then the belt has one flat side, and a grooved
side, and we need to have the grooved side against the drum, and wrapped around the motor
pulley. The easiest way to do this, put the belt around
the drum, lift it into place, and you’ll have to install the belt onto the pulley’s
without being able to see it, it’s not that hard, you’ll have to work it by feel, but
if you see what, where the end result is going to be, it makes it much easier. And so lift the drum, into the opening, it’s
a little snug so, let it work one side in, perhaps pull the cabinet a little bit, put
the other side in, now you have to align that shaft with the bearing, now put the rear bearing
housing if it rotates freely, you know you’ve got it properly inserted. Now we pull the belt forward, into the proper
groove, and then with one hand on this side we push the tension spring for the idler,
and we’re far enough so that we can loop the belt around the motor pulley. When you
turn the drum you should see the blower wheel turning, it tells you that you’ve got the
belt on properly. Now we are ready to reinstall the front of
the dryer, now that we have replaced the parts, that were required, we need to reinstall the
front panel, I want to make sure that we engage these two slots on the front panel, the two
screws, in front of the cabinet, set those in first, the two wire harness is up, make
sure they don’t get pinched, we’ll lift the drum up slightly, so that it fits over
the bearing housing, then we need to line up slots on the cabinet, and the front panel,
we’ll reinstall the two screws and secure the front to the cabinet, secure the two bottom
screws, refit the wire harnesses, lift the console, slide it
into place, make sure it fits firmly on top of the cabinet edge, install two screws, secure
that. Next we reinstall the top, lining up these
two slots, at the rear, two little hooks, pull back make sure they are firmly engaged,
and secure the top with two long screws, and last we install the trim piece at the back
of the control panel, and
secure it with the three screws. Now we are ready to reconnect the dryer to
the electrical supply and our repair is complete. That’s how easy it is to change a rear drum
bearing kit on your dryer. Thanks for watching, and good luck with your

6 thoughts on “Dryer Repair – Replacing the Rear Drum Bearing Kit – Part 2 (GE Part# WE25M40)”

  1. laurent bachkanji says:

    hi i m asking for the noise is it from the bearing or the the small plastic aroud the drum

  2. laurent bachkanji says:


  3. skimmilk68 says:

    thank you so much for your help. I fixed it all on my own!

  4. Francis Gomez says:

    Hello! I have a GE dryer wasn't heating changed the element started to heat until I put the clothes in and it wasn't turning so it started to smell burned rubber. I took it apart again the put it back together but it won't heat up again. I would appreciate any help! Thanks for taking the time to read my comment.

  5. Amber D says:

    I have a ge dryer model number dbvh512ef0ww. That does not tumble. One day it wad working fine the next it just won't tumble. Everything sounded fine and it doesn't make any clunking or screeching sounds. I took the top off and it looks like the belt is intact what else would it be? Thanks for your help 🙂

  6. Scott Swanson says:

    Thanks for the contribution.  The slight frustration and concern when installing the belt blind, helps with the reality of doing this job.  Nice job!

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