Emantic Bradford Jr.’s Death & Why the Second Amendment Doesn’t Apply to Black Men | The Daily Show
Emantic Bradford Jr.’s Death & Why the Second Amendment Doesn’t Apply to Black Men | The Daily Show

There was a shooting
at a mall in Alabama where two people were shot. Right, I think one died
and one was severely injured. And the police came in,
and then they, um… they said
that they shot the gunman before anyone else
could get hurt, all right? At least, that was… that was
the first report that came out. And then this-this
is what came out afterwards. Police in Alabama admit
they made a mistake after officers shot and killed
a man they thought opened fire at a mall on Black Friday. Police killed 21-year-old
Emantic Fitzgerald Bradford after they say he was seen
fleeing the scene and brandishing a weapon,
but now police in Hoover say they may have killed
the wrong person and the shooter
may still be at large. His father,
Emantic Bradford Sr., is a police officer, himself. BRADFORD: I know my son
always respected the police, and if you gave a command when
you came around that corner, said, “Freeze,
drop your weapon,” he’d have complied
with your order. So, the question I ask myself is, like, how does this shit
keep happening, all right? Cops are called
into a situation, they see a black person,
and then immediately they shoot. Right?
That’s what they did here. They just… they ran in,
they shot the guy, and then they were like,
“We got him.” And what’s wild
about the story for me is even if we work
within a world where the police truly believe
he was the shooter, how many times have we seen a shooter who is white and a man get talked down? You know what I mean? Like, the shooting
that happened in Aurora. The Batman movie.
Guy went in with an arsenal. I mean,
he didn’t just have one gun. The police talked him down.
They didn’t kill him. Right? The shooting
in Charleston. Kid who went into the church, shot the congregation
of black people. The police talked him down. They didn’t–
they didn’t kill him. In fact, a lot of the killers
who did die killed themselves, when you look at American
mass shootings, right? You look at, um, Vegas– person shot themselves. You look at, um, Thousand Oaks– the person killed themselves. But in ev– Like,
there’s so many instances when we’ve seen the police
talk a person up. But then, when it’s a black guy,
they go, like, “Black guy. Mass shooter. Shoot immediately.
Ask questions later.” And-and there were
so many things that bugged me about this story, because it,
like– by the looks of it, it sounds like this guy
was a good guy with a gun. That’s what, like,
they always say, right? The good guy with a gun
stops the crime. But then if the good guy
with a gun happens to be a black good guy
with a gun, they don’t get any
of the benefits. And what blows my mind
is that there’s no profiling. Police profile all the time. Driving through New York,
they’ll be like, “You, black guy. Search. You. You look like you’re selling
drugs. You.” But then, in a mall,
why don’t they go– why don’t they do mass– why
don’t they do profiling there? Black guy, probably not you. Skinny white guy with a trench
coat, get against the wall. -(laughter) -And what was crazy
about the story is that you read it
and you find out that multiple people
had guns out, because it’s Alabama. A lot of people heard gunshots. They pulled out their guns. But then the only person
who’s shot by the police is a black guy? And then afterwards
they’re like, “Yeah, we-we made a mistake.” And what was funny
was the initial statement was, “We got the guy. We’re proud. We got him.
The police got him.” And then afterwards,
when the story came out, you’re like, “You guys said
you got him, right?” They’re like, “No, well,
w-we didn’t– we didn’t get him. “What happened was
he was involved in a– in a police, um, shooting
that may have involved him.” It’s like, “Wait, you said
you got– you said you shot.” They’re like,
“No, well, we didn’t shoot. “There was a shooting, and it happened
to involve us as police.” At this point,
you come to– you– like, you start
to realize that, really, the Second Amendment is
not intended for black people. It’s an uncomfortable thing
to say, but it’s the truth. Like, people will be like,
“The-the right to bear arms.” Yes, the right to bear arms
if you are not a black man. If you’re a black man, you have
no business bearing arms at all. This is not the first time
this happened. There was that uniformed,
uh, security guard about a month and a half ago.
Same thing happened. He was stopping a criminal. The police showed up
and shot him. He’s in uniform. What-what else do you want
the black person– ‘Cause here you can be like,
“Oh, maybe they–” But this guy was in uniform. So-so they’ve shown, you know what I mean? Like, it’s gonna get
to the point where black cops
should warn their partners before they go
into a crime scene. They should be like,
“Hey, Dave, it’s me. “When we get in there,
it’s me, all right? “I want– Look at me. I’m
the guy with the gun, all right? I’m your partner.” He’s like,
“Cool. I got it, I got it.” “All right, let’s get in there.”
“Gun!” “No, no, no, no, no! It’s me.” Thank God they didn’t have
a black mall Santa. ‘Cause I always say that.
I go, like, “They should have more black mall–”
They would’ve shot that guy if there was a black Santa
in that mall. They would’ve been like,
“And that guy’s kidnapping white babies.” Shit has gotten so crazy
in Amer– I bet, like, even superheroes– Like,
Black Panther, the next one, he’s not gonna do anything
in America. The next Black Panther,
they’re gonna be like, “T’Challa, are you helping
America?” He’ll be like, “I have seen what happens
on CNN. “I think, uh– Where’s Ant-Man? Maybe he can help them.” If you’re black
and you’re a man in America, gun rights are not for you. If you’re a black person
in America, gun rights are not for you. It’s as simple as that. In fact, the safest way
to sell a black person a gun in America, they should say,
is when you buy a gun, you should buy
a white person with it and they hold the gun for you. Yeah. You’d be like,
“What would you like?” “I’d like a Glock and a Craig. That’s what I would like,
please.” And you’re like, “All right, Craig,
you roll with the Glock.” And then,
whenever you want to shoot– if you do get in trouble– you’d
be like, “What did you say? “I’m-a shoot you.
Craig, do the thing. “Do the thing, Craig. “I’m not touching that gun, ’cause I know
how it’s gonna end.” It’s some bullshit,
but it’s the truth. Second Amendment
was not made for black folks.

100 thoughts on “Emantic Bradford Jr.’s Death & Why the Second Amendment Doesn’t Apply to Black Men | The Daily Show”

  1. Randy Louis says:


  2. Angel Aguilar says:

    Damn I truly felt that

  3. Steven Kimball says:

    Trevor I have to agree bro. It's sad but true.

  4. MFn GAMING says:

    Trevor tried to tell us.


  5. Kurt Sno says:

    This is bullshit yea its fucked up it happen but that doesn't mean we should give up our second amenment because a event like this happen there more stories were those who were brave enough to fight against a attacker and saved lives and themselves and where not killed by police including black folks. your a coward if you think because of one event happen we should give up our rights

  6. Juan Lopez says:

    Good change his attitude is not making jokes anymore that's the way he should talk all the time serious about this obstruction of going on. If tRumP doesn't get impeach there is going to be a lot more racist shootings… Trump said that the police are all in his they are all racist.

  7. AgentBubbles says:

    According to Dr. Richard Johnson (A criminologist at the University of Toledo Ohio). “Less than 400 people a year are killed by police, 61% of them are white”. You people need to get over yourself.

  8. Mister Jack says:

    Thank you for reminding America of the Aurora shooting. These guys dont get profiled, they dont get killed and when they plead innocent; the press moves on like it's old news.

  9. Christopher D. Yancey says:


  10. Rhonda says:

    American police… Again

  11. where is my wall says:

    at this point a man of color would be like ' why was i even born in america '

  12. Coco Poco says:

    So sad…

  13. Rogelio Torres says:

    This is the reason why I don't help anyone else, I have myself a gun and license to carry it. That was me I'll stay way the fuck back and let them kill themselves.

  14. ABDUL BUNDU says:

    Preach on brother. dnt how many times i contemplated buying a gun and come up with the same conclusion that i might just end up getting killed with it or for it. so i just keep my faith in God to guide and protect me. Been working for 35yrs, thank u lord.

  15. allybean says:

    Black people are not allowed to carry weapons even if their legal.

  16. Toni Tottobini says:

    The reason of racism is Christianity and shooting blacks is Christianity
    The solution is Islam no racism in Islam no shooting

  17. gichiri ken says:

    I love my country Kenya 💯

  18. oms says:

    I think you need more guns… 😂😂

  19. okay 09 says:

    Its so sad..

  20. Medusa Greece says:

    “May” have killed the wrong person wow

  21. Street Horse says:

    Until blacks as a whole stand together nothing will ever change stop spending money with whites they give no fucks about you .

  22. asiandramamama says:

    The sad part is it's another situation where America says oh well and keep going doing the same thing over and over they don't shed tears or sympathize with us. Also Americans.

  23. B S says:

    That police officer shud be killed as well…

  24. Manash Pratim Dutta says:

    I admit that was utterly wrong on the part of the cops,but linking everything to racism isn't just fair. Trevor Noah can't have an episode on daily show without really talking about racism somehow,he has to insert racism in it. Come on even Steve Harvey is an excellent example of a black person who does wonders in his show and one of the best,but he doesn't have to talk about racism to be popular or crack black specific jokes.

  25. Radney Montalvo says:

    Is called hiring Pussy's cops thats why they are so fast to shoot someone

  26. Ivan Bryan says:

    I'm so happy I don't live in the States. Y'all don't even have bulletrains and free education. What a bunch of backwards losers. 😂😂😂

  27. Muwahid says:

    Now with that being said why the f*** are you here??? Any land that you cannot bear arms in is not a land for you!

  28. Kevin Fahlman says:

    The police do what they want because they can simply resign and move into a new state and just get rehired. They get away with whatever they want because they're all buddy-buddies with each others power-hungry hatefilled people. Theyre really all the same. There are not some "bad apples" there are about 70% asshole policemen and a decent 30% (in my experience obviously not a statistic) of people who dont speak up about their coworkers that do injustice to us, the people. They always bring two cops to the scene so that they can back each other up, yet I as a citizen who is being harrassed by the police can't have a bystander because theyre "obstructing justice". The whole system is rigged for them. We can't even file a complaint on them because it's their buttbuddy who clers them.

  29. LA CD says:

    Open carry was legal in California till the Black Panthers started doing it

  30. waiting atsunset says:

    There's something lacking in the clause that Trevor have mention. Probably, the law is just to darn loose. Is Amending not possible?

  31. Anthony Szarek says:

    Where's the witnesses that said he was told to comply and didn't? Or vice versa. Why would you flee the scene after something like that anyways? Doesn't make sense no matter what way you look at it..

  32. KeeSe Escobar says:

    This is EXACTLY why I feel I need a gun..but Know what I am against if I get one!

  33. linda lopes says:

    It's always a black man getting killed by "accident" if that guy was white they would have talked him down and took his ass to McDonald's

  34. linda lopes says:

    Travis always speaking that truth that's why the audience was quite.

  35. Trevor Singh says:

    So true brother. The 1,600 people who disagreed must be living in a dream world.

  36. Casino 3 says:

    They said it was a mistake but if they kill a white person they well get on the news live N say sorry💔

  37. Shavaiea Saunders says:

    We all just need to get the f*** out of America bro cuz if not they going to kill us all

  38. Quentin Johnson says:

    They shoot first and ask questions NEVER!

  39. grey ghost says:

    Time for swords

  40. garrett decker says:

    Most cops are bad cops. I celebrate when law enforcement dies.

  41. Pablo R Hodgson says:

    You can't be black and have gun, the police see black dude +gun in cops mind =criminal need to taken out.

  42. Sparkles Mashau says:

    My country's economy may not be the best, but whoa I'm ok with being here. America is not it for those without fair skin. And I'm not being racist or anything, that's what is happening.

  43. LULDUBS says:

    Damn… Trevor Noah is funny, like really funny, but when he talks serious it really works.

  44. Ravenclaw Girl says:

    Just because he‘s black..?wow okay that‘s so disgusting,disrespectful and at the end,they killed a man who was innocent..this world is-I can‘t describe it in words..

  45. Gold Osburn says:

    Hey if you get this message can you talk about that law that prevents people for working on their cars and letting their kids work on their cars

  46. G Kizer says:

    (White Privileged) is trump's upgrade to the Jim Crow Law for his hand picked justice systems order for the Fraternal police Department. Many of the officers have been tied to white supremacist groups as either former members or still active , these officers already had a lie ready for the News Media, yelling guilty but what hasn't been said yet …IS THAT THE SHOOTER IS A WHITE MALE …AND THEY HAVE IT ON TAPE, AMERICANS WANT TO SEE IT ALSO, AND KNOW THE EXACT TIME YOU LOOKED AT IT , AND WHO GAVE THE ORDER TO CHOOSE THIS BLACK young boy as a threat to be the active shooter AND BY WHAT ACTUAL VISUAL EVIDENCE WAS PULLED FROM THAT TAPE TO PUT THIS PLAN OF ATTACK INTO ACTION… BECAUSE THIS IS LEGALLY HOW IT'S DONE FOR THE POLICE OFFICERS ARREST PROTOCOL 🎥🎬📼📰💯the white privileged male has become the lowest creatures against the Life of what should be their FELLOW MEN. white men Slime up the UNIVERSE like common predators hunting for humanity Brown, Native Americans, Blacks, Jewish, Mexican, as if they're your food . Your time is up .the whole Administration that's in OUR WHITE HOUSE NOW, WILL BE LEAVING IN THIS NEXT VOTING ELECTION. 🌎🌍🌏🌐😈trump stole Satan's job here on earth to kill steal and destroy systematically Now Satan is here on earth trying to get his job back. ..DON'T let trump or his wife into your homes ,not even their spawn kids .😈👾👹👺💀

  47. Jacob Peterson says:

    This is the only stupid shit you ever said Noah.. im disappointed

  48. Reo Ality says:

    Black people in black neighborhoods usually have bars on their windows because they don't trust the other black people living in their neighborhood, black people are always looting after a national disaster, maybe they thought the black guy was stealing clothes or something. International disaster you're supposed to help your neighbors not run in and steal all of their stuff so maybe he thought that black guy was doing that.

  49. Appallo Kelley says:

    This is the dumbest shit ever! Gun CONTROL was created to keep blacks from owning guns.

  50. Rio the Fire Guy says:

    Smfh all those dislikes because the truth hurts, Alabama is a drug infested shit hole and the people are zombies.

  51. EZZY GREZZY says:


  52. Tina says:

    Two more shootings this last weekend. Other foreign countries are now warning their citizens about traveling to the United States because of the "gun society ".

  53. Ethic Ethnic says:

    It's got little to do with being a male, Black women are getting shot or profiled. If your a Black male or WOMAN, you have no right to bear arms. The 2nd Amendment has nothing to do with you. Rekia Boyd, Aiyana Stanley Jones, & Yvette Smith much much more….

  54. Floyd Harrison says:

    beautiful thing about this clip is you can't see one Blackman in the audience.

  55. Yellow Toothasaurus says:

    Nice libtards

  56. Sebas Montes says:

    I hope one day the states can become the great country they think they are, it isnt you kill yourselves; if a cop kills someone in spain the cop always gets investigated, always because is your fucking last resource to act in a danger situation but seems in eeuu it’s the first respons as a foreigner when I drived in eeuu in vacation I got pulled over with my two nationalities Spanish and colombian it was the 15 minutes most scariest of my life, and it’s one of the things in Europe we see of that country its scary the way you are treatened even when your getting “welcomed” in the airport if I go with a buddy and he’s white no problem even talking Spanish is dangerous. Americans need so much to work in their own home to become civilized

  57. Vincent Nelson says:

    SBT = Sad, but true

  58. S ike says:


  59. Dee Bro says:

    your very conscious i love it

  60. Rob Simmons says:

    I'm sorry if I'm forgetting but did they actually catch the actual motherfukka behind this???

  61. Moptimus Prime says:

    Racist cops. Everybody knows that these mass shooting terrorists are always white christian males!!

  62. King Brikka says:

    Bruh this world was not made for black people we need to dip

  63. That Boston Kid says:

    That's why I say Colin Noier needs to shut the fuck up with that NRA bullshit 🤓

  64. Fabio Morandi says:

    It's like Americans have been armed and racist for so long that in moments of heightened tension some now shoot black people as a reflex action.

  65. Lagertha Vikings says:

    I was hesitant to believe what Jane Elliott been talking about but now I'm all the way resolved that white people are racist..big time..sad life

  66. Mustafa Harris says:

    Everyone needs to listen to this……i mean REALLY LISTEN. Sad…….but true

  67. Reo Ality says:

    Look at all the surveillance video from convenience stores in America, it's always the black man committing the crime. If you're black and it's dark out you have probably committed a crime bang bang bang.

  68. peace maker says:

    Trevor im.not from america but when black are black people going to realise they must leave America to whites ,get out let them have it there a far morr beautiful countrys out there .

  69. Daniel Manu says:

    You need to stop joking about some of these things. You should be serious when it comes to some of these issues. If yiu haven't noticed, your are listened worldwide, and you have a very big voice. Instead of joking about such stuff just to make a logic, just put out the facts, insight some kind of remorse, anger, change attitude, push accountability for such actions instead of just joking around. When your audience laugh it off, they forget. Last time I heard you say every mass shooting, America talks about it for a while, and then they forget. So they are getting used to mass shootings. Well, that is exactly what you are inciting right now with respect to cops killing racially. You have made it seem so funny, I'm sure your audience forgot all about it immediately the show was over. Bro, please start using your voice. You need the change, you can make it happen.

  70. Samuel Rosander says:


  71. Ryan Renshaw says:

    Guerrilla Mainframe in Texas is a pro black open carry group that keeps getting stalked and antagonized by the FBI and labeled as extremists even though they’re doing nothing wrong but looking intimidating to Feds, which in of itself is not a valid crime but has given the government the excuse to break laws for decades. I’m not black but I support GM because it’s the right thing to do because if the wide majority of black people are supposed to enjoy 2nd amendment rights I feel like the future lies with more groups like this.

  72. Frank Moore says:

    I've been saying it for a while. The 2nd amendment was written before slaves were freed. It wasn't meant for us.

  73. Ajinkya Suryawanshi says:

    U sound like rasist against white people

  74. T.J. Gregory says:

    Had a Caucasian woman tell me that my uniform could have been bought at a costume store so sjebdid not habe to listen to my directives. #thisisamerica

  75. xx OGSavage175 xx says:

    This is why "good guys with guns," doesn't make any sense. How is anyone suppose to know who the shooter is. Could just cause everyone to have a shootout, or in this case the "bad guy with a gun," just blended in and got away.

  76. David Suttles Jr. says:

    LOL. Remember they want you to be proud of that flag.

  77. Gravy Train says:

    I understand completely but there’s surrendering and that even these horrible people have human rights

  78. Sarumoh Bolu says:

    kinda late catching up. Glad you came around eventually

  79. Arya Shatraw says:

    No one is immune from bias. Not even a dip shit like trevor noah. It must be very convenient and comfortable to be so wedded to a narrative that you have this auto filter which blocks out instances where your assumptions about reality get disproved. How many times do the cops talk down a white shooter? Definitely fewer times than they SHOOT HIM. If the news cycle only covers the ones where a white man is talked down, then how can we expect people to believe anything else about reality? How about a black shooter or just a good black guy with a gun? I could give you instance after instance after instance of a good guy who was a hero, was confronted by the police because the police didn't know who exactly was the shooter, and the black man DIDN'T GET SHOT. I could also give you example after example after example of a white man who was shot because of mistaken identity or because the police pulled the trigger too quickly. Local news stations around the country show these things all the time. Do they EVER MAKE IT in national news papers or on national news like The New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, or MSNBC? How about on brain dead political advocacy shows like this, masquerading as "comedy?" NOPE! The sad part is that the idiots who are easily duped by GARBAGE like this vote for policies that intelligent people are FORCED TO LIVE BY! If there is a hell, then I really hope that there is a special place for professional manipulators and useful idiots like trevor noah.

  80. aisha shisha says:

    Holy fuck how did I miss out on this

  81. Isis Montgomery says:

    I love trevor he speaks truth no one wants to hear

  82. Enkosi Bono says:

    Youd swear black Americans are going through Apartheid right now if u think carefully about it 🤔

  83. targetseeker says:

    then we hear stuff about a white guy strolling into walmart with guns and body armor for a social experiment…

  84. Keaven Murphy says:

    No amendments were made for the "black man". The bill of rights and constitution was written for the white man, even after we were made free they still didn't apply, then even after the civil rights movement they still dont apply. In 2019 they still don't apply to us. You got brothers and sisters screaming "i know my rights". Obviously, you dont. We have a semblance of rights just to make us stay quiet about not having rights. Thats why we can be killed and no one care, thats why its a shoot first ask questions later policy. We are but numbers on a screen to the Man and only people who cares about it is those who know this truth!

  85. David Schmidt says:

    "I want a Glock and a Craig"
    That's Fucking hilarious

  86. Diamond Heart says:

    El Paso shooter was not killed after killing 20 people! He surrendered! Wow

  87. A Bird says:

    How do you fuck that up.

  88. Bill Platess says:

    In this country American means white. Everybody else has to hyphenate -Toni Morrison

  89. Frank Patton says:

    Thank you Trevor!  You stunned the hell out of your audience!  Good.  Philando Castile was absolutely one of the worst examples.

  90. william reid says:

    I dont always agree with trevor but I'm sure we can all agree this just a bit of truth. Sometimes it just needs to be heard out loud.

  91. Julio Brian says:

    The Second Amendment was never meant for Coloured people.

  92. Ken James Jr says:

    Truth in comedy…

  93. Saeed Saeed says:

    Damn.I'M proud of you Trever.

  94. Corey kush says:

    Because this country hired majority of southern racist ass people to work in the government and police departments all across America… Every police department needs to fire everyone on the department and hire new people. ..After doing a intensive back ground check on the person. ..

  95. Stephen Schwaegerl says:

    Yeah that’s deep, set phone down for while to think, correct this is

  96. Anetusi says:

    OMG why do I just hear about it?

  97. Ashween Mankash says:

    Donald trump should not come again

  98. Ashween Mankash says:

    America whites vs black india hindu vs muslim, caste vs caste, same caste different surname vs same caste different surname

  99. Alexej Reber says:

    Different people different situation

  100. Perla Reyna says:

    The 2nd amendment was created when black people were slaves. It was created by white men.

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