Easy Skateboarding Tricks : Turning on a Skateboard Ramp: Free Online Skateboarding Tricks & Tips
Easy Skateboarding Tricks : Turning on a Skateboard Ramp: Free Online Skateboarding Tricks & Tips

Hi! my name is Brandon and I work at BC Surf-n-Sport
here in Coral Springs, Florida. You can find us on the web at www.bcsurf.com. Today, I
am going to teach to how to turn on a ramp. Basically what you want to do is to get started
on one end of the ramp so you don’t have too much speed, till you get used to it, you
start off as if you are pushing to get like pumping on a ramp just to make sure your front
feet are in the front part of your bolts and back foot over by back part of the wheels,
may be just start at one end of the ramp. What you want to do is just get comfortable
with it, may be you should take a couple of pushes and see that you don’t go too high
up on the ramp and you won’t fall so what we got to do is just take couple of pushes.
So what you want to do is when you get to this part of ramp and go up to the top part
of the ramp you want to spot your landing, so basically you want to just turn your shoulders
and keep your body at the same area and you must rotate your shoulders and then just put
a little bit of weight on your tail and just press the thing around, basically as if you
are turning on the ground. Here I will demonstrate for you. You can also get it in both ways,
notice my spot where I was going to be turning so just in case like something may happened
to be in the way I was not going to fall or get hurt.

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  1. mordoringer says:

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  2. Kristina Elisa Haavamägi says:

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  3. SK8facts says:

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  4. Justin Lo says:

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  5. Sheckl3r says:

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  6. xXSgtWolfXx says:

    i can nollie laser flip 40 stairs idiot

  7. 00ikenjij00 says:

    lol, the best skater?
    Search Rodney mullen, or mike vallely! 😛

  8. Yannick B says:

    Fucking simple, xDD

  9. chinogol123456 says:

    good for you

  10. sbbkmv says:

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  17. user19191 says:

    Thumbs down for crappy audio and crappy video 🙁

  18. jackayjunior says:

    this is fucked off

  19. brandon tait says:

    wat happened to 0:24

  20. CraigRets says:

    expert village once again made a video that sucks…alot

  21. rafael ferretti says:

    thumbs up if u think he is you thought he sounds like a robot. B-|

  22. basically kills says:

    thumbs up if you live or lived near the park he's skating in

  23. Brian JR says:

    His voice sound messed up

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