etrailer Trailer Bearings Races Seals Caps – Bearings – 25580 Review –
etrailer Trailer Bearings Races Seals Caps – Bearings – 25580 Review –

Today, were going to review part number 25580. This is the TruRyde Trailer Wheel Bearing. It can be used as an inner or outer bearing. Its your replacement trailer bearings or high
quality tapered roller bearings, designed for high-speed use. All bearings will have an industry standard
number regardless of the brand. What you want to look for when youre replacing
the bearing on your spindle is if you look on the inner ring of the bearing, thered be
a number stamped. In this case, its 25580. On yours, it could have a different number,
depending on the brand of bearing you have, but if you just give us that number, well
be able to cross-reference it to the correct bearing you would need.If you dont have access
to that number, the next way youd be able to get the correct bearing is you would have
to measure the inner diameter of this bearing. That is the critical measurement. To do that, you would need to use a digital
caliper because the measurement would be taking out two thousandth of an inch. It has to be an accurate measurement.

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