Fifth Wheel Hitch Kit Installation – 2000 Ford F-350 Pickup –

Today on this 2000 Ford F-350 pickup we are
going to install part number RP50082-58 from Reese. Also our 22K Reese fifth wheel hitch part
number 30033. The first step involves removing the spare
tire and take it down temporarily so you have some access to work underneath the vehicle
to tighten up the nuts and bolts. The second thing we want to do is go to the
driver side of the vehicle and disconnect the the hanger that holds the parking brake
cable. That will get reattached to the frame bracket
when we install that. This is the back side of the nut that we just
took off of the bolt so we will just pull that out of our way. What is going to happen is this is going to
get sandwiched between the bracket and the actual frame of the vehicle when we reinstall
it. The next thing we are going to do is go to
the bed of the truck and we will put the first rail in and mark its location. As you can see here we have got the first
rail in the bed of the pickup and what you need to do is measure from the edge that we
see facing us towards the edge of the bed itself. Then we want to make sure we have the rail
even left to right. 01:06
When we measure it left to right to center it there is a crease in the bed itself that
makes a good place to start off from. At this point we are going to mark the locations
where we are going to drill our holes out in the bed of the pickup. We are going to use this hole and this hole
the two holes on the very outside of the rail in the frame rail and those are going to connect
to our frame brackets underneath the bed of the pickup so we are going to find the center
and then mark it. Just a quick trip back underneath the bed
we are going to install a piece of wood next to this cross member close to the gas tank
which is straight below so this will give us extra insurance that we do not damage anything
else. We will just put that wood in there
and then drill it out. We will start off
with 1/ 4 inch bit and then after we have the holes marked and drilled we will enlarge those to 9/ 16. 01:59

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