Frank’s European Service – Drive Axle Service Recommendation
Frank’s European Service – Drive Axle Service Recommendation

Oh hi, Frank here. Have you ever wanted to know more about the
types of service your car may need but didn’t know what to ask? At Frank’s we are dedicated to making sure
you understand what service may be needed and why. From my book “How to Take Care of Your Vehicle
so It Will Take Care of You” to the video library we have here, you’ll find the needed
information to help you make the right decisions about your auto service. A drive axle, is what transfers the engine
power from the transmission, to the vehicle’s wheels. In some vehicles the engine powers the front
axle, while in others, the engine powers the rear axle. In all-wheel-drive cars, the engine supplies
power to both the front and rear axles, meaning— to all four wheels. Either way, the drive axle is critical to
your vehicle’s normal operation. If you notice a clicking noise or a vibration
while in motion, your drive axle might need to be replaced. If you feel your vehicle rocking excessively,
your drive axle could be worn out. If so, replacement is necessary. Since a broken axle can damage the entire
steering system. Without a working drive axle to transmit driving
torque to the wheels, your vehicle won’t go far. A broken axle shaft will no longer rotate,
and the connection between your transmission and wheels will be lost. And at this point, your wheels will not move,
and your vehicle will need to be towed for repairs. From a safety standpoint, a failing steering
system will make it difficult to control your vehicle. But from an environmental point of view, there
is little to no impact from a worn out drive axle Call us or visit our website to make an appointment

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