Extension Cord Reel

so something I made for my workshop a
bunch of years ago and never really showed anybody how he made it is this is
an extension cord reel and the reason I never really showed anybody how I did it
was because I never felt like it was quite done it it works but it’s not
perfect it’s good for a small shop not for a big one and I was looking for
something that I could just reel out like in the garage I have a reel from
the top that I cranked up and cranked down what’s coming up with different
ideas of pipes and wheel bearings and just last week I changed the rear hub on
the back wheel of my car and this is the old one and it’s spins pretty easily
it’s really heavy really heavy duty I have a quick sketch and I’m just gonna
make it out of oh s bead particle board because that’s what I have lying around
and we’ll see how it goes well the first step is determining how big to make the
circle and this is just scrap I have lying around that’s 16 inches so I’m
think I’m gonna make it 15 and a half just so I have screw into that center hole and I can
leave that bit right in there so I’m going to take a sharpie up and draw this
circle it’ll hold it right in place and this will be the 15 and a half inch
circle nose close that I’m going to use all right there’s a the layout lines that I did on the piece
that will attach to the hub this die outer diameter is this here I’m gonna
cut that out and I just kind of eyeballed right angles and drew this
pizza shape with the lines here okay because I’m using such a large bit
it’s binding up a little but that gave me a hint on what I should be doing and
that’s drilling halfway through with one and because the bit sticks out a little
bit the holes are on the other side so I can cut it from the backside and I won’t
get any tear out as you can see from these holes because I’m coming at it
from both directions that’s all the way through nice clean hole a bit and that’s
that and obviously so I don’t have to remeasure redraw anything I’m just using
a sharpie and tracing all the holes that I already drilled out it’s the center
section cut out and I just need to drill these holes and it will fit right over
that now real quick way that I transferred
the marks from here onto this board I took a big sharpie and I marked up the
ends of these and I set it on there I lined it with that center hole and it
took a hammer and when I hit it just gave faint impressions on here that I
can mark for the holes to be drilled out and I got five of them alright I just
got done cutting out the holes for the hub bolts I used a half inch bit and I
had to do it on the drill because the drill press doesn’t have enough of a
reach I was going this will beat the back and how it will mount to the wall
and then this piece would fit on the front okay here’s the piece of PVC I just cut
out it fits in the center of the hub I’m gonna mount this here and before I do
that I have to drill a hole in the center of this PVC so that a cord can go
through come out and come out the front because that’s where I’m going to
connect it it’s not a great design I would have liked to somehow fit the cord
out the back but with this hub there’s nowhere to go
and it has to come out of the center somewhere that way when you wind it up
the inner part doesn’t get tangled only the outer part winds up and just to
knock down some of these sharp edges I’m using a roundover bit on the router I had cut out the wheels before I’m the
inner piece with the hole in the middle where the court is gonna feed through
and out the front but I wasn’t sure how I was gonna attach the wood wheels to
the PVC Center axle and I thought about it and I came up with just making a
whole bunch of small little right angles out of steel and then riveting them to
the wood and to the PVC I was thinking about making out rings and screwing it
together and bolting it together this just seemed like the the most stable
secure way and then on the back I bolted the back of the wheel axle to 2×6 which
I will attach to the wall once again I’m going to feed the
extension cord through the center aisle at the front that’s where it’s gonna
plug in and I’ll still be able to wind it up I ended up hanging it from the
ceiling I’m just test fitting it right now I
just have a couple bolts I’m gonna take it down and sand it and everything but
one bit of a design flaw that I saw was that this Court is gonna get all twisted
up because it is even though it’s passing through it’s gonna be spinning
so I don’t know how I’m gonna fix it you can see it’s getting all twisted up here
now it is working for you know I’m never gonna need to take out more than 20 feet
or so but I’m gonna have to think about that so I’m happy with where it is on
the ceiling it’s high enough up I’m not gonna hit it but I’m gonna have to worry
about this cord twisting out so far it’s working pretty well I built it because
the cheapest extension cord reel you can get is probably around 50 bucks even the
one at Harbor Freight the 20 the 50 footer it’s like 50 or 60 bucks which
isn’t cheap but then again extension cords aren’t that cheap
hopefully you can get an old extension cord and use that the heart of this unit
is an old car hub a wheel bearing right here out of an old car I changed it on
my Grand Prix and I used this wheel bearing you don’t need something this
heavy duty but this is definitely robust enough to hold up 20 pounds of a real on
top of that this this is the mount that I mount to the joists and the reel
itself is just OSB particle board and a piece of PVC pipe in the center now the
real reason when I say it’s not quite done it’s not quite perfect I’m an
extension cord really you have the one part of the cord that doesn’t move and
the other part that unwinds and somewhere in that unit there’s a 360
swivel that allows electricity flow through but it doesn’t tangle the court
and that’s the part I could never really get over and figure out so when I unroll
this and it unrolls like this part of this court kind of tank
goes up which is why this is only really good for about 20 feet of cord I think I
have a 25 foot cord on here and that’s all I really want to use because
otherwise it’s just going to tangle up you’ll see when I mounted on the ceiling
but at the center of this this is where the cord comes out of the middle I
actually have a hole cut in this PVC pipe which is where this wire feeds
through and you can see as I unwind it it’s actually twisting this cord in the
middle that’s it over so to mount the PVC to the particle board I just used
some metal tabs and I riveted them in and that’s how it’s fine and to transfer
the court from the reel off the reel I drilled a hole in this PVC and it comes
out here so it’s still tangling up but hopefully in just one direction and it
has I’m sure it’s maybe shorten the life of the court but there’s no real damage
to it it’s just twist it up a little so let’s mount it to joists I’m gonna have
you want to find a spot obviously in the shop that’s in the middle that you can
reach it I use this for the table saw it’s a nice thick extension cord
probably like 12 gauge so it’s enough to handle a big tool I’m gonna mount it to
a joist and then I’ll show you how it winds up and it works so to mount it I
took this bracket off just four bolts holding it on and I’m just using four
screws now I can lift this up into place so here it is all mounted in place ready
to go you can see the mount on the joists I bolted it down here and it’s
all wound up and to uh to use it you just pull the pull the cord down it
unrolls and then to wind it up you just grab one of the handles and roll it up
now you might be thinking where am I gonna plug it in well that’s where that
lightbulb and all of this comes into play I’m actually going to install an
outlet box where that light is and move that
down somewhere over here so I’m gonna have to drill through a bunch of these
joists run a wire put in an outlet box so I’m going to do that next well it was just a couple seconds for
you but it took me an hour a little bit more to replace that light
with an outlet box and move the light down there but it’s all hooked up now
this is connected you can see this is the extension cord that comes out of the
middle and when I pull it this gets all twisted up so when I pull the extension
cord down this gets all twisted up and we have to have a spot for this to be
loose and become twisted so you can have a hook or something it’s always ready to
go it’s always plugged in it’s out of the way when you don’t need it I use it
all the time I use it for my table saw which is in the middle of the room any
jig side just pull it down use it wind it back up it’s definitely great to have
in a shop like this and it works great for a small shop we only need 5 10 feet
at a time you don’t need 50 feet run out of your garage door or something so if
you have an old car hub or if you have a junkyard nearby you can use that if not
you can use any small wheel bearing this isn’t much weight but the hub is
definitely I mean I think I could hang from this thing and it wouldn’t go
anywhere that’s how solid the hub is so let me know what you think hopefully you
like it let me know if you have an idea for how to get that swivel so I don’t
get that cord twisting up like this there’s got to be
some sort of swivel out there that will allow that I’ve never found it though so
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