Fixing This Problem For Good!

now one thing that’ll really piss a
guy off when it comes to dirt bikes is seized up bearings and bolts and
obviously the best way to prevent that is by keeping your stuff greased and one
product I’ve come across that really makes that job easy is a greasable bolt
so what we have here is a Bewlbar from steelhorse innovations
it’s a greasable swingarm bolt so replaces the actual swingarm bolt itself
as well as the spacers that go or the sleeves that go in the swing arm so a
really cool design so I’m excited to open this thing up and see what it’s all
about so once I get this thing installed and test it out I’ll just be giving away
one of these bolts that up to one of you guys so make sure you stick around for
that all right so it looks like we’ve got the bolt itself the spacers nut and
an attachment that goes on your grease gun so basically how these work is you
have a grease fitting on both ends it looks like and then use this in
conjunction with your grease gun to shoot grease through the bolt and then
it comes out these holes here really curious how the grease is gonna make its
way through these sleeves and to the bearings alright in order to install
this bolt we’ll have to pull apart the back of the bike and that would include
the back wheel and the swing arm so we’re replacing the actual spoon our
bolt this is the OEM one as well as the spacers that go in the pivot so these
two bushings right here replace baby om bushings up here at the pivot and
believe it or not these pivot bearings are the only bearings I didn’t replace
on this bike so we will be replacing them in this video as well you see the
old bushing has some rust and corrosion here so you can only imagine what the
actual bearing itself looks like now the new steel horse bushings are the same
width as the OEM ones they just have the greasing holes and one thing I noticed
inside zoom in here there’s actually a little cavity or cutout inside that
bushing or the grease that flow through so pretty cool design there so I’m gonna
mock this set up on the bike without the sewer arm and really get an idea how it
works this should be interesting all right so I’ve got the bolt and the
bushings mocked up in the bike I’m just gonna give it a couple pumps and see if
any grease comes out there we go I see some that works pretty slick if you ask me as
you can see after just a couple pumps we’ve got grease coming out of those
holes on either side pretty pumped on how the system works you definitely know
those bearings gonna be well greased up so that bolt works exactly as it should
it delivers grease to the swing arm pivot bearings but one thing I noticed
is it doesn’t grease the center of the cases here and the reason I bring that
up is I’ve seen a lot of super molt stuck or seized in the cases they’re
from rust now to be completely fair I don’t know if it’s possible to add a
center greasing hole to keep Greece in the center of the cases I’m guessing
that would weaken the bolt quite a bit so now it’s time to get the swing arm
all set up I’m just need to pop these bushings into
place now for you guys with a good eye you’ll notice this swing arm is
different than the one we just pulled off the bike so this is the original oh
three swing arm now I’m just swapping it out for one from a 2009 CRF 250r z– a
few different reasons why I’m swapping the swing arms the first being this one
is lighter than the o’the reefs worm by three-quarters of a pound so that’s
pretty cool apparently this is stronger as well and I can also run the newer
style chain guide with these mounts here so I picked up the swing arm on ebay for
pretty cheap went through cleaned it up shined it up took all the casting marks
out with the prime of X cleaning pads went ahead and popped in some fresh
bearings as well so this thing is ready to go now the last thing to do is pop
these bushings into place and you’re gonna want to look at the end
of each bushing for a little punch mark and if you see a punch mark that end of
the bushing is going to go toward the frame side of the swing arm now before your swing arm goes back in
you’re gonna want to put anti-seize lubricant or grease inside of the cases
to prevent that bolt from getting stuck I’ve seen way too many bolts seized to
the point where I have to cut them out with a sawzall or a cut-off wheel right
here just really crappy situation so you want to avoid that you have to tap on the bolts at all make
sure you use a socket that fits over the grease fitting that way you don’t damage
it and for the nut you can just torque that to the factory spec on this
particular bike that is 65 foot-pounds now we can go ahead and get this linkage
back on as well open one more thing I noticed I’m gonna have to find a
different bolt for this new swing arm because obviously that ain’t gonna work let’s go ahead and take a peek at how
this new style guide will look on here don’t quite how to be slider for it yet
but yeah that looks a lot better really digging the black queue now it’s the
bike together for the most part the last thing to do is shoot some grease into
that smear bolt and you’re all set honestly pretty straightforward so once
you see a little bit of grease purge out the end of the bolt that means the
bearing is completely full now I would recommend greasing both sides of the
bolt after every long ride every time you wash the bike or if the bike has
been sitting for a while and keep in mind when you do grease that bolt make
sure there’s no dirt or debris around that fitting or else it would just be
pushing all that crap right into the bearings alright so what are my thoughts
on the steel horse view of our kit so it’s really well designed does exactly
what it was designed to do greases those swing arm bearings the fit finishes
great installation isn’t too bad you do have to take a couple things apart which
isn’t a huge deal it’s made of quality materials isn’t
gonna break on you or anything and in my opinion it’s gonna save you a lot of
time and hassle down the road in keeping those bearings greased you know the
bearings aren’t gonna fall apart the bolts not gonna get stuck in there and
you don’t have to take your bike half way apart just to grease those swing our
bearings so definitely got a thumbs up in my book and as promised we’re going
to be doing a giveaway for one of these kits to one of you guys so the only
requirement is that you need to have one of the bikes that steel horse makes this
kit for so you’re gonna head over to steal horses website while we get down
below you’re gonna check through their inventory see if they have something
that would fit your bike and if they do you’re gonna go down below in the
description again hit the giveaway link that’ll take you over to the page where
you enter your name your email address so I can contact you if you’re the
winner and your make and model of your bike and that’s about it alright guys
sweat my ass off out here time to go inside but I will see you guys next time
thanks for watching you

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