Fender Roller from Eastwood
Fender Roller from Eastwood

The Eastwood tire roller eliminates tire rub by increasing
tire to fender clarence the hub flange attaches to your wheel
lugs the adjustable height army let’s you work
on a wide range of automotive and light trucks applications by simply adjusting
the arm length with the hand wheel use the release lever to adjust roller angle
where angle adjust the pressure bar to apply
general pressure to the fender lip and gradually roll the inner lip flat using Eastwood heat gun and IR
thermometer to soften the paint visit Eastwood.com for everything
you need to do the job right

3 thoughts on “Fender Roller from Eastwood”

  1. Eastwood Company says:

    The link to get more information or buy an Eastwood Fender Roller is in the Video Description below the video. Check out our other fender roller videos, including rolling the fenders on a 2012 VW GTI.

  2. whatsnext84 says:

    When cleaning and dressing your welds with the angle grinder in a tight space like the fender lip would a 80 grit flap disk work or would you recommend using something more aggressive like a grinding wheel to knock down the welder bead then come back with the 80 grit to prep for some filler

  3. Eastwood Company says:

    Are YOU an Eastwood Guy?  Check out this video from Eastwood to find out:  How To Open a Can Without a Can Opener – Perfect Soup Can Opener – Are You an Eastwood Guy?

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