Elves Bearing Gifts-Polymer Clay Christmas Sculpting Elf Figurine Tutorial Part 2 of 2
Elves Bearing Gifts-Polymer Clay Christmas Sculpting Elf Figurine Tutorial Part 2 of 2

Have you been looking for a fun
Christmas project maybe to do with your family or friends or some older children?
These darling little elves are a fun project to do, the sculpting is simple
and the results are adorable, and I also show you how to make the little presents
that they’re holding which open up so you could tuck in a special gift. Hi there, Sandy here, welcome to part 2 of our Christmas elves polymer clay
tutorial. Here is our other little gnome /elf all baked, and we have the
bottom of the gift so now we need to make the top of the gift box. What you’re
going to do is insert your form back into the box. Now you’re going to cover this again with aluminum foil the same way you did
before, trying to do it neatly, from the block down across the edges. Just the same way, that way we can build our box top right over the box
base and you know it will fit perfectly, just like this one. So here’s some more
of my clay for the box. I just cut a clean edge and I’m going to cut a
strip somewhere around a quarter of an inch, that’s maybe a good quarter of an
inch thick, cut one end square just like we did before. Now this one’s a little lumpy
because of the polka dots but that’s another good reason why we’re building
this right on the box itself so that you know it’s going to fit, because if you
tried to do it all mathematically and such and then found out later that, oh
guess what? Yeah, the polka dots made it so it didn’t
fit. So this is actually a good way of doing it. And just like we did for the box bottom
place it on your clay, cut out all the way around, add your polka dots and then you
can put this in the oven just for about 15 minutes to firm up. It is gonna get
one more baking once we add the bow. While your box lid is baking you can
gather together the pieces that we’ll need for the next steps. You’re going to
need the rest of the color that you used for the shoes and the shirt, this should
be just enough to make the arms which is a somewhere around a quarter of a
package so you’ll need that. Roll that into a smooth ball and then you’ll want
to mix a color for the mittens. For this fella I used some of the wasabi that I
use for the package, this bright green, mixed together with some of this dark green
and a little bit of white to come up with this green for his mittens. So it’s
different than the other colors but it goes because it’s a mixture of the other
colors. For the ribbon for this package I actually mixed together some of the red
and white and the cherry pie and the white mixes together to make this really
pretty pink color. For the mittens for this figure I actually mixed together
some of the blue and some of this pinky turnip to get a different purple so you
can see it’s not the same purple here, but it’s related and it will go just
like the green on the other figure will go. And for the ribbon I mixed some of
the turnip with a fair amount of white which I think will make a nice ribbon
for this orange and white polka dotted package. So get all of those mixed, you’ll
want your ribbon color rolled out on the thinnest setting of the pasta machine
and for the gloves you’ll need a piece… you’ll need approximately two 5/8 inch
balls. So once you’ve rolled the balls for your
mittens just go ahead and roll them into a bit of an oval and then flatten them
into an oblong, and just like the shoes it’s best if you do this at
the same time, work on them both rather than trying to work on one at a time and
ending up with two that are very different. Then you’re going to cut not
quite halfway down and maybe a fifth of the way over because we’re gonna make
our thumbs, and there you have a thumb. Just pull that out and use your fingers
to start softening those cut edges on all sides, you may need a tool to get in
there into that crease. You can flatten out the finger area, this longer
rectangle area, so that they become a little bit longer than the thumb, and
just kind of gently roll it up in your fingers to make it round like a thumb, and
then also pinch this area down here to make a bit of a wrist. Kinda press it
on your work surface so that you have a flat spot to attach it to the arms, and
then you can just go ahead and curve those and repeat for your other hand. Once the mittens are made you can go ahead and roll out your ball for the
arms. You want to roll it out into a snake that is tapered at both ends. This
is going to be our two arms so try to roll this out symmetrically. What you
might need to do if it’s not coming out symmetrical is actually flip it around
in your hands and roll this till it’s about about three inches long. Round
these ends, so make sure they’re nice and round. Like I said. this is both arms so you want this to be pretty symmetrical and
then go ahead and cut that in half right there. Soften that cut edge, this is going
to be the end of the sleeve, make sure it’s flat, that it doesn’t end up getting
cupped, but just soften it just… see how much nicer that looks than that? Just a
few gentle presses. Up here, go ahead and flatten that just a little, this will be
the shoulder and if you need to make sure that’s round and give it a bit of a
curve and you should also give your mittens a bit of a curve, it’s easier to
do it now than once you’ve tried to put them on your figure. Now you can just
press the mitten onto the arm. Isn’t that cute? And then we can place these on our
figure, but we’re not going to yet, we’re going to wait until we finish the box so
that we can get the box positioned just right in the hands. So here’s the lid for
the box out of the oven and this is actually cooled off but just a little
wiggling and it’ll come off and then of course the box itself is wrapped up in
here so don’t mistakenly throw that away! Get the form out. Because of the way we
made this it may only fit well one way. So there’s a little box, so now we can
put the arms on. For that since we’re connecting baked clay to raw clay we do
want to add a little liquid clay just to make sure things stick. Don’t add too
much because the problem with these arms… if I had thought of it ahead of time I
might have actually while this clay wasn’t baked, this little blue part for
the top of the shirt, I might have put a toothpick through there and
let it bake with a hole in it and then snapped it off with just a little bit
sticking out as a support for the arms. I could still drill a hole through and
add a wire but I didn’t on the other one and it worked out so I’m not going
to on this one either, because I’m lazy. But what I am gonna do is just make sure
I only put a very thin amount of translucent liquid sculpey on there. If
you put too much what happens is it gets very slick and then things slide, but if
you put a little bit and let it sit it gets tacky and then holds really well. I’ve got the
correct arms in place, and then you just put that little shoulder right there
where it goes, wherever makes sense on your figure. Now
because my feet are so big… actually before I do that let me just check
something. Oops, his hand come off! Okay, so what I want, I’m looking at where the
package is and I want the hands to be just inside the feet so I actually probably
want to put even a little bit more of a bend in those, quote, elbows, just so that
they whole assembly’s a little bit shorter. And a little bit of liquid clay might
not go amiss in any place you’re joining things. I’m just kind of… there we go, just
making room for the package. And by the way, I just recently realized that I have
been terrible this past fall! One of the rewards for patrons is that if you
support me at the five-dollar level or above you get your name in one of my
videos and it just occurred to me that I haven’t done that since at least the
summer. So I’m so sorry. To make it up I’m just gonna thank everyone who has
supported me at that level in 2017 just so I don’t miss anybody, and if I do miss
your name on this list I’m so sorry, please let me know. The
Patreon interface can be a little tricky to navigate. Now I think I do want his
little mitten here to touch his shoe. Let’s see, oh there we go,
that’s awesome. I can fit that right in his hands. So I’m going to take a little
bit more of the liquid sculpey and just put it right there to help that
stick. Now if you didn’t want to make the present, it is a bit extra work, the
figurine actually goes pretty quick without it, you could just have anything
you wanted -maybe that’s a little big! If you plan ahead you could have spread the
legs a little wider and made some room to have something like this little
ornament in your gnome’s/elf’s hands. I just love the idea of a little gift that
could actually be opened. I’m going to press this down a bit and make a spot
for it. Now you could glue the box in place but I think it’s a whole lot
easier to leave it not glued, so I’m just making an impression on the hands. I kind
of want to reveal the buttons so I’m pressing it down a bit on
the mittens and that way there will be a place for it to go and pop right into
once you’ve baked it. So back to my list of patrons who have supported me for
five dollars or more in 2017. Many thanks to Hope, Tim, Anneke, Judy, Dinah.
Manoel, Kathy, Ramona, Susan, Tracy, Dolores, Kandi, Kay,
Marilynn, Janet, Lynn and Rosie. You’re all awesome
and I thank you so much! I’m guessing you probably do not know how much your
support means to me. So here’s our little elf, you can see the impressions are
all ready to receive the gift. And he’s ready to bake. And now all
we need to do to finish this project is add a ribbon to the box. As I mentioned,
my clay for the ribbon was rolled out on the thinnest setting of the pasta
machine and I just want to cut a couple of strips and here’s a really cool tip
for you. If you have two rigid clay blades grab yourself some magnets,
I love the neodymium magnets but mine have disappeared to parts unknown, I’ve got
to get some more because I don’t know what happened to them, but look you can
put two blades together… this looks like a dangerous object, and now you can
easily cut ribbons that exact thickness. I found it’s easiest if you don’t start
on the edge, kind of hold the edge and then start near the edge and just cut,
and look at that you’ve got ribbons. Isn’t that awesome? I think it’s just the
coolest trick. I don’t know if I’ll use that one, and actually if I had been smart if
I started with the section closest to me I could have lined the blade up in the
clay and used the previous lines but I wasn’t being smart. obviously. So here are my ribbons. So to add your ribbons go ahead and put the lid on the
box in the way you want it to go, grab yourself some liquid clay, this one’s a
little tricky because of the polka dots, but I’m just gonna paint a line across
the center, over the top and down around the bottom and up the sides. So for the
first one start at the center top, just put that in the middle cuz that join
will be covered, just smooth it down over the edge of the lid onto the side across
the bottom and then up and over just like that. Trim that, you want it trim just up under
that lid there and repeat to paint a stripe of TLS going in the other
direction and then for this one start it on the bottom, you don’t have to overlap
because that just makes it lumpy. Just put it right up against that other
ribbon and bring it up and over the same way. And again cut right in between the lid
and the box. Now you can take those apart, that’s all
set to be baked, and I’m just gonna add the tails, cut it at a diagonal, add a
little curve and interest to it. Try not to let it get too thick right
here, I’ll press that down. And here’s our final strip to make the bow, pinch it,
make a loop. If your loop collapses a tool like this
is great for going in there, you’re not just opening it up but you
can kind of give it a little bit of movement and shape. Just one more little piece to wrap
around the bow. The trick to doing things like
this, tiny fiddly things, is to have just a very light touch, especially with your
non-dominant hand. That, I don’t know about you, but sometimes I end up sort of
forgetting what I’m doing and and end up grabbing it, holding it way too hard, so to
have the most success just pay attention and think about what you’re doing. Yeah,
it’s tricky to get in there. I’m gonna grab my needle tool,
just kind of get in there under that knot so I can press that down in there. Here’s our little bow. Bake those and bake your elf and your project is done. So if
you’re interested in the supplies I used you can click on the link in the upper
right of the video. It’s also on the lower left at the end or in the
description box to go to my blog post where I always have a complete supply list and
links to products. Be sure to subscribe if you haven’t already and take a look
at my patreon page for how you can get bonus tutorials and help support these
videos. Happy creating, bye bye.

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