Fix Broken Skateboard & Longboard Truck Kingpin
Fix Broken Skateboard & Longboard Truck Kingpin

bjbj What I ve got here is a skateboard truck
that is completely taken apart and I ve got some new parts right here that I m going to
replace some old ones with. Now, what happened to this truck, the kingpin broke and I ve
got to replace it with a new one. Now, the kingpin is the big bolt that goes through
the baseplate and it holds the whole thing together as one unit. Now, what I m also going
to do is replace the bushings. The bushings can sometimes be the cause of breaking the
kingpin because they do get old, the oil evaporates out of them and they can crack. Now, the color
is not just for looks it also determines the bushing s durometer. Now you want to make
sure you match the durometer with your other truck that s still on your board, because
what s going to happen if you don t is you could end up with a truck that s too hard
or too soft and your board is going to be lopsided. So, what I m going to do now is
show you how I m going to take it out. This kingpin broke flush. If yours didn t, file
around the edges of the kingpin, because any little shard is going to make it difficult
to hammer out. I m going to use my new kingpin to hammer out the old one, and I m going to
use my shoe to hold the baseplate in place. What I ve got to do is line up the new kingpin
right on top of the old one and just start hammering really hard, but I m only going
to get the kingpin out about halfway because the bottom of it is going to hit the ground.
If you re going to do this, make sure you re right on top of that kingpin when you re
hammering and that you re also at the right angle or you re going to ruin the threads
of the new kingpin. Now you can see how much of the kingpin I ve got hammered out and it
s about a third of the way and you can see what the other side looks like. From the side,
you can see that the kingpin is already sticking out a little bit at the bottom of the baseplate.
Now, I m going to hammer in the rest of the kingpin out on the grass. You can start on
the grass if you want to, but there s just not enough resistance because the grass is
too soft, but since I ve already got it started on the ground, it s going to be a lot easier
to hammer out on the grass and you can see that when I was hammering, it was a lot easier
and it just popped out. Now that I got that broken kingpin out of my baseplate I can now
stick in a new kingpin. Now, newer types of trucks require newer types of kingpins and
the newer ones have the rounded ends and they have the splines which are the raised edges
and grooves on the end of it. Now, you also find the splines inside the baseplate. What
you ve got to do is line up these splines by slipping in the kingpin and just spinning
the kingpin until it lines up with those grooves and there we go just give it a little push
with your thumb to help it just kind of get into place there. Now, if you don t line up
the splines, you re going to be hammering this kingpin in for days, so really make sure
that you get them lined up right. Now, for older types of trucks, they have the hexagon
shaped-end kingpin. They re a lot easier to get in, and all you would have to do for the
older types of trucks is just put the baseplate between two two-by-fours, maybe take a new
kingpin or take your old one and just start to hammer it in. Now, that works great for
the older ones, but unfortunately for these newer ones, they require you to hammer as
hard as you can and it takes a lot of work. What can happen with all that hammering and
all that pressure is the baseplate can crack or the hardware goes in and it can also crack
in the center. So what you want to do for these newer ones if you want to put all the
pressure for when this thing is going in around the kingpin and just on the really heavy part
of the baseplate. So, the next best thing is to take a big socket, now a long one, and
just kind of make sure before you do this that it s going to go down all the way. So,
I ve got a long enough one here, I ll slip it in there, and since I ve got a whole set,
I ve got a smaller socket here that s perfect size and I can just start hammering it down.
As you can see, I duct-taped the socket that has the kingpin inside. If you need to, you
can duct-tape another socket on the other side which is the one you re going to be hammering
on just to hold everything in place as you re hammering. I put a little piece of duct-tape
on the ground to keep the whole thing from slipping. Once I get a good hold of everything
I can start hammering away and it looks like it s going down just fine!
Yup, looking pretty good. Just double-check to make sure that it s in all the way. Yup,
that one looks perfect! As you can see, hammering in that new kingpin wasn t that hard. Now
I have a quick question for you: how many bushings are in one truck? I wonder how many
of you said two. There are actually three. Most people always forget the small pivot-cup
bushing that s inside the base-plate. Now, that can be the cause of the kingpin actually
breaking in the first place. They wear down; they break down, so it s a good idea just
to replace everything and so now let s go ahead and put it back together. So we ll start
with the big washer and we ll stick the big bushing in, take out hanger, stick it on,
now we ll stick on the small bushing with the small side up now the small washers, before
I put them on, I want to point out that sometimes these can get dented in pretty good if you
like your trucks really tight, and sometimes they could actually completely flip over (they
ve got a little bit of a lip there, sometimes they ll totally flip.) So, if you ve got one
that s dented in pretty good, it s a good idea just to go ahead and replace it, it s
not that much. So, I ll just go and now stick on my kingpin nut, tighten that on there a
little bit. Now, all I ve got to do is tighten it down all the way and match it up with my
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100 thoughts on “Fix Broken Skateboard & Longboard Truck Kingpin”

  1. DrDustan says:

    I tried to put theeve king pins in independent base plates and now i got 3 bloody fingers a bunch of chipped cement and it didn't work the king pins are to big they didn't match up god dammit theeve!!!

  2. Rat Vision – Skateboard Tech says:

    I personally have not tried to put a theeve kingpin in an independent baseplate, but I don't see why it wouldn't fit. Remove the kingpin from the independent truck. You may have small pieces of metal blocking the kingpin from going in. The smallest piece of metal can make it very difficult and frustrating to put a kingpin in. Inspect the baseplate where the kingpin goes in and see if there anything in the way. Then have someone with some bigger muscles (no offense) hammer it in for you.

  3. vince vargas says:

    my friend's put the head of kingpin on the top. the other way you put your kingpin.
    it is ok?

  4. Little Drummer Boy says:

    The splines in my kingpin hole are gone for some reason. Do you know what caused it? And the kingpin splines are not straight.

  5. Rat Vision – Skateboard Tech says:

    What brand trucks do you have. Maybe your baseplate didn't actually have any. If you want send us pics to [email protected] . com and we'll check it out.

  6. Rat Vision – Skateboard Tech says:

    Yes, thats ok, as long as the trucks allow you to do it. What trucks does he have?

  7. Rat Vision – Skateboard Tech says:

    I'm not sure how you cut the kingpin, but it's probably not budging because of a tiny piece of the metal. You'll need to hammer it back in, file around the end of the kingpin and any damaged area, and then try to hammer it back out. Buy harder bushings so you don't have issues with the washer flipping.

  8. FranticGoatOfWar says:

    8 people were hoping to glue the old kingpin back together… 😛

  9. Jeremy Oliver says:

    Ok i was skateing and snapped my king pin and it didnt break flush it broke futher down in the hole and no matter how hard i hammer it wont come out any tips?

  10. Rat Vision – Skateboard Tech says:

    Is it a hallow kingpin? Kingpins can be very difficult to remove if you don't have the arm strength the do it. Sometimes someone with more muscle power can hammer it out.

  11. Ben Ribera says:

    I have thunder hollow lights and broke the kingpin the other day skating i prefer my trucks really tight. The kingpin broke half way down the base plate, not flush. Ive been trying to use the other half of the kinpin to hit it out with a hammer and hasnt moved at all.

  12. Michael Martin says:

    Man I'm glad longboards trucks aren't like that

  13. King Savannah says:

    i am hammering as hard as i can and the broken kingpin will not come out 🙁

  14. TheGuysInDisguise says:

    Where can I find a new kingpin for a longboard?

  15. Luis Guzman says:

    Great great great video man (y)

  16. Sam Thomas says:

    So my Indy kingpin broke but not flush like what you said in the video. They broke inside the baseplate kinda how it was at 1:21. So I though It would be easier to hammer out. But I hammered as hard as I could and even got my Dad to help and it didn't budge. I did everything in this video and the kingpin will not move. Any suggestions?  

  17. sparkfatblunts says:

    i've been doing this for a decade and there some really helpful tips! thanks man! keep it up! 

  18. xDrifz says:

    what should i do if my wheel inside hole diameter is 23milimeters but the bones reds bearings are 22mm?

  19. Flammefaen says:

    Thanks alot again, had this problem before and could not remember how to get it out. Using another kingpin to get it out was just cake compared to what I was trying to do.

  20. El Banter says:

    lol, when your hammering it looks like your not doing anything =))

  21. Creeper games says:

    0:22 lol 😄

  22. Rhys Jackson says:

    or you could just put a new kingpin in… dont need to hammer anything…

  23. JaLah Pete says:

    I have Thunder hollows and I need to replace the kingpin because the top part is worn down from concrete. I have tried twisting and hammering the kingpin and it still won't come out. Is there anything else I can do to take it out?

  24. Kester 135 says:

    I would have recommended partly assembling the truck and tightening the nut to pull the king pin through, little mechanics trick for replacing camshafts and such.

  25. connor brown says:

    Will this work for my independent 139s?

  26. whatever2265 says:

    My trucks base plate holes widened up and i have no idea why.Can you tell me how this happened and how to prevent this from happening again

  27. ali sharawneh says:

    it didn't break as u plus I don't care about my broken skateboard I will get a new one after 6 hours

  28. Ken Lord says:

    How do you fix trucks that loosens itself through vibration?

  29. Justin Kidd says:

    lol ur kingpins broke cause ur riding royals

  30. namcox40 says:

    Will my trucks break easier if I replace the normal kingpin with a hollow kingpin from the thunder trucks hollow kingpin replacement kit? ( have thunder lights)

  31. Lukas Klint says:

    Id like to see you skate 😀

  32. bob sagum says:

    What is the size of the older types of kingpin?

  33. Erwin Rivera says:

    my kingpin got loose threads and theres no way to take off the nut,i dont have anything to cut the middle of the kingpin what should i do? please reply 

  34. Lobo 1511 says:

    you wouldnt go through that much if you didnt buy royals

  35. loy feliciano says:

    How to fix a stripped kingpin?? I can't take or switch it

  36. Yalonda says:


  37. diver dave says:

    wear safety glasses !

  38. Og mudbone says:

    I have a pair of thunder hollow lights and the kingpin is so damn hard to get out is hammering away the only solution because it's not moving 1 bit??

  39. Master Shake The Mic Rula says:

    ayyy dude can really skate tho? why haven't you posted a vid of you skating bro? you should really post one tho

  40. TensionParkour says:

    What trucks are they

  41. Chuvas Skate Pro says:


  42. Kyler Woehrel says:

    My trucks are broken

  43. Lee Ratcliff says:

    Dont use your new kingpin to bash out the old one!!!! Stress and fatigue causes them to break in the first place. By using your new kingpin as a punch, and hitting it with a hammer all you are doing is stressing it, and with each hammer blow possibly causing damage, incresaing its risk of early faliure. Use a punch, or an old bolt that you're not going to use again. Come on if you're going to make tutorials teach the right way, not the ghetto way.

  44. Glory Wax says:

    I don't us the bottom bushing washer

  45. Jason Muñoz says:

    I broke my thunder trucks a week ago sadly I discovered it has that hollow kingping and those lines at the bottom. I can't release that part from the base even when I hammer it, suggestion will be great for me

  46. EmmaInCandyland says:

    For some reasons, I cannot find the right length kingpin for my trucks. Normal ones are too long, and low ones are too small! What would you recommend? Adding washers?

  47. عقيل المسي says:

    God god

  48. Dan Cristian says:

    my trucks get always loose… it doesn't matter how tight they are.. the get lose… and the kingpin comes like 1 cm out from the kingpin nut… what should i do? thank you! 🙂

  49. TackStash779 says:

    Broke my Destrucos today and I was wondering how to replace them, since they advertise the "Life Time Guarantee" on the bottom of the base. Do I go to my local shop, or ship them to the factory?

  50. Yahir Trinidad says:

    I put super glue it worked

  51. JeffW says:

    I broke my kingpin yesterday. I tried the whole hammer thing but it wont moved. The kingpin broke halfway up the shaft. Any ideas on fixing it?

  52. hippo gaming says:


  53. Άγγελος Καλαθάς says:

    I got a pair of forged titanium indys from ebay but one of the kingpins is a bit crooked. I don't know if it's the kingpin itself or if that's due to wrong placement. I'm a bit afraid to take it out. I don't want to damage it further. What should I do? Will a slightly crooked kingpin affect the durability of the truck? Will it make such a difference in my skateboarding? My deck is still on the way so I can't test it yet.

  54. John Guilfoyle says:

    If the kingpin snapped and I hammered it out like in the video and then found out that the grooves that hold the kingpin to the baseplate are stripped do I have to buy new trucks now?

  55. Robert Frias says:

    The title should be "Fix Skateboard Truck Kingpin"  WTF is a longboard?

  56. Niklas Huberts says:

    there are in total 3 bushings, how do i remove the smallest one?

  57. Rosko says:

    In the beginning you like

  58. Apa Millora says:

    how do you break your kingpin that is shreded? my king pin is hexagon kingpin

  59. luis banuelos says:

    Is there any way to fix a layer crack on the top

  60. Sick Gamer says:

    What if the kingpin is falling out and its slipping

  61. Epic Gamer says:

    He said kingpin 473 times

  62. Savage Kid 45 says:

    how to fix stuck nuts on wheels?

  63. Galactica's Reign says:

    does it give your trucks a different feel?

  64. Ville Boy says:

    Hasn't anyone notice when he was hammering in the new one it was off and not hitting it

  65. josephcheese says:

    Anyone removed a hollow thunder kingpin? I need to know how to do so as they are much harder to get out

  66. FryTi says:

    I wanted get my trucks a bit loose , but the kingpin is complete loose and i dont get my trucks and kingpin back on my board

  67. eman Navarro says:

    instead of hammering th kingpin in cant you just put a spacer on the other side along with a nut and screw it in

  68. Alex Paulsen says:

    What a fucking numpty way to do it. Rest it over a vice, or a socket, and use a real punch, rather than fucking the bolt you were replacing it with. To get them back in, put a stack of washers or a socket over it, and tigthen the nut down firmly to press it into place. Undo the nut and install your hanger in the usual fashion.

  69. Team Riddell says:

    I bet this guy doesn't even skate.

  70. Username says:

    The color doesn't determine the durometer rating, it indicates the durometer rating, big difference

  71. Egg Head says:

    lobsided trucks? my lobsided balls will compensate.

  72. Isaiah Edwards says:

    DAMN i have a white rubber thing and a grey one😐😐😐😭😭

  73. Alan says:

    What ever happened to this guy? I use to watch this guy 4 years ago …

  74. Garf2O says:

    hollow kingpins are a bitch to get out

  75. DeafBlindMan says:

    Pro tip: put grease on the splines. It makes it so much easier!

  76. Ma Booker says:

    my kingpin shape is a square

  77. Zachery Santa says:

    personally i'd just buy new trucks if the kingpin ever broke on me, but that's just me.

  78. Wesley Holcomb says:

    kingpin nut is stipped on from so many 50-50's that I cant change bushings, help please because i already bought new bushings .Lol

  79. Paul Nguyen says:

    How to replace pivot cups

  80. CartiJamFaceVert says:

    How do I fix a truck washer the top one. It's stuck I can't tighten the truck or take off the nut. That top thing on top of the bushing is destroyed and squished help please

  81. Paul Nguyen says:

    My kingpin is a little long what can I do part of the threads exposed

  82. Subie says:

    on my truck, the nut that holds everything in place(the nut you use to loosen/tighten your trucks) is stripped really bad, do you have any tips?

  83. Richard keith says:

    hammer it out with the old snapped pin

  84. loopiewho says:

    thx dude this was ace help i just bent my king pin ,so i need to know all this ,cheers pal .konny

  85. Daizy Wanker says:

    +Rat Vision — Skateboard Tech You should make a video showing how to rep.ace a pivot cup

  86. ace cedrick alonday says:

    how fix broken baseplate guys.!?

  87. Jonathan Hipps says:

    Fuck it I'm buying new trucks

  88. Victoria Desormeaux says:

    i over tightened my trucks and squished my bushing on 1 side is that bad?

  89. The Bum Lord says:

    you aren't fixing it you are replacing it

  90. Daniel Gregson says:

    If you freeze your new kingpin overnight sometimes you can press it in without hammering and when it warms to room temp it will expand and lock in place. Tolerances aren't very exact in the skateboard world so some might require some hammering but it will still be easier the colder you can get the pin. I'm aware cold makes metal brittle but the temperatures in your freezer won't be extreme enough to damage your kingpin, especially since you won't have to hammer the shit out of it to get it in your baseplate.

  91. Cargo Shorts says:

    Thank you!!

  92. aldo says:

    Or you could buy a new baseplate

  93. filip perko says:

    Savez my life

  94. JG - 06GR - Morning Star MS (1114) says:

    thank you 🙂

  95. AJ G says:

    Just get new trucks lmao

  96. Mauricio Miranda says:

    Whats the rubber thing in front of the kingpins name?

  97. Andreas Friedel says:

    "Take the new kingpin to hammer out the old kingpin. And then order another new kingpin and use that as new kingpin for your trucks."

  98. Love says:

    Helpful vid thanks. Wear ear plugs when you're hammering. It really is loud enough to cause hearing damage

  99. Mark Freeman #408 says:


  100. Mijael Durand says:


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