Een GROOTS pakketje! #204
Een GROOTS pakketje! #204

Hey folks, thanks for tuning in. Welcome to a new … Workplace / shop vlog, transport vlog? – What are going to do? We’ll be getting some stuff.
Have a look at this. Look at were we left of, yesterday. – What happend?
– The hoist was there yesterday. Oh no, the gearbox drop down. – You could sleep, so at night you placed it in. Yes, I placed it in last night. – That’s not fair. To bad, it took to long. Job: The viewers would also think it’s unfair. Yes, to bad. It’s miraculously dropped into place. – This isn’t nice. Of course it’s bullocks. We couldn’t help ourselves, we continued with the puzzle. We lifted a bit up. First we jabbed the clutch plate first into that clearing. Then really slanted and wiggling placing it in. Job: And that all without a camera. We were occupied doing this and you took the camera with you. I didn’t capture it on camera. It’s basically the same as what we were doing. Only with a slight difference. – But I’m giving it a look. – I think it can move like this. What can do what? – Maybe it needs to move a bit. Job: I think it should be take out again. – You can take it out then. If we’re unlucky, we may have to take it out again. – We’ve to fix this. Yes, we need a bushing for this. Job: What? This. This isn’t…this is placed loosely on. And this one is broken. We still have to fix it up. – What’s the diameter of that? I think it’s something like 48. – Outer diameter?
Yes. – I think it’s more like 40, or 38. Don’t know, it’s misleading.
Everything is big and bulky on a tank. – I thought of something, to fix it.
Well? – We can orde an axle of this size or bigger. – Lathe it to fit. – Drill a hole through. – Resulting in a wall thickness like this. – Basically a tube, we can also use that. – Lathe it. – Then put this bushing in that tube. – And make flange on that tube. But this one won’t be easy to lathe. Do you know what’s easier. Make it out of steel. From a thick walled tube or a piece of axle. Lathe it to fit over that. But then make it a bit more spacious and order some sleeve-bearing at INDI. – I get it. Real thin are those and put those on.
Then we get sleeve-bearings. And on top of we can place a flange, cut by “Staaltje Vakwerk”. We can weld that on. – We don’t have let it cut, we can do it ourselves. That’s true. We can make that, right?
– We can do that, but… – We could also make it out of brass, we can use the lathe then. Yes, but then we can’t weld on that flange. – We can make those sleeves. Yes, right.
– Ain’t that better. This axle, this one. These two are the same as this one. It has a lever on it, it has rods connected to it. It’s only doing this, click…click. Ain’t that exciting.
– We can make it out of steel. We could do that, add a grease nipple. – Yes, I thought so too, but we can’t because grease can get in the oil. So what.
– I think it’s fine with steel, because it doesn’t move a lot. True that. We can also place in bearings, then it’s perfect. – Then next week we should start of by order those. Let’s do that, we can fix it and place the rods. Connect all that. Connect the hydraulics. – First secure the gearbox. Yes, it needs to be height adjusted.
We got …. It has shims underneath it to fill up some space. We’ve to…all those axles need to be aligned. Normally with a car the engine and gearbox are bolted together with a flange in between. That’s all fabricated to center it all. And here all those parts are bolted down to the tank. There is always some deviation. Resulting in misalignment of the axles. Just like… here with the transfercase. Hand over the camera, then I can film there. – Here the bushes don’t fit. Yes, but we can’t adjust the alignments.
That’s a bad example. – Bad example of how it’s not fitting. Indeed, that there is connected to the steering hub. That side too. Those don’t need to get alignments.
– No. That doesn’t have things between it.
It doesn’t have alignment options. – It can be done. Yes, then it needs be done under the brackets, but it didn’t come with shims. – No But this one, the transfercase. Look there is another connection. That’s the crankshaft output, going into the transfercase. It has gears, there’s another connection. Then it goes from the transfercase to the main clutch of the gearbox. Here we can adjust the height of the gearbox. We got some shims for that. Lifting this here up. To align that part. And with the transfercase, we got shims for that too. To align that connection.
– I think it’s placed quite nicely. – It doesn’t really need to go higher. We’ve to measure that out correctly. Okay, shall we go for a drive. Suddenly we got so much space here. The gearbox is gone and also the transfercase. Let’s wack that full again. – Okay. Okay, let’s go.
– Is it also for the tank, what we’re getting? Something like that. – Really? Yes, spare parts. Job: Not to much. Yes, we’re already on our way back. Exciting right?
What’s under the tarp? And we suddenly have a trailer. – That’s quite odd.
Yes it is, right. Yes, it’s to bad we weren’t allowed to film there. That was also exciting. – What, like when it got dropped.
Yes, indeed. Soon we can unwrap it. Here we are again. Well, we suddenly have another trailer again.
Ain’t that great? – Do you have more?
– What’s this? – Could you recognize it with this?
Oh no. What’s that? We do need to add, we’re still waiting on the trailer from “Hapert”. But meanwhile they arranged this trailer for us. That good, because we had to pick some stuff up. Look at that. – Guess what’s underneath it.
Yes, indeed. Unwrapping it. – Is it one thing or several things? – I’ve seen it. Did you see it?
– Saw it already. Job: Big reveal, come on. – Are we doing it, in one go? Yes, on that side too. Job: It’s looking more like “Pimp my Ride”. – Okay let’s go.
Yes do it. 3 tanks engines. This is worth the effort. – I think it’s to few.
I think it’s enough, not? Job: Awesome Great, right? Now we’ve enough spare engines. Job: Why did you even restore that other engine then? Because we don’t have these and that was better for the video’s of course. But we could let these pass. Job: Quick decision. – Really remarkable.
This one is brand new. – This one is brand new, you can see it.
Here nothing it’s clean, has never run. This one is really new. – With this one you should stir your fingers around in it.
That’s really nasty, but this one. – Nothing. Perfect. Some nice engines. – Putting some gas on it. Like once you put great effort to restore one and now you got bunch of them. Let’s grab the forklift and untie these. This is a exciting package. This one has been tinkered with.
– It got some accessory, what’s this? – Weird? Here look it got some extra parts. I think this engine is broken, like swapped for another. – I think we can fix this one.
Yes, we can fix it. We are going to fix it.
– It’s a different one. – This one also has that… That’s screwed in between it. The hoist mount isn’t attached to the engine block. – Some ‘rubberfellows’ they placed the manifold the other way around. – It’s another manifold, it’s different engine.
Ain’t a … What engine is this?
It does have the crankshaft on this side. The manifolds should be going this way. – It’s really the other way around, because the filters are on this side. Yes. What about? The pump. – The pump is placed on the same place.
The manifold is just flipped around. Yes, the support brackets are also different. – Yes, it should be like that, but this is an other way around engine. Indeed.
– It’s an illegal version. Did they just tinker with it. It’s indeed the other way around. Yes, look at that. Hi We could use a hoist block. – Yes. – Go straight up, like that. We got it, right? – Lower it right away, right. That’s pretty engine. – It’s there, you can go a bit further. – This is alright. Maybe closer to the wall. – Not necessarily, we can walk around it. Right. I think it’s going to slide of. – Maybe not, give it a try. I think it’s soon will bounce of the forks then.. – Hold, go up a bit. – Yes, hold, put it down. – Yes, this one is different. – This one has even all those cooling ribs. It’s a completely different engine. – A bit more, hold. It’s the moment, wait.
We were just inspecting it. This engine has some knickknacks. It has been tinkered with. Here are two dents, like from the inside out. Here the fuel injector lines are disconnected. Here are some loose hanging locking plates. But …’s also assembled the other way around, it’s a different engine. See the inlet is on this side.
While that one is on that side. It’s not like placed in reversed. Completely different inlets. The fuel filters are on the same side, here are some brackets for that. – It ain’t a tank engine, doesn’t have a mount for the smoke curtain system. – I think this engine isn’t a tank engine. It does have this conical shape. See, it does have that pointy shape. – It does have that cone, but not here that… – Those cooling channels. It’s a different engine tho. – But now for the big question.
Is it stuck? – Will this boomerang still work? If you throw it now, it won’t be for long.
Because there is Luca. That’s it for the boomerang. It should work that boomerang, I guess. It will return eventually. – We can check it.
Do, let’s see if it spins. – It’s stuck. – It’s broken.
Yes that hook. – We’ve another engine for our test. If it has compression you … yes that one turns. – Turn it through its Are you turning it the right way? – I don’t know which way it should turn. Put on some air pressure and you’ll know. – No, you’ll see it starts then. Like that. What’s this of an engine,
can’t we remove this plastic wrapping? It’s not a hydraulic clutch there. It’s a far older engine, I guess. Maybe it’s really old, maybe it’s not even from the T-34 but even before that. – Maybe it’s from the WW1.
No not that. These engine are used really long already. – Maybe it’s a real rare type. Don’t know. – It is a brute one. – That old one is the prettiest of them all, I think. Here it’s all. This has all been taken off.
The rocker cover has been taken off, it’s missing bolts. But still…
– Ain’t looking that bad. Inside it’s looking still good.
– I’m curious of how it can have that dent. – Really odd dent.
That’s know looking great. – And this one isn’t even take off. No that one I taken off. This one hasn’t also be taken off. What’s this? What happend there? Job: On the video you can’t see it clearly.
It has a dent in it. – Not a dent in it, but a dent out of it. That whole smoke thing, isn’t on the exhaust at all. Not only the mount but also by the exhaust is it missing. – I think this isn’t a tank engine. Don’t know, those industrial engines of these kind had those flanges. But not that cone.
– Maybe for a train? It is an aluminum under block and not steel. – Maybe an aircraft engine? Yeah, maybe this has those valve stem rubbers. If it is an industrial one. – Guess so.
You can smell it. Let’s take that other one off. This is the pride possession, have a look at this. Look through the exhaust. Here, can you see that. Job: That clean right.
That just new, no soot at all. They didn’t even test it at the factory. So it seems.
– Does seem like that. Awesome right, it’s brand new. Nice, these locking pins don’t need to be torn off and drilled out. Hi the chipmucks lived here. Bunch of rascals. Look at it. – Heaps of acorns. They did enjoyed themselves. Oh no, the injector lines are chipped away. – Shall I tell you something interesting?
Do tell. It says Leto
– It says SIMA and Leto Dirk put your ear to the exhaust. It’s working already. Okay let’s put it inside. Nice right? – I was thinking, odds are that one is also new. That engine.
– That it only was tested. Don’t know, this is painted tho. – It’s painted Maybe it’s painted to let it look newer.
– How will you get an used engine? If you demolish tanks. – It will look like that. Yes, just like this one.
But if you paint it. Maybe it will look like that.
– No this line, won’t ever be like that line. No and this manifold is the other way around, it will never be that one. – It’s possible if you paint a lot on this side. – You can model paint it. This one is stuck tho. – Don’t know, didn’t really used any force. True. – Do you see this?
Yes a bolt, I saw it. – That’s why it doesn’t work. Is it an engine bolt? I need that.
– Ain’t an engine bolt. It is the right size. – That’s 12, I guess. No it fits, see, but it’s too long.
Does need to the support. Could possible me fastened with it. We were 10 min live. – Are we live?
Now we are. Oh we got extra sound, I’m hearing it in stereo.
Need to turn that off. Job: Stereo? Here… – We still have to do the outtro. Meanwhile we still have to end the vlog and do the comments. Meanwhile we’re also live for Patheon. And reading the comments, getting them. Niels: Read out the patreons, also fun. That’s also a possibility. Hi people, no sound again.
No now it has sound. We did have a busy day. We picked up 3 engines. That’s awesome. We still have some extra once to pick up. Let’s see. – You’re also announcing it on the video.
Doesn’t matter. Job: We already have 3 of them here. Let’s see, the comments. Vlog number 203 “tuneskramer69” Hi Emile & Dirk, I talked to a big supplier of LED light from Asten. And does seem interested to sponsor you guys, because you said you needed some lighting. Add me on LinkedIn and I’ll connect you. Greetings Teunis Kramer. Edit, Emile did you contact with Tiemen? If can’t find it, do contact me. And would you like to say regards to my son Henk Kramer, biggest fan of yours. Well Henk, best regards from us. Well indeed the lighting issue in the shop and storage. We do have to do something about it. Maybe we can solve it with them, else we’ve need do it ourselves. We just need better lighting. Okay, “Wouter en Eva” I used to have the clutch of my skelter engine the other way around. Press to drive and the spring would release it. Like that I could start it myself and when falling off it won’t drive through with out a driver True, you can choice to have the clutch pedal work the other way around. We used the spring to put belt under tension. When pressing the pedal, you free it up.
Just like in a car or something like that. You can do it the other way.
Using your foot to deliver the tension. And use the spring to free it up. Yes, we assumed it would be easier with a spring. It’s an even force applied to it,
making it predictable in handling. “Stefan Vincent de Boer” I got a fun idea for one day builds: make a shredder. Yes, one day build and a shredder.
It does have serious parts. It does have some serious engineering in it.
– Can also make a paper shredder. Yes, go look into a papier shredder for fun. All those wheels/gears turning into each other. Those are some thick discs. All cut material.
– Indeed. That really needs to thought out beforehand. That’s not really an one day build. The skelter we just did what we need to do at the moment and not really engineered it good. That was noticeable. The one day build does need to be… like order some parts and built it in one day. I think a shredder is going to be difficult. That needs more preparations.
– Let’s end the vlog. Indeed, we’re also live.
We need to go back to the live stream. Folks! Thanks for watching. See you on the next one. Subtitled by HuGo

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  97. MrCrystalcranium says:

    So sorry I ranted about this video.  I have often been told the shop blog vids were subtitled within a few days but I always looked at the blog site for them.  I had no idea they lived here.  I can't believe one of the engines is new!!!  That's fantastic.  What a terrific find.

  98. douro20 says:

    The community needs to catch up…

  99. douro20 says:

    I wonder how the NORINCO engine compares to the original Transmash. They have several Transmash V-55s now.

  100. mr ed says:

    Hoest nou met de koepel

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