Elements of Structures | MITx on edX | Course About Video

SPEAKER: Structures. You’re thinking, like bridges, and
columns, and beams, and shafts? This stuff goes back
to the Middle Ages? This is so old and boring and stuffy and
desperately dull, like chartered accountancy. You want something exciting
in your life. Maybe you dream of being a lion tamer. But wait. [POPPING SOUND] SPEAKER: Give me a second. This class is not just about
buildings and machinery. Say you make guacamole. Should you have triangle
chips, strips? Well, triangles, of course. They better support the bending
moment distribution. You will learn about it in 2.01x. Or you may be an inventor like
Amos Winter here at MIT. To make a wheelchair with
levers, you need 2.01x. Or you may be walking in the streets
in Rome and spot a guy levitating in mid-air. Look, it’s magic, your friend says. Not really, you say. It is just a structure. I can tell you. I learned it in 2.01x. Or say that you want to measure
how stiff cells are. You need an atomic force microscope. Guess what. You need 2.01x to measure the cells
that make up your brain. And in this brain, 2.01x will put all
kinds of new concepts, like stress and strain, and consider the
laws that connect them. And you will learn about equilibrium
and compatibility. 2.01x gives you the foundation of
structural mechanics and gives you the power to design wheelchairs, measure
cells’ thickness, build bridges, and figure out magic tricks. That’s pretty exciting. Come with us on this 2.01x journey, and
we promise that you will see the world with different eyes. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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