Evan Kale’s Stellar Invention Show
Evan Kale’s Stellar Invention Show

Dear Mr. … Mrs. …
…Landlord? I’ve made a huge mistake when I signed this
place, so I was wondering if you would take
me off the lease, and in return I will take
back my last month deposit? Hey guys. Welcome to my room tour. I just moved in to a new place,
so that’s why I haven’t posted in a while. Here’s my work bench. It’s nice, granite…
…color. Nice built-in sink,
which is super convenient. This is where I put my pens
for when I wanna write stuff or when I wanna brush my teeth. I got this place for a super good deal,
1200 a month, all-inclusive. The light switches don’t seem to work. The lights seem to be always on,
but that’s a sacrifice I’m willing to put up with. Ensuite bathroom, which is great. Heck, you might even call this
a bathroom, if it wasn’t for… … my huge bed! Every single morning I get up,
and already, my face is moisturized and ready to go. Ready to tackle the day. If you come over here,
I got my tool cabinet slash linen closet slash
regular clos… Aww no… My socks are wet… Coolest thing about this place,
is that literally all the plugs, all the plugs, are,
GFCI. Which is great,
you can’t find a place like that. It’s got only one plug. But fine. You know what? You can keep the key deposit. I have no clue where they are. But! Lucky you,
you also get to keep… this beautiful… Rest in peace gramama. Hello? I may have sold all my camera equipment for
rent for this week. At least I still have my 3D printer. I was thinking, I could just print out
another set of camera gear. It might take a few…
six months. But it’ll be an iterative process. Manageable debt. Mmm mmm mmm. Cancerific. Now that’s the smell
of an eligible disability claim. A proper camera mount needs a proper spring
latch. Fortunately I found myself a stash of spring
wire. In my parts bin,
of broken dreams. Two mississipi… Three mississipi… Okay, that turned out well. Oh it’s not that I don’t like the place. No, no, no. There’s just something about… I couldn’t quite put my hands on it
since I moved in… But then, it hit me. And then, it hit me again. 1200…? I had to prove to myself I wasn’t crazy. Iteration number two. Slight, complete change of plans. I’m going to need a mechanism that’s…
(inaudible) …some kind of a knob. Hola! Yeah, yeah. Glue that. Spring it. Spring my life back together! Ohh yeah yeah yeah. Aww… No no no, in this bathroom,
Evan screws you. Okay, here we go. I’m a voice inside your head. U.F.O.! Something about a knob. Yeah, that’s a knob. Not a knob, but a screwdriv… That is a knob. Best. Camera mount. Ever. What…? It would seem the gear has melted. I told you not to shoot the kazoo,
but you had to shoot the kazoo. Oh, we both know that this has nothing to
do with the kazoo. No no no, we can’t have any of that. Mi lady, toma mi mano y sígueme. Oh Evano, tómame, tómame ahora. Quiero más! Más fuerte! Iteration number three. Well. I am quite happy with this. I’m sure you’re not happy about how this turned
out. But I had no choice. You would’ve done the same thing,
if you were here. See Problem,
the evan is, how do you now go from this,
into a small, pocket-sized, machine…
catapult. Problems. One – doens’t shoot forward. Two – if you’re halfway wound,
then you can’t unlatch because of the pressure build up. Three – I assume you can’t go backwards because… Actually, I don’t know what would… You can’t. And now to solve all those problems,
and still have no idea what we’re doing with our lives. We got the worm drive, riding on a quarter
inch drill bit. We got the ball bearing. Worm drive, drive the worm gear. Axis of rotation – perpendicular. Self-locking system engaged. Recess worm gear. Engage free wheel. Gear ratio – 3 to 1. Through the bearing and drive the striker. You might be wondering,
how did I get here? Well, maybe this,
is the devasting effect of father absense. Or perhaps it was the incessant intake of
microplastics? Whatever it is,
you combine all of the above, and you sprinkle it with a brief history
of alien interspecies reproductive experimentation, and you might just find… Lubrifiant personnel. Closed captioning is brought to you by,
Rammy’s Gospel & Goatspiel. Serving you since 97
mysteriously incinerated. I remember she use to say to me. EVAN. When you see a toilet,
think. How did you get here? Because if you don’t remember,
then you better wake the f(duck) up. Otherwise, I’m putting your
(duck) in a diaper tomorrow. I was fourteen. Rest in peace gramama. sike. *Alert.*
[Hur?] [Memory looks fine…] [… vitals?] *Prefrontal cortex activity detected.*
[Not good…] [Hur?] [Let’s see…] *Warning: system at 70% capacity.* 1200 for an outhouse? What is this? Metro-vancouver? I’m Torontonian! 1150, tops. *Warning: reduce collision objects.*
[He’ll be empty soon] *Warning: system at 90% capacity.*
[Bullocks] *Warning: system at 96% capacity.* Gramah! *Emergency override activated.*
*Warning: system at 99% capacity.* *Fatal: address out of range.* [Fix it now…] Okay Evan,
just find the override, and we’ll get out of here. When do I ever wear my own merch? Where are you? Bang! Where is it? Nope. You’ve got to be kidding me. What is that, like, an Arduino kit or something? Like a… Oh! Uhh… Was that it? Do we have any more ads? Do we have any sponsor messages? No? No, we never get any sponsor messages anyway. Uhh… Throw the Etsy. Yeah, you know what? Throw the Etsy. Machine Catapult now available for purchase
on ETSY! Support the show! All I see is black. All black. So much black. [Err…] [Didn’t happen.] [Nobody saw a thing.][Uh… oh.]
[Oh… captain!] [Slight impasse.] [It’s 76, he…][Oh…] [You know,]
[I thought I glued that switch pretty well.][Oh… I thought you…]
[you wanted one?][Right.] [I’m just waiting for his vitals to…][Oh… I guess we…]
[could skip the dentritigram.][Right, cap.]Puka puka? Mr.Lobster-butt? Oh Evano, tómame, tómame ahora. This show could use some support on Patreon:
patreon.com/evankale Click top right for links. Official Evan Kale inventions on Etsy:
etsy.com/shop/evankale Say hello on twitstagram:
@evankale91 [Oh… cap?] [I don’t think]
[he’s breathing?][Oh… uh…] [Dahktul?][Oh… same difference.] [I mean…]
[after what you did to him anyway.][Why don’t we just leave him here?] [I thought we found a pilot?][Oh…] [slight miscalculation.] [slight miscalculation.]

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