hey guys it’s me tiago the french inline skater and today we’re going to do a slightly different video today I’m going
to test on a new type of bearings I’ll say I wonder why this is so popular I
don’t know how this is helping me become less stressed and way these have bearing
and inline skates have to thank you Captain Obvious
so I want to compare these bearings with my eye out 9 pro bearings are these any
good let me first try to remove these bearings first did it OH one hour later
I finally managed to remove them from previous winners now let’s see if these
cheap bearings would manage to be as good as the wicked one this is the
bastard how well do they roll you can’t even answer my face so these are the
worst bearings have ever used they were wobbling very noisy and clicky
and it was difficult to gain speed with those and finally I thought they were
about to break at any moment so I decided to wear a little bit of
protection just in case why not testing them while doing some
free stuff though I could really feel them wobbling side-to-side and slowing
down very fast it felt really weird scared with these bearings the same
thing for revealing they felt really weird and became harder to hold anyway I decided to give them a chance
and try to have I noticed that the wheels began to roll
a little better but we were still noisy and kept moving side to side inside the
frame after trying them for free South Kelly why not a little bit of serious
game these bearing still felt uncomfortable but I did my best not to
think about it so what do I think about these speed spinner bearings are very
good friend line skating no I recommend you to choose some real
bearings the ones you can buy in skate shops ABEC 3 5 7 I’ll cue Swiss it
doesn’t matter but get some proper bearings that have been made for sports
any way you can make your own feature spinner reverse case many of them
actually with only one pair do you own a feeder spinner if yes please tell me
what you liked about it is it really for stress control or just for fun thank you
for watching don’t forget to subscribe and please help me make a nice kitty
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think about it see you in the next why the point of the dancing is without


  1. Bill Stoppard Skating BSS says:

    Love your slalom lines! Super entertaining vid T!!!

  2. Sunil Nag says:

    just for time pass

  3. Hero says:

    spinners stress your pocket. dads know that.

  4. Deez Skates says:

    I hate fidget spinners. lol. Sites like Amazon have low ratings for good bearings because people who don't skate buy grease packed and oil lubed bearings and put them in fidget spinners expecting them to spin as well as the dry bearing they typically come with!

    BTW awesome video!

  5. James Garey says:

    Tiago, have you seen these or know anything about them:

  6. Stephen Musacchio says:

    Check out this sick blade edit!!

  7. super star says:

    spiner is west of time

  8. trduity says:

    am I the only one actually impressed that those things withstood wheelings? :)) my respect for spinners just went through the roof

  9. silver sketch says:

    your English has developed a lot since then

  10. Paul Davies says:

    is it ok if your bearing get soaked in water? will this effect the quality?


    Those those spinners are for math

  12. Priyanka Bharti says:

    You are very cool 😎

  13. Jesse James says:

    ABEC 7 Bearings are so bad, you can't even use them for a Fidget Spinner 😂

  14. Hoksida Blacksmith says:

    I had one bcuz it was cool at the time

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