Firing a 2 inch Gun at 12,500fps – The Slow Mo Guys
Firing a 2 inch Gun at 12,500fps – The Slow Mo Guys

GAV: Hello, I’m Gav.
DAN: I’m Dan. GAV: We’re the Slow Mo Guys. DAN: Gav, I was in the Army for about seven years…
GAV: Yeah, you were Dan. DAN: … which means that I’ve got a lot of experience firing different types of guns….
GAV: Yeah. DAN: … and just before we did the Super-Slow Show, we fired possibly the fattest kind there is. [BANG] DAN: Big .50 cal rifle.
GAV: We shot the mirror right in the face… DAN: We did! DAN: We did. GAV: And the rounds were about this big.
DAN: Yeah, I got a headache from firing it a few too many times. GAV: Well, you’ve clearly read the title. You know this video is the complete opposite. DAN: Bit of a giveaway!
GAV: This is a tiny little pinfire gun, um… GAV: … which technically isn’t a firearm because it’s not rimfire, it’s pinfire.
DAN: Ooooh. GAV: It’s got a little key-ring on it.
DAN: So it– Oh, you can have it as a key ring! GAV: Yeah, you could wear it as a necklace.
DAN: Wow. DAN: So the 50 cal was 12.7 mil, I think…
GAV: Okay. DAN: …and that’s 2 mil.
GAV: Yeah. DAN: Which is a hefty difference.
GAV: It’s wee. DAN: Look, there’s like 20 rounds in here. It’s a tiny little bottle. Look at this little bottle! DAN: Most bullets are bigger than this.
GAV: You know what, we’re not doing a very good size comparison. GAV: We don’t have a standard procedure American quarter. GAV: There you go. Georgie Wash.
DAN: Oh! Nice one! DAN: That’s crazy, isn’t it? I’ve got sweaty hands, so this is gonna be so hard to do. DAN: Slipped in there.
GAV: Slips right in. DAN: No safety, but I’m not gonna cock it yet, I’m just gonna put it there. That’s ready to fire now. DAN: You hit that with anything else, it’d just blow it away. GAV: It would absolutely annihilate it.
DAN: It’d just annihilate it. You’d never see it again. GAV: Right, what do you think you’re aiming for?
I reckon a middle ‘A’. DAN: Middle ‘A’? Okay.
GAV: Yeah. DAN: I’m a bit nervous, because I’ve never missed from this far before. So if I miss… GAV: But when you think about it, when you scale it up, it’s further. DAN: It’s like a 25 meter shot.
GAV: Yeah. DAN: Ready?
GAV: Mmhmm. DAN: Ooh! It’s a hit! I got it!
GAV: You got it? GAV: Ooh, smells nice.
DAN: Ohh, it makes a dent as well. GAV: You didn’t get ‘A’, you got ‘C’. DAN: Are you complaining about me missing? Look at this, right? Look at the sheen on my fingers, yeah? DAN: I have to pull this back, and then I have to like fire this with my nail and my sweaty palms. DAN: It’s like slipping all over the place. It’s a wonder I can even fire the damn thing! DAN: It must mean it’s quite powerful if I hit it at such a low center of gravity and it still knocked the target over. DAN: Woah! Wow! Gosh! GAV: It flattened it.
DAN: That flattened it, cause that’s a ball! GAV: Okay, so let’s go frame by frame and see if we need to go faster. GAV: Seems like it fires a lot of… gunk.
DAN: Yeah, in that tiny little round, it’s like… GAV: Oh, there! There it is, you can see it streak to the front of all those sparks there. DAN: I saw it, it was in the middle of the smoke when it came out, and now it’s overtaken it. GAV: Oh, wow, so it’s still a streak at 12 and a half thousand FPS! (foops!) DAN: Gah… That’s mental!
GAV: That is really fast! GAV: I wonder what the, like, foot-per-second of that thing is. Cause that was a– was that you? You said it was a blur. DAN: You just have to crack the barrel like this, and then in there, in the end, is our spent round. DAN: So we’ve got to get our push rod here, shove it in… DAN: … and it should just push out the old round. There we go. That’s the push rod there. DAN: You see, it’s got all like black carbon around it because it’s been fired, and it doesn’t have a bullet on it there, DAN: whereas these ones… let’s just open our little magazine up… boop! DAN: These ones are clean, and they have little ball bullets on the end. You can see the difference there. DAN: I real– I want one now, as like a little necklace or like a keyring. That’d be so cool! GAV: Yeah, someone walks up to you and goes, “Hey, uh… mate? Do you carry?” DAN: Yeah, I’ve got an open carry license actually. There we go! DAN: We’ve moved further back, there’s a couple of feet here, and I’m gonna try and burst a… DAN: … strawberry… soda… red… sort-of fizzy drink can. GAV: I’ve gone all the way over here because I don’t want to get sticky on the cameras. DAN: Bit harder to hit the target from here actually, as well. Yeah.
GAV: Is it? DAN: OH!! Pfffffft-ah!!! You’re kiddin’ me!! GAV: No way!
DAN: It got me directly in the face! DAN: Oh man! If I hadn’t had these on it’d have got me in the eye ball! GAV: It came out the other side!
DAN: Did it? DAN: I am not getting shot by that thing!
GAV: It went all the way through! DAN: That’s the entrance there.
GAV: Did you go right through the hole in the ‘e’? DAN: Yeah well that’s what I was aiming for, obviously.
GAV: Yeah… GAV: I looked over and it was just– it was spewing out of both sides at once. DAN: Right, this is what I saw, okay? I was here, just like, “oh co– co– ho– fire, come on!” DAN: It, like, after aiming, it fired, and I was surprised that it fired, and then, DAN: because I had my eyes open, all I saw was this– this– I saw in slow motion I swear! DAN: Just strawberries coming straight at my face. I don’t even think it hit the table. It just went, “tssssssst” DAN: straight into my eyes, and on my ears and everything, and I was just like, “Eeeuuggghhh!!!” DAN: Absolutely nailed me! DAN: That’s incredible! I was never expecting it to go through both sides, I thought it would sort of struggle to get through one side. DAN: And this is what I mean, right? It just went straight to me!
GAV: Just straight in your face! DAN: It didn’t even hit the table! It’s not even hitting the table, it just went straight into my face. GAV: That’s so funny!
DAN: Perfect. GAV: You’ve drunk half the can.
DAN: Yeah, I really have. What a way to open a can! DAN: I think it’s the only gun that’s actually comical. It’s funny how small it is, DAN: and it even made a cheeky little exit there, just tore through. I’ve never seen such a small hole! DAN: GAH!! GAV: Knocked it over!
DAN: Jeez! DAN: So you would assume that this is the exit wound, but, if you push it together, DAN: you can actually see that that’s where it went in, and it’s come out of here. DAN: Took off! The entire can took off! GAV: When the pellet comes out the other side, it doesn’t split immediately. There’s actually a few frames where it’s just a hole. DAN: That’s because this is pressurized, so as soon as it like gets weakened, it just goes, “Whoahhhh!” GAV: What are you about to do?
DAN: Shoot a little (Lego?) man in the face. DAN: With this. This to him, is gigantic!
GAV: It’s like an artillery cannon! DAN: Yeah, it’s like an artillery cannon or something. DAN: Okay, ready?
GAV: Yep. DAN: Oh, where’d he go?
GAV: He just vanished! DAN: Where’d he go? Oh here he is! I found him! DAN: Oh his arm went! I took his arm off! I took his arm off. GAV: At this speed, when I rock it backwards and forwards, you can actually see the momentum travel through his body like he’s a full-sized human. DAN: Look, you can see where it’s hit there, and it’s like, knocked his arm off. GAV: He’s got an arm off.
DAN: I’m sorry pal! GAV: So this bloke has survived a Lego plane crash… *traumatic flashback* DAN: Yeah.
GAV: and now you blew his arm off? DAN: I feel sorry for him now, you’ve made me feel guilty about it. There’s no need for that! DAN: OH! I think I got him. I think I knocked his block off. DAN: I shot his hat off! Yeah!
GAV: You shot the hat off a Lego man? DAN: Ohh… wait, what? Ohh…
GAV: I think it hit the front of his hat. GAV: See that dent in his red hat?
DAN: Yeah. That’s an absolute headshot there. GAV: It protected him!
DAN: His earphones are still on as well. GAV: His muffs and his hat protected him. GAV: It actually saved his head! DAN: So found his hat. It’s got a huge dent in it right in the forehead middle part. DAN: To scale that’s probably about a mile his hat flew. DAN: This is an execution… OH!! Ow! DAN: Toong!
GAV: Boing! DAN: Ahhh! Hit my finger!
GAV: It hit you! GAV: Because this is so small, I want to get a shot on a macro lens. GAV: This is a Canon macro lens, and this is a PL mount, so I’m gonna have to do a little bit of… GAV: … open-heart surgery on the Phantom here. GAV: First I should take this lens off. GAV: You tilt it down a little bit, sort of lessens the chance that anything will fall onto the sensor. GAV: Canon mount… GAV: … stick a shim in there… DAN: I like how you’re individually tightening the screws a little bit, because it’s a circle you can’t get away DAN: with just tightening one at a time.
GAV: Yeah, if you put one all the way in then there’s no way this one would go in. GAV: So now… this Phantom fits Canon lenses! GAV: Go look at the end of that! Isn’t that weird? DAN: Blimey! DAN: Nice job!
GAV: A-thank you! DAN: We’re gonna use the clamp just to make sure that, because the macro has such a fine little focus, and I’ve got such fat fingers, DAN: Anytime I fire it, it inevitably moves millimeters left and right, DAN: but because we’re macro that means that that’s a whole world out of focus. DAN: So we’re gonna have to use a clamp here to make sure it just doesn’t move and I’ll just *boop* fire it. DAN: Oh my word! It makes it look huge! DAN: Oooh! GAV: Look at this, it looks so big and heavy. It’s like, “pshooo-pah” DAN: It looks like a huge piece of machinery, doesn’t it?
GAV: Yeah. GAV: Just the fact that the legs sink into the grass, was throwing the whole thing out of focus. I was having to hold it… DAN: I saw you bracing your thumb against this…
GAV: … in 3D space. I was doing this. I was like… GAV: I was controlling the whole thing by extending my finger against the table, like that. DAN: Yeah. Clever!
GAV: So this will be a macro shot right at the barrel. DAN: Firing. DAN: Oooh! DAN: Oh… it’s so quick! You don’t see anything.
GAV: You don’t see anything. GAV: Just for size comparison in that macro shot, I want to see what the coin looks like next to the barrel. GAV: Go for it! DAN: That’s mental! GAV: A good visual comparison there.
DAN: That is really cool. Nice idea! DAN: I like how the foresight is out of focus, but the side of the barrel isn’t. That must be… like a millimeter? DAN: Yeah, a quarter is fatter than the distance between… the foresight and the edge of the barrel, DAN: which is like, about a millimeter probably. So 1mm out, and you’ve completely lost focus. DAN: Is it weird that I had as much fun firing this little thing as I did the 50 cal, just in a different way? GAV: I prefer this because it doesn’t rattle my head.
DAN: Well of course you do! Yeah, to be fair, I have a headache after firing this now. DAN: Yeah, that’s really little– really fun.
GAV: I might though, on the macro shots, take all the sounds from the 50 Cal and put ’em… GAV: *explosions* GAV: I liked that though, just enjoyed the whole of making that video. Was nice and fun, nice and easy. GAV: Aside from the macro, that was a nightmare.
DAN: Surprisingly powerful though. DAN: Have to be careful with these things. They’re not to be messed around with, really. GAV: Well I mean we saw what it did to… the– the can, it had an exit wound. DAN: Exactly. Exactly, yeah.
GAV: You wouldn’t want that in your eye or your… any skin. DAN: No, so just point it away at all times, you’re wearing like safety goggles and all that good stuff. DAN: My trigger discipline was solid today.
GAV: Hopefully you enjoyed that video. GAV: Feel free to follow us on Instagram, subscribe to our YouTube channel, that’s this one. GAV: We’ve also got the other one behind the scenes and all that. Slow Mo Guys 2. GAV: You can bung that a sub as well if you want. It’s just more us… tragically, just… GAV: It’s more of us blokes. We’ll see you in the next video!

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