etrailer Trailer Bearings Races Seals Caps – Bearings – LM11949 Review –

Today, were going to review part number LM11949. This is the Redline Replacement Trailer Wheel
Bearing. This is an outer wheel bearing. This wheel bearing is designed for agricultural
hubs. Most replacement bearing are high quality,
used high quality tapered roller bearings. All bearings will have industry standard number
stamped on them regardless of the brand. If you need to replace your bearings, what
youd want to do is look on the inner ring and thered be a number stamped. In this case, if you look on this one it says
LM11949. If you give us that number then we can cross-reference
it to get you the correct size wheel bearing for you spindle.Now, a bearing will consist
of three parts. The inner ring or cone, which goes on the
spindle, the tapered roller bearings and then the roller retainer or the cage which will
hold the roller bearings in place.These wheel bearings are lubed by using wheel bearing
grease or oil in some cases. There is one other part that is required and
that is the
bearing race.

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