Dryer Repair – Replacing the Top Bearing (GE Part # WE14M124)
Dryer Repair – Replacing the Top Bearing (GE Part # WE14M124)

Hi it’s Steve from PartSelect, today we
are going to show you how to change the top bearing on your dryer and it’s a really
easy job all you’re going to need is a number two Phillips and a number two square head
screwdriver and a small flat blade, let me show you how we do it, and before we begin
this repair since we will be working around some electrical circuits we will need to disconnect
the power to the dryer, so if it is a cord on just simply unplug it from the receptacle
and if it’s a hardwire dryer we’ll need to locate the breaker or fuse panel and disconnect
the power there. Now on this front load model we are going
to, we need to remove the back cover from the control panel first, it’s held in place
with three Phillips screws we’ll just set that aside, next we’ll remove two longer
screws that hold the top panel in place and you can use your number two square head screwdriver
for those and we’ll set those aside then we can lift up on the front that top panel
just pull it forward and lift it off, next we are going to remove two screws that secure
the console to the cabinet and again the number two square head screwdriver will work for
those we are just going to lift up on that whole assembly and we’ll just roll it right
over and lay it on top of that crossbar, net we’ll disconnect the two wire harnesses
to the door switch and light circuits just lift up on the locking tab and pull the harness
away. Next we are going to remove two screws on
the top of the front panel and we are going to loosen two of them on the bottom, we’ll
use the number two square head and loosen the bottom ones for at least two or three
full turns and completely remove the top ones now support that front panel while you remove
the last screw then just lift up on the front lip of that drum to support the weight of
it and tilt the front panel forward and then lift it off the screws on the bottom, there
is two slotted areas on the outside edges of that front panel that will slide down over
those two screws, now to remove that top bearing there is a couple of tabs that protrude through
the front panel at the very top, so we are just going to pull up on that front panel
enough so we can disengage those tabs, and then you can pry over on that top bearing
and we can just tilt the whole assembly forward, we’ll disengage the wire harnesses pull
those out of that tab and get it out far enough, we can unhook it from the rest of the retaining
tabs. Now we’ll also need to remove the Phillips
screw that holds that light socket in place and just pull the light bulb in the socket
out of the opening route the harness around and disengage it from any tabs that are holding
it in place and we are just going to set this aside because we will need to remove these
glides that are across the top of that and reuse those and if they are worn badly you
should replace those at the same time, so we’ll set that aside we take our new top
bearing and first we’ll put the light socket back into position and reattach it with the
screw make sure it’s secure, and next we’ll route that harness down in underneath the
cover of the light switch and door switch and we’ll also reroute the rest of the harnesses
through the tabs so they are secured in place, next we are going to line up the two ends
into the bottom half and we also need to make sure that that outer lip fits on the outside
of that frame around the door and once we have that lined up then we can press the whole
top into position or lifting up enough to engage those tabs at the very top. Now we’ll replace the glides, so to remove
the old ones from the top bearing you just start with one end take a flat blade screwdriver
and go into the slotted opening and lift up on the bearing tilt it up and disengage the
hole from the tab on the end and then just transfer to the new one start by hooking the
tab in first and then pressing it into place, the two clear or white colored glides go on
the outside and the two darker ones fit across the top in the middle, now we’ll also verify
that we have the two felt strips at either end of that top bearing that they are in position,
make sure the tabs are locked in place and now we are ready to reinstall the front panel. Now to reinstall the front panel we are going
to sit the front panel in position lining up those two slots with the screws on the
bottom and tilt it into place and then we’ll lift up on that drum to allow it to go in
fully and we’ll line up the slots on the side with the openings in the cabinet and
then replace the two screws, next we’ll tighten the two screws on the bottom, next
we’ll reconnect the wire harnesses make sure that the locking tab is engaged and then
we can rotate that console then we can line up these tabs to catch over the hedge of the
top in the front panel, so viewing that from the back we’ll make sure that they slide
down and engage those and then we can reinstall the two screws to hold it in place, next we’ll
reinstall the top panel and we want to make sure that the two slotted openings at the
back of that top panel engage two tabs that are at the rear of the cabinet, so just line
those up, push them back into place and make sure and that they won’t lift up then we
can install the two screws on the front. Next we’ll install that cover in the back of
the control panel, now we are ready to reconnect the power and our repair is complete I told
you it was an easy job thanks for watching and good luck with your repair.

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  1. kingleroyone says:

    thank you very much your video is perfect

  2. Christian Frommer says:

    Simple and easy to follow.

  3. brad martin says:

    Dude u made that f-ing easy. 2 beers I was done. Dryer is running awesome. Thanks

  4. jrsavoie says:

    How do you know if the top bearing is bad?

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  6. CN Nguyen says:

    Thank You, I almost throw this good dryer away and buy a new one 🙂

  7. Steven Lynch says:

    How do you know its bad?

  8. htm says:

    good tutorial ….. i think all Dryers are front loaders ……..

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