Ford Galaxy Seat Alhambra VW Sharan Spare Wheel Carrier Mechanism Gear Repair Fix Kit
Ford Galaxy Seat Alhambra VW Sharan Spare Wheel Carrier Mechanism Gear Repair Fix Kit

CORRECTION, this White gear should face the other way up. With the gear side pointing towards the outer casing.

7 thoughts on “Ford Galaxy Seat Alhambra VW Sharan Spare Wheel Carrier Mechanism Gear Repair Fix Kit”

  1. Mike Higton says:

    The kit was supplied very promptly and is of good quality.
    However I did encounter two problems:
    First, the demo clearly shows that the small gear wheel on the drive spindle is fitted with the teeth upwards, towards the "lid" of the unit, when it is dismantled. The demo then shows it being refitted the other way round.
    Another video by Michael Logue shows it with the teeth upwards.
    Looking at the mechanism, it looks as if the teeth should be upwards as there is nothing for them to engage if facing down. My guess is that they engage with some ridges in the top plate as part of the locking mechanism.
    Secondly, using nuts and bolts to replace the rivets causes a problem when re-attaching the unit as they stand proud of the plate where the rivets sat flush. The heads of two of the bolts foul the cross-member to which the unit attaches. i tried packing out the attaching bolts with a couple of washers but then the wheel would not tighten fully to the underside of the boot floor. I could not see an easy solution so I just bolted the unit back on anyway. The bolt heads stop it sitting flush against the cross-member, as it did originally, but now the wheel tightens up to the floor properly.

  2. philhowse says:

    All very good and a nicely made gear but the problem with my one not being able to wind back up was due to the spline on the aluminium drive shaft had worn away and rounded off the splined centre location on the plastic cable reel so it couldn't drive the reel round.I had to alraldite the shaft into the reel to keep it in place then i drilled a 5mm hole right through the assembled reel and shaft and pinned it with a 5mm dowel.

  3. Dobrica Mitrovic says:

    All Very Good

  4. Sławomir Pieńkawa says:

    Blokada jest odwrotnie założona! The blockage is reversed!

  5. Gabriel E says:

    Excelente yo aca en argentina compre un engranaje mejor que el original en

  6. Bill Ding says:

    Hey mate you got the gear under the lid the wrong way up.

  7. rupertwilliam says:

    Very useful video. Thanks. Feedback- I think you could do with mentioning that it’s not always the plastic gear that breaks. In mine it was the metal crank spinning round and round in the cable reel. I’ve now ordered a replacement (aluminium) reel. With that and the new aluminium gear my wheel carrier should be the finest in the land! Ha.

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