Essential oil roller ball wallet 4 & 8 Bottles
Essential oil roller ball wallet 4 & 8 Bottles

Hey guys welcome back for another tutorial today I’m going to be showing you how to make the 4 and the 8 essential oil rollerball wallet So if you’re coming from patreon craftsy or Etsy, I just want to say thank you so much for supporting my channel This will help me bring you better quality content and more tutorials. Ok, so let’s get started So you’ve cut out all of your pieces. You have your interfacing ready to go We’re gonna start by taking our pocket piece. That’s the piece that goes over the roller balls fold it in half We’re gonna fold it in half on the six-and-a-half side and then we will do a top stitch on the folded edge I’m just going to go ahead and press all of my Interfacing so you have one on each of the main pieces and then a little piece of interfacing on that little tab So that pocket piece you don’t need any interfacing So I’m gonna take that little tab piece fold it with the right sides together I’m gonna clip that together and then I’m gonna sew down the long end and one short end So I’m gonna take this over to the sewing machine. I’m gonna first start doing that top stitch on my pocket piece So do it about one or two millimeters away from the edge just makes it look a little bit more polished and professional Especially if you decide to sell these and then I’m gonna take my tab piece do about a quarter of an inch seam allowance Down the one side then lift your presser foot pivot and put it back down Make sure you have a nice crisp edge and then after it We’re just gonna snip those Edges make sure we get rid of the excess bulk So that when you do flip it right side out you have a nice sharp corner I like to use a chopstick it helps get those corners nice and sharp And then after I’m going to take it over to the sewing machine do a little top stitch on three sides Do it about one or two millimeters away from the edge just makes it like I said a little bit more polished and professional Now we’re gonna take that first main piece We’re going to put it lengthwise in front of you And then we’re going to grab the pocket piece Take the pocket piece and fold it in half and then I’m going to use some chalk to find the center of that Peace then I’m gonna find the center of my long piece And I’m just going to take some chalk and mark a line Three or four inches long at the bottom of that piece and then I’m going to take my pocket piece lay that on top line up those lines so that both pieces are perfectly Center with each other Put a few pins in it just so it doesn’t shift when sewing and then take it over the sewing machine Make sure you double triple tack the top of that folded edge Just so that it is nice and secure because there will be a lot of stress on it for putting the bottles in now I’m going to measure from that middle seam up a one and a half inches on the pocket and Then I want to do that on the opposite side So it’s really great if you have a ruler like this because you can see through it and it has quarter of an inch measurements and then after I’m gonna take the pocket piece fold one side over and Then measure from that Center again but I’m gonna measure 3/4 of an inch three quarters of an inch will give you a perfect space for That bottle and then you’re gonna do that on the other side so fold the whole pocket over again and then measure three quarters of an inch draw a line with your chalk or your water-soluble pen and then after this you’re gonna take the Pocket and where you drew that first line that was that a one and a half inches You’re gonna line up that line with that line underneath so it’s gonna of course make the top of the pocket kind of You know round out because you’re gonna put a bottle in there. So that’s gonna you know cover the bottle You’re gonna do that on the other side Pin it into place and then you can bring it over to a sewing machine and do again a straight stitch from that folded edge down following those chalk lines So make sure you double tack the top again just because of course the pressure from putting in the bottles in and out many times Will of course pull on those stitches so from here, we have two bottles Slots ready now. We’re going to work on the last two and we’re gonna take that last little piece of the pocket We’re gonna fold it up and take that raw edge and line it up with a raw edge of the big rectangle Just like this so from here, we’re gonna take it to the sewing machine again, and we’re actually going to do a Stitch down the side and this is kind of gonna be temporary so we want to do it nice and close to that edge just Because we don’t want to see it when we go to do the finished product So make sure it’s less than a quarter of an inch seam allowance because that’s what we’re gonna work with after After that, we’re gonna measure from that Second seen that we just did from the middle We’re gonna measure us three quarters of an inch and that’s gonna create the next bottle opening create a line there with your chalk and then you will have Three and then we’ll go to the other side measure from that same Second seam from the middle three-quarters of an inch So you’re gonna have to like kind of flip-flop the fabric create a little notch there and then fold that fabric to the middle and then we’ll just make a straight line there and then we’ll put our chalk and then after we will put a Row of stitches there, and then that will make perfect uniform slots for all of your bottles. One, two, three and four So after that Then you can test it out. Make sure that your bottles aren’t fitting nicely and then after we are going to pleat the bottom and we want to make it look really nice and Uniform so we’re just going to kind of do them all in the same direction. So you’re just gonna fold The fabric I like to fold it and make that folded edge kind of come close to the stitches so as you can see and then I’m gonna do the next one and Fold it so that that edge goes to the next row of stitches So if you’ve ever done pleading before it’s basically the same idea just take some clips Hold it in place for now And then we’re gonna go to the sewing machine and like we did before we’re just going to do a row of stitches Very close to the edge. That’s just going to tack it down Make sure that does it move when we go to do our final step Okay, so that is perfect now, we’re gonna work on the velcro So we’re gonna put that one aside and work on the next rectangle We’re just gonna take our piece. I did about a inch and a half Put that perfectly centered about an inch and a half away from the short edge of the rectangle Put a pin in it just to keep it in place and then take it to the sewing machine sew all the way around the velcro and then once diagonally from side to side just to make sure it’s nice and secure and then after that we will start to do our Assembly, but I just want to show you that if you are making the eight bottle wallet You’re just gonna repeat all those steps that we just did on the opposite side. So that’s When you do get the eight bottle wallet There will be different measurements just because it won’t close properly It is larger, but it is the exact same steps. You just double up on the amount of bottle slots Okay. So after this we’re going to take that velcro piece put that on top of the pocket piece make sure that the velcro is right by the bottle slots Put your tab in and then you’re gonna sew all the way around leaving about one or two inches that’s gonna Be for turning So I’m just placing my tab in last just because I don’t want to fall out or shift once you’re done sewing that then you can take your snips and just snip the corners just So that when you do go to flip it, you do have nice sharp corners, and then you’re gonna take your chopstick again and you’re gonna work and try to Turn this right side out. It takes a little bit but it you know, you’ll get there eventually after you have it all clipped up, then you’re gonna want to press it again and Then we will Take that little gap whole thing that we just had and we’re gonna fold that in and We’re gonna top stitch around the whole thing. I did that off-camera and when we do the top stitch of that wall actually close up that hole and Then we’re just going to put our bottles and test it out and then figure out where On the tab that last piece of velcro is and then we’re just going to sew that like we did the first piece And then you’re done. So I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If you did, please give me a thumbs up Don’t forget to subscribe and hit that notification bell so that you can be alerted of future Tutorials if you decide to make this, I would love to see it. So definitely follow me on my Instagram Twitter and Facebook all those links will be in the description box below and don’t forget to check out my 2 bottle and my 8 bottle wallets the 2 bottle wallet is available for free over at my blog which is termed by Ashley calm So thank you again, and I will see you guys in my next video. Bye guys

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  1. Kelly Ann says:

    I love this !!!! Will you please post the measurements? Going to make a few this next week !!!! Thanks and Have a great weekend !!!!

  2. Suzan Lancaster says:

    Measurements please? I would love to make this for a Christmas gift! Thank you! A great idea!

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    would love the measurements please, would be very helpful, oh I saw that its a purchased pattern, ive tried to purchase from craftsy, but keeps coming up with a msg…..wont allow me

  4. Making It Easy with Liz says:

    No measurements? Cannot find the value of this video.

  5. Sue Hill says:

    I bought your pattern, but was wondering how much longer to make the Velcro tab for an eight bottle wallet. Instead of me guessing

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