Fixing A Bent Dirt Bike Radiator
Fixing A Bent Dirt Bike Radiator

I got a question for you guys do you
think this radiator is repairable it’s got a huge Bend on the side of it and
it’s also twisted from top to bottom I don’t know about this one I’m gonna give
it a shot though all right first issue with the radiator it is
twisted from top to bottom and that’s got to be straightened out before I
tweak with anything else and I noticed there’s a crack here on the edge of the
radiator that is just in the support of the radiator and it shouldn’t cause any
leaks but once I have this radiator straightened out I’m gonna have that
welded up the easiest way to get this radiator straightened out from top to
bottom is to get it in a vise and just twist it back by hand just gonna lightly
tighten it down definitely don’t want to put any muscle into it these radiators
are really weak you can literally grab it by hand and twist it back into place
since I don’t have my vise bolted down I’m gonna have to put the setup on the
floor it that way can hold it with my feet and get the leverage needed to
twist it back well that’s straightened out pretty easy
it actually looks pretty dang close next up I’m gonna knock this edge back into
place using a block of wood and a hammer and you want to place the radiator on a
flat soft surface such as this plastic cart so it’s pretty simple it’s gonna
place the block of wood on the edge of the radiator and give it a few love taps and you’ll want to work yulie from one
side to the other this will help straightening go a bit
easier the radiator is starting to look really
good at this point the issue we’re running into now is the top tank and
bottom tank aren’t perfectly parallel you can see the four corners aren’t
exactly 90-degree angles so I can’t get the edges as straight as they need to be
in order to fix this I’m gonna put the radiator back in the vise so this tank
is shifted over this way I’m gonna mount the radiator and the vise and pound on
this edge of it right here for this one I’ll be using a soft hammer that way I
don’t damage the edge of the radiator I’m gonna continually check the corners
with the speed square until we have 90 degree angles at all four corners looks
like we’re a bit off on this bottom corner I’ve got it looking pretty dang close
right there I’m gonna call that good there’s still a little bit more work
that needs to be done on the edge of this radiator all right that’s about as
good as I’m gonna get it really happy with how this one turned out now I’m
gonna bring it over the sink and test for any leaks I’ve got two of these hose
fittings closed off with rubber plugs and the third one I’ll be spraying water
into let’s hope there’s no leaks thankfully I don’t see any leaks so next
up is gonna be shining this thing up in the parts washer while I was at it I figured I’d clean up
the other side radiator as well but man these things turn out meant hope you
guys enjoyed the video I know I had a ton of fun shooting it just a quick
reminder you have one day left to enter the giveaway on the parts washer and
also in a day the price on the parts washing tutorial is going up click the
first link down in the description for all that information I’ll be checking
with you guys in a few days see ya you

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  19. Jonathan Bonanno says:

    How long does it normally take to sell all the parts on one of your bikes you part out?


    I have been converting a 2001 YZ426f into a YZ450f over the winter and needed to fix or replace the radiators and found a set new on eBay for $80 that we’re better than the OEM’s

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    Thanks Cameron,
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