Fidget Spinners are Illuminati
Fidget Spinners are Illuminati

Before watching this I advise you have got a 13 foot 797 with you cuzwe are about to spin some sheet! fidget spinner, fidget, midget, warwick davis Warwick Davis is the same height as 14 fidget spinners 14 On the November 14th 2016, Warwick Davis tweeted this W8 UP!!!!!!!1111!!!! DID YOU SEE THAT!??!?!?!11!?/1/!??! red, black, white and you know what else is red, black, and white? That’s right! NATSIES could it be, that Warwick Davis is infact operating a giant fidget spinner to colomerate from the comfort of his own NATSIE funded facility Well, why fidget spinners? and why are Warwick Davis and the nazis working together for the guverment?? Well, it’s simple Let me show you Take a look at this picture of the natsie symbol Now, take a look at a fidget spinner Do you see it? It’s so goddamn obvious!111!!!1! what happens when you spin a fidget spinner? that IS R I G H T It creates a circle circle But wait! There’s more! It’s clear that the spinner has three sides that join to create the illuminati triangle but what does this black shape in the NATSIE symbol mean? Well, fidget. spinars. What could that possibly abbreviate to That is exactly right!1!!11!!! F, S, F, S, but wait! We forgot about one thing! The colour red that floods the rest of the symbol. Well, my friend that is the most undisputable piece of evidence of them all!11!! Remember Warwick Davis?, that’s where he come’s in! Fidget Spinars, spinning, a blender spins, and what wold it look like if Warwick Davis were to enter a blender at full speed, That is exactly right!!!!!!!!1111!!!1 blud everywhere! Blood is red and red fills the NATSIE symbol SO. that is it! the evidence is absolutely, glaringly, undeniable, unassailable, irrefutable! FIDGET SPINNERS ARE ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED WEN UR BORD, WEN UR BORD. FIJET SPINRZ R TER 2 SAV U TER SO FUN TO PLAY WIT!!!! U CAN DO TRIX WIT THEM 2!!! :0000 THEY CUM IN DE CULERS RED WHITE AND BLUU ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

100 thoughts on “Fidget Spinners are Illuminati”

  1. Jovy Sanga says:

    no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! illuminati

  2. EDIN10 BRO says:

    you are a not normal Person

  3. Tanmay says:

  4. Franco TeeVee says:

    YOL Go to hell

  5. Malikaih Mulloy says:

    Who ever is watching this in 2018

  6. Malikaih Mulloy says:

    You do know there are some different designs of fidget spinners

  7. Riad Trakic says:

    After this you will never download again after I reveal the truth
    When you search "" on YouTube you will probably get cringe and a video called "kids lost their minds"
    When you play the video its about and how stupid it is,but how does that have to do with runned by the illuminati?
    Kids lost their brains,brains are in people people use and created musical ly,wait a second! Lost their minds? Does that mean the people who use get brainvashed and lured into the illuminati bases? Yes,the illuminati controls the people thro is illuminati confirmed

  8. Dazzle Ruzgal says:

    November 14 is my bday

  9. free bananas says:

    Fuck the whole channel it is dumb shit shit

  10. Vaishnavi Sondhi says:

    capital of India is Delhi 💟

  11. abd salie says:

    This is too funny

  12. BootlegFitz says:

    All blood is red for all people ( i think ) so if eney of us go in a blender there will still be blood every where.

  13. August says:

    Fidget spinners are Illuminati look o o o

  14. Technosaber says:

    What is next? The life is Illuminati?

  15. Ezra Jay Music says:

    This is hilarious 😂😂

  16. Sky Watcher says:

    I am happy that this was a satire and not serious. I laughed while watching this. Thank you!

  17. T.J.Z T.J.Z says:


  18. BUsH _ says:

    Seems legit to me.

  19. i dont care :/ says:

    And that's it why I don't have a fidget spinner the end

  20. lightyears2go says:

    FS! omg

  21. Muhammad Gameplay says:

    Donald trump is and Illuminati CONFIRMED

  22. Filip Topalović says:

    YOU ARE KINGGGGGG!!!!;)))))

  23. Niall Richardson ManCitySuperfan says:

    Ur nan

  24. Maria Baeza says:


  25. Muhammed Marhocevic says:


  26. BILLY BOBJR says:

    everyone needs to watch this everything u know is a lie he figured everything we cant

  27. Soccer_ teckrz says:

    Silas is this ur actually channel u told me but I never believed you. If it is tell me u saw this comment.

  28. LAZER V.A.I says:

    Lol I like but I now it's so fake😂😂😂

  29. Kolio Byzaka says:

    im mind blown

  30. I_Am_VoCal #SoCal4Life says:


  31. deadly_new_ comer says:

    so true, so true

  32. Daniel Paloli says:


  33. Royal Rouses says:

    1:41 eveywhere *mistake

  34. Andy Underlife says:

    ………….. i turned on the video it was off
    but there was a fidget spinner that was spining the video was off
    and i hate spinners T _ T a lot of people writing how dumb i am

  35. Laurie Alpaugh says:

    Yo he's a genius

  36. just another niBBa says:

    But.Why is blood red? Red.What else is red.Look at this picture.Oh my.Did you see it?Communism

  37. Emily says:


  38. Hikari Al Fatih says:

    goblok cok

  39. Fox Ferreira says:

    I don´t understand why,but I feel uneasy watching these videos.

  40. LitModz YT says:

    I ACUALLY new fidget spineres where illuminati

  41. Crislee Portuguez says:

    Im angry to you you know why all is illuminati you are illuminati what is your mood my mood is happy cause you are illuminati

  42. Çrystâl Blôòm says:

    whats the outro song!?

  43. Bhing2x Oronan says:

    Do finger heart is illuminati

  44. Sir Draco says:

    where am i

  45. SATANIC DUCKS says:

    This video is goddamn CANCER. 🤚🏽

  46. NikeMaik says:

    Fidget spinner is nazi

  47. JAN3 FR3D says:


  48. Docwhosin 160 says:

    Can you do bill Nye is Illuminati

  49. Tomas TheTrain says:

    You dont realy know that your channel is illuminati

  50. Beat Nation says:

    Oh no…

  51. Reem ali says:

    Why you aleayd say but wait

  52. omari johnson says:


  53. Rafał Mysko says:

    ur the best

  54. Kate Robertson says:

    I got vomit 🤢

  55. Nick Gust says:

    Kill me!!!!

  56. Super Mario Logan Fan says:

    Who wants Somebody Toucha My Spaghet is Illuminati

  57. Michael Gentile second channel says:

    illuminati music starts playing

  58. tonyanimal1 says:


  59. daniel mohammed says:

    roglox teach me how to do work k

  60. daniel mohammed says:

    * roblox

  61. Auggie Ghau ghau says:

    I know the shape is like that but people make a shape like that
    and there are the one have two sides and and five sides and zero sides

  62. Super Mario Logan Fan says:

    “Blood Everywhere”

  63. Gini Rahman says:

    Now among all the videos, this actually makes more scenes

  64. berkay kırıkkaya says:


  65. robblequoffle says:

    Well duh a fidget spinner has 3 sides so it clearly is illuminati

  66. Noobster_YT says:

    More like the nazi is iluminati confirmed

  67. toasty butter99 says:


  68. Maxton Pruitt says:

    The nazis symbol looks like a blender with blood in it

  69. Super Mario Logan Fan says:

    Why Homer??

  70. Leigh-Anne Sullivan says:

    To you everything is the illuminati

  71. sven son says:

    0:06 Spin Homer Simpson spinning like a figit spinner
    People spin
    Spin is Luminarti confirmed

  72. Batman says:

    fidget spinners. Fidget. Midget. Warwick Davis.

  73. baldi basics and education and learning says:


  74. Super Mario Logan Fan says:

    0:51 It’s tiny

  75. RBLX_Dam0n says:

    Who is in August 2018

  76. night blade says:


  77. mohmad al says:


  78. mohmad al says:


  79. Gacha potato says:

    I have a figet spiner and what?

  80. Rhylee and Tuckey! says:

  81. Player Arak says:

    i have a fidget spinner lol i dnt

  82. ANNETTE says:

    I dont remember the series so correct, but isnt the exact same thing in the kfc or another vid right?

  83. Supaporn Charoenporn says:

    Why noxis

  84. Bedri Meta says:

    I don't Like Spinner🙍

  85. Dallas Doodle says:

    But my hair is red………….what do I do now?

  86. XYTKevin ZV says:

    No iluminati in the halls!!

  87. Strange CAt says:


  88. ᎷᎡ.KᎪ- ᏴᎾᎾᎷ says:

    Nazi lost WWII cuz' they're too busy playing Fidget Spinners and using them on axels,Proppellers,tire,anyting that spins just have fidget spinners so the stuff they make is unreliable

  89. Austin Stevenson says:


  90. Gabe says:

    Im getting brain cells

  91. Defaulty Mode says:

    Bill Nye the Nazi spy

  92. Noppadol Thao says:

    No wounder people stopped buying them

  93. Mr Maafu says:

    Illuminati + nazi = illuminazi

  94. Blasted Mind says:

    Hey Fidget spinners almost killed most of the people . There is also a circle middle of the fidget spinner .

  95. Monelle Gervais says:


  96. yoloboiii363637 says:

    wow epic content i didnt know dat wow

  97. Man City Fan 93:20 says:

    I told my friend the black white and red all over joke and he didn't know so I told him swastika.

  98. Danger Skelly says:

    Project Figet Spinner

  99. Olya & Den SL says:

    one like and i throw away my Fidget Spinner

  100. Hirwadun Musadi says:

    Are you finish

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