Ellen Gives Deserving Fan an Early Birthday Present with ‘Holey Roller’
Ellen Gives Deserving Fan an Early Birthday Present with ‘Holey Roller’

You know what? I have always wanted to meet
someone from Hays, Kansas. And I just found out someone
in the audience lives there. What are the odds of that? And I wanted to meet
someone named Addy Tritt. So is there an Addy Tritt here? Oh my God. [MUSIC PLAYING] Hi. Hi. Addy, can you believe that? What are the odds? It– it’s a very big chance. Yeah. I can’t believe I’m here. It really is. So you live in Kansas. Yes. How far do you want
to get away from me? I don’t know. I don’t want to
get away from you. OK. All right. OK. And what do you do there? I’m a bartender. I’m a teacher. OK. Yeah. And bartender and teacher. Sometimes when you teach
you got to have a drink. But the reason I
called you down here is because you did
something really amazing. Where you live, there
was a Payless Shoe Store. And they were closing down. Yeah. They were selling all
their shoes for $1. And you went in, and you
bought every, single one of those shoes and
did what with them? I donated them to the
flood victims in Nebraska. [APPLAUSE] What a great thing to do. Thank you. What made you– I mean,
that’s a pretty smart thing. You just thought about that? Yeah, actually, I think
that a lot of people need to care more
about one another. And I– you care about people. And I just want to
care about people, too. Well– So anything I can do. –that’s wonderful. If we all start doing that,
this ripple effect of everybody caring about everybody, it
becomes a very happy world out there, which
is what we want. All right, so you
have a birthday coming up next weekend. Yes. What did you tell your
friends and family you want? Don’t buy me presents. Just buy me things to donate
to the animal shelter. [APPLAUSE] OK. Well, for your
birthday present, I’m going to give you a
chance to win some money. OK? Oh, my gosh! [INAUDIBLE] All right. So you’re going to– actually,
stand right over here. I’m going to show
you how easy it is. It’s holy roller. It’s a game– have you
seen us play holy roller? Oh my gosh, yes! All right. So stand here. All right. And basically, all you have
to do is roll the ball– OK. –in through that hole. OK. It’s pretty easy. You get one shot though. OK. All right? OK. Usually you can win $1,000. But for you today,
and because Cheerios loves people that
do acts of good, we’re going to add another zero. So it’d be $10,000. Oh my God! OK? All right. All right. All right. So I’ll show you how easy
or how hard it can be. Oh my God! Ah. That was close,
but I wouldn’t win. OK. OK. So– OK. –you’re going to do that. OK. All right? OK, OK, OK. And there you go. OK, OK. OK. OK. Make sure you aim. OK. Kind of go slowly. Don’t go too fast. OK. OK. [DRUM ROLL] Oh god. Oh. Awe. Oh, oh, it looks like it’s– Awe. It looks like it’s rolling. Oh. What– oh, no. It’s stuck. Oh, no. Oh, no. Ah, no. That’s– [NO SPEECH] [APPLAUSE] $10,000. You’re a good person. Oh my God. All right. I want to hear about
your acts of good. Go to my website. Tell us what you’re doing. I want to thank P!nk,
O’Shea Jackson Jr. I’ll see you tomorrow. Be kind to one another. Bye-bye.

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