– Oh yeah Sharers, today’s video is sponsored by Hot Wheels, who helped us make this video so you know it’s gonna be epic. We have 250 feet of epic
backyard Hot Wheels tracks. – [Carter] Whoa, that’s so epic, there’s a huge jump at the bottom! – Oh yeah! And Sharers, you’re
driving, let’s do this. Here we go! – [Carter] Woo! Okay, let’s do it, launch it Steve! In three, two, one, go! (wheels spinning along track) – [Stephen] Oh! – What is going on, Sharers? Welcome to the vlog,
welcome to another awesome– oh, Baby Otter’s sleeping. Hi Otter! Oh, you’re awake! Say hi to the Sharers, Otter. Say hi! Aw, he’s so tired! He’s so tired, oh yeah Sharers, today’s video is sponsored by Hot Wheels, who helped us make this video so you know it’s gonna be epic. And we have so much Hot Wheels stuff, it’s gonna be one epic vlog
so let’s get it started. Let’s go find Carter. Hey Carter! (gasping) Oops, Baby Otter’s sleeping. Okay, let’s go find Carter. (light switch clicking) Carter, Carter, Carter, Carter, Carter. Carter? – [Carter] Oh Stephen, over here! – [Stephen] Oh Carter,
whoa, what’s going on? – Check it out, we got
all this Hot Wheels track, and we have so much more, it’s so cool. We also have these
awesome Hot Wheels cars, these are so cool, look at this gold one. Yeah, and this one’s
probably my favorite one. Check it out, it’s like a shopping cart, there’s a little guy on the back. – [Stephen] Oh, that is so awesome. – [Carter] Yeah, and we have a motorcycle, it has two wheels, I wonder
if that’s even gonna work. – [Stephen] How does that even stand? – [Carter] I don’t know, but
it stands up pretty well. Look at that. And we have two stunt
boxes, check these out. – [Stephen] Oh yeah
Sharers, these are awesome. You can do epic turns with these. – Yeah, and you can do other builds, too. Check it out, it’s got
a whole list of them. One, two, three, four other builds. And check this one out, Sharers. This one is so cool, it’s huge. It’s called a Stunt Bridge Kit. – [Stephen] Oh yeah, the Stunt
Bridge Kit is so awesome. Carter, we gotta open this thing. – Yeah, this thing is so cool. – [Stephen] Oh yeah, check this out! – [Stephen and Carter] Whoa! – This is so cool, let’s build this thing. (tracks clicking together) – Woo, okay, we got all the blocks built. Let’s add ’em to the stunt bridge. This one goes on the top right here. – [Stephen] Oh, is that level three? – Yeah, this is like level
three, this is three points if you can get the car to
land all the way in here. And then this is two points if you can land the car onto this one. And this is one point down here. If you can land it on
this, you get one point. (tracks clicking together) – [Stephen] Oh Carter,
let’s turn the bridge on. Oh yeah! Let’s give it a try! – Let’s launch the red truck. I’m going for level three, here we go. In three, two, one– – [Carter and Stephen] Go! – [Carter] Aw, I need more power. Okay ready, here we go,
in three, two, one, go! – [Stephen] Oh! (bell ringing) – Two points!
– That’s two points! – All right, I gotta try this. Here we go Sharers, ready? – [Carter] Yep. – [Stephen] Three, two, one, go! – [Carter] Oh!
– [Stephen] More power. – Here comes level three, and… Level three! (bell ringing) Oh, woo!
– [Carter] Whoa, you did it! Woo, that was awesome! – Yeah Sharers, this Stunt
Bridge Kit is pretty cool. – [Carter] Whoa!
– [Stephen] Ahh! – Yeah, Steve, we got all
these Hot Wheels tracks, so let’s go step things up a notch. – Yeah, that’s right Sharers, we’re gonna go build the most epic Hot Wheels track you’ve ever seen. – Woo! (door sliding open) – Oh yeah Sharers, we’ve got
a lot of Hot Wheel track, can fill up this entire backyard. – [Carter] Oh see, we should
start from all the way up here and go all the way down that steep hill, all the way down to there,
that would be crazy! – Oh yeah, let’s do this. (box slamming ground) – Actually Carter, this
might not be enough track. We might need more track. – Easy, I’ll go grab
it, I’ll be right back. Oh yes dude, this has gotta do it. Look at all this track! – [Stephen] Whoa, okay
Carter, let’s get building. – Let’s do it! (upbeat music) – Oh yeah Sharers, here we go, one straight Hot Wheels track
all the way down the backyard. – [Carter] Whoa, it goes
all the way down the hill, that’s so far, we gotta test it out Steve! – Carter, you think this is gonna work? – Oh yeah, it’s gonna work,
it’s gonna go down the hill, it’s gonna so fast, you
gotta give it a try. – Yeah, I guess there’s
only one way to find out, let’s put some Hot Wheels cars on it and let’s launch ’em down the hill. Moment of truth, Sharers. Will this work? Ah, this is a huge track, ready? – [Carter] Yep. – [Stephen] In three, two, one, go! – [Stephen and Carter] There it goes! – [Carter] Oh my gosh, it’s going so fast! – [Stephen] Whoa, it’s gonna explode! – [Carter] It bounced off!
– [Stephen] It bounced off! It made it pretty far, check this out. Whoa, it made it all the way to here. – [Carter] Whoa, that’s so cool! – [Stephen] Pretty good, it
almost made it all the way. – Oh see, I have an awesome
idea, check this out. – [Stephen] Oh what’s your idea? – Let’s put a giant hill in
it by lifting it up like this. – [Stephen] Oh, yeah! – Like that. – [Stephen] Let’s put a stunt box in it. This stunt box should do it, Carter. – Oh this is so perfect! The tracks just slide in just like this. Oh, and then we’ll do this side and we’ll slide it in just like that. That’s gonna be so perfect! – [Stephen] Oh, this is gonna be awesome. Will this work even better? Let’s find out. – Okay, let’s launch another
car, we got this one. This one’s pretty cool,
I love the colors on it. – [Stephen] Oh, that’s
awesome, let’s put it in. – [Carter] Let’s see if this
will make it all the way down! Here we go Sharers, off to a slow start, we’re gonna give it a little push. There it goes! – [Carter] Oh, it’s going
fast, it’s going fast! – [Stephen] Oh, it’s
speeding up! Here we go! – [Carter] Oh, there it
goes, will it make it? (yelling) – [Carter] It launched! – [Stephen] It got some air that time! Whoa, that was so cool. Where did it go? Oh wow, I think it
might’ve made it farther than the gold car, it almost made it all
the way down the hill. (wheels spinning along track) – Whoa, that was awesome,
let’s upgrade the track and make it even more epic this time, come on let’s go! – Yeah Sharers, we
still gotta make the car make it all the way down the hill. – Yeah, and this stunt
box has awesome turns, so I’m thinking we’ll add
some turns to the track, let’s go do it. – [Stephen] Oh that should
help slow it down a little bit. – Yeah, come on, let’s
put one like right here, I’m thinking. Let’s pull it off right here, and we’ll stick the turn
in right here like that. Woo, okay. And we’ll put this
straight piece right here. Okay Steve, let’s test
this, make sure this works. – [Stephen] Oh, Will
this be too much speed? Let’s find out, let’s pick this blue car. You ready Carter? – Yeah, send it! – [Stephen] Here we go! Will it work, will it work, will it work? Oh, it worked! – It worked! – [Stephen] Okay, this is awesome. Now we can shoot it up
the hill a little bit, and we’ll curve it back down. – Yeah, let’s do it. – Now we can put this straightaway
right after this turn. And redirect the Hot Wheels cars this way. – [Carter] Oh, then put
another turn over there, Steve. Here, use this one. – This is gonna be awesome! These cars are gonna go so
fast, this is gonna be so cool. – [Carter] Let’s see if
they can make it this far, go ahead and send a car. – Purple Hot Wheels car, here we come. Ready?
– [Carter] Yep. – [Stephen] Three, two, one, go! – [Carter] There it goes! – [Stephen] Make the turn! – [Carter] Made the turn,
and it made that turn! – That was so awesome! – [Carter] Oh, we gotta add more track! Come on let’s go. – Yes, more track, let’s go! I’ll disconnect from here, we’ll take this track,
we’ll connect it over here. – [Carter] Oh, now you’re talking Steve, I like where you’re going with this. – This is getting epic. – [Carter] Yeah, this
track, it started straight, but now we’re adding a
turn there, and turn here, another straightaway, we
gotta add more turns, Steve. – Let’s open up another stunt
box, we need more turns. – [Carter] Oh yeah. I think there’s more
turns in here, let’s see. Yes, there’s two more, Steve. Let’s add the turn right like this, oh, we should connect
it to the stunt box now. – Oh yeah, we should elevate it, so let’s put this stunt box back on top. Then we’ll put a piece
of track right here, connect the turn into here, so it’s an elevated turn. – [Carter] Oh, whoa, is this gonna work? This track turn is so cool, now you’re gonna add more that
comes off this way, Steve. – [Stephen] Will this work? If it does, it’s gonna be the most epic Hot Wheels
track I’ve ever seen. – [Carter] Okay, I’m gonna go
put a car down, here we go. Whoa Sharers, this track
is getting awesome, we gotta set another car, let’s
see if it’ll make it down. We’ll do this hot rod, oh
yeah, here we go Steve, you ready? – [Stephen] I’m ready, Carter. – [Carter] Okay, we’re gonna
set the car right here, here it goes! And we got turn number one. (car hitting grass) Uh oh, it didn’t make
it to turn number one! I think this Hot Wheels
car is a little top-heavy, I’m gonna try another one. – Here Carter, use this one, this is more of a race car style. – [Carter] Oh, this one
looks super fast, here we go. Sending it in three, two, one, here we go! And we’re off, turn one! Turn two! – [Stephen] Here we go, here we go! – [Carter] Turn three, whoa! It almost made it! – It did so well! – [Carter] It almost made
it, it almost made it. Go! (wheels spinning along track) – Woo, it made it, that was so awesome. Looks like it had just a little bit too much speed so let’s shorten
the track just a tad bit. – And we’ll reconnect it
right here just like that, there we go, now I think it’s gonna work. Okay, I’m sending the
purple car, here we go, in three, two, one, go! – [Stephen] Will it work,
will it work, will it work? Oh yeah, one, two, come on, come on, come on… No way, it worked! – Woo, it worked, that was awesome! – [Stephen] Woo, now we
can just connect it here and it should go all
the way down the hill. – Oh, let’s do it. – [Stephen] Let’s move the
stunt box a little higher so the cars don’t get
too much air off of it. And we’ll connect this track
to this curve right here. Now let’s just extend the track the rest of the way down the hill. – Oh, it’s just needs one more thing, this is gonna be the secret ingredient, that the car can make it all the way down, let’s add this stunt
bridge for an epic launch, like it’ll jump right off, let’s add this to the bottom. Oh yeah, look at that. – [Stephen] Bridge is opened and ready for an epic jump to finish it. – Let’s go drop a car
down, come on let’s go! – [Stephen] Woo, Sharers,
here goes nothing. It’s got a long track to go down, a couple turns, but if it makes it, that’ll be one epic Hot
Wheels backyard track. You ready to do this, Carter? – Yeah, here we go. In three… – [Carter and Stephen] Two, one. – [Carter] Oh!
– [Stephen] Go, go, go, go! There it goes, there it goes, first curve, yes. Second, yes, yes, yes. Third, yes, oh! Oh, it’s upside-down! Oh, no! It got turned upside-down! Let’s try that again, it was so close. – Okay, we’re almost there, let’s do it. Okay here we go, let’s try again. In three, two, one, here we go! – [Stephen] First turn, it made it. Second turn, it made it. Third turn, yes. Oh, it flipped upside-down! And it, oh! No way, it’s working! Yes, woo! Oh, it did it Carter! All the way down the hill! – That was awesome! – Woo, that was the most
epic Hot Wheels track I’ve ever built! – Okay, that was awesome,
let’s try this blue one now. Ready, here we go, in three, two, one. – [Stephen] Go, go, go, go, go, go, go. First turn, yes. Second, yes. Come on, come on, come on, yes, yes, yes, yes! Go! (yelling) It jumped in the air. Okay Sharers, I got get in on this fun, this is gonna be the best launch ever. Carter, which car should I use? – [Carter] Oh, I think the
blue one is the fastest, you gotta go with that blue one. – Let’s do this, here we go. You ready Carter? – [Carter] Oh yeah,
I’m ready, let’s do it. – [Stephen] Here we go in three, two, one, go, go, go, go, go! (rock music) (wheels spinning along track) – Oh, yeah, that was epic! – [Carter] That’s like
over 250 feet of track, that’s so awesome. – Totally epic. – [Carter] This car is so fast. – Well Sharers, there you have it. That was our epic
backyard Hot Wheels track. – Yeah, that was probably the most epic Hot Wheels track I’ve
ever seen and ever built. That was so much fun. – That was incredible! – And we filmed an awesome
video on the Hot Wheels Channel, it was so much fun. – Yeah that was another
epic Hot Wheels track. – Yeah, and the music there
was like totally awesome. – I was jamming out. – Yeah, they were like
jamming, racing Hot Wheels, it was me, Stephen, and
Liz, and it was super cool. – Yeah, major shout-out to Hot Wheels for sponsoring this video, this was epic. – Oh yeah Sharers,
today’s vlog was so epic, and until next time you know what to do, – [Carter and Stephen] Stay
awesome and share the love! Peace, woo! ♪ Snow day, it’s a snow day ♪ ♪ Snow day, no school today ♪ ♪ Snow day, it’s a snow day ♪ ♪ Share the love everyday ♪


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