Friday Findings-Bead Spinners, Product Review
Friday Findings-Bead Spinners, Product Review

Hi there! Welcome to another Friday Findings
video. If you’ve ever been frustrated by the thought of stringing on a whole bunch of little
tiny seed beads, I have a tool that you just might find helpful and it’s this. I have two
of them here, two different brands. It’s called a bead spinner and let me show you how it
works. So let me first show you this one, which is
battery operated. It’s made by Darice and you have a little bead bowl with a cover and
it actually comes with three of these, which is handy for storing your projects. It also
comes with two big eye needles and what a big eye needle is is it’s basically all eye.
It’s two pieces of wire that are fused together at the two ends and so it’s very easy to thread
and it’s curved and you’ll see why that’s important. So what you need to do before you use your
bead spinner is of course fill it with beads and you need to fill it with a fair amount
of beads. In this case you really need to have more beads than you need in your project
because in order for this to work as efficiently as it can, it needs to be at least 1/3-1/2
full. Now like I said, this is battery operated so you can spin it clockwise or counter-clockwise.
Now some folks might think this is a plus. For me, sounds irritate me. My son will tell
you drumming his fingers for 15 seconds will drive me crazy. Actually it only takes about
five seconds. Ticking clocks make me nuts so this noise, I really couldn’t take it for
long. I certainly couldn’t spend an enjoyable time stringing beads with this sound, but
if you’re not like that and it doesn’t bother you, then you may enjoy having it spin itself
for you. Like I said, it comes with these two big eye
curved needles and the idea is that you put the needle in the bowl while it’s spinning
just skimming the top of the beads. Now you can place it this way or you can hold it this
way. You can hold it towards the back. I’ve seen it done many different ways, but let
me show you. Here’s a few, so we have a few beads on the needle. Now I watched several
videos on YouTube to see what I was doing wrong because it seemed like it should be
a whole lot less work than this and what I noticed while watching them is that their
needles were curved differently. This one’s curved more like a fish hook. It was curved
even more like a fish hook when I got it out of the package. I’ve modified it a little
bit. So that’s something to keep in mind. The needles from the other brand that I’ll
show you in a minute, and you’ll see how much better they work are shaped more, there we
go, are shaped more like an ‘L’ than like a fish hook or a ‘J’. So you may need to modify
your needles a little bit. So this is a great tool if you like the containers
for storing your beads and you like the battery operating and the noise doesn’t bother you
or anybody in the area. You may need to get more needles because these break pretty easily.
This broke after not many inches of stringing at all and you may need to modify the tips
of your needles. So now let me move on to this one. This is
called the Spin & String and it’s by Beadsmith and I’m just going to transfer these beads
to this one and rather than being battery operated, this one you just spin yourself,
which I found was really no hardship. Like I said, the noise kind of bothered me. I was
happy to sit and spin and you can see this one works much better than the other one.
In just a few seconds I’ve got about an inch and a half of beads on here so you can see
that it goes very quickly and you just spin it and you actually get, you don’t have to
continually spin it. You can spin it and then let it go for a bit and the trick, the practice
that you need is just getting your needle in the right place in the bowl. Now the problem with these needles, they’re
much easier to use. They’re more rigid. They don’t flop around and of course they’ve got
just a better shape for the job, but they are a little big for small beads. These are
6-0s, which means six of them will take up an inch. If you want to work with the really
tiny beads like the 10s or 11s or 15s, they won’t go over the end of this eye so you may
need to do some experimenting. One thing I did was I got a package of, these are also
big eye needles and I used a pair of pliers and modified them and this works pretty well
except it’s a little short. These are 2 1/2 inches so you probably want at least
4″ needles and just use a pair of round pliers and then this works well. Like I said, it’s
just kind of a pain to hold because it’s short. I tried these ones, flexible beading needles,
that were nice and long, but they’re way too flimsy. So you may have to do some experimenting
if you want to use small beads. For these 6-0s though, the Spin & String by Beadsmith
works great. You can see that you can get a whole bunch of beads on there very quickly
and it will save you a lot of time in your bead work. I also like the fact that this
one is just a bit more attractive to look at sitting out on my table and it actually
takes up quite a bit less space. So if you like to string beads, you may consider
getting yourself a bead spinner. If you love this video, please make sure you’ve subscribed
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where I have lots more creative ideas and inspiration. Also, up on the screen are a couple
of jewelry making videos you may enjoy. Happy creating. Bye bye.

12 thoughts on “Friday Findings-Bead Spinners, Product Review”

  1. vidbox44 says:

    My very first thought when you turned on the battery operated spinner was, 'Nope – that sound would be too irritating.' Jewelry making is a zen experience for me too.

  2. mrsawesome121212 says:

    thank you so much, this was a great video. the other day I attempted to make some seed bead loop earrings and it took me 3 hours and I wasn't able to finish. I used the really small beads and the wire was two big to fit back throught the crimp bead. I wasn't sure if I was using the right material, I am self taught and only been making jewelry for about 8 or 9 months.

  3. mrsawesome121212 says:

    I love your multi-strand necklaces but would like to know where you get your beautiful focal pieces and charms from? thank you in advance

  4. Seth Warner says:

    so what is the advantage? i can put a couple beads on the wire in as much time…

  5. Daniel Butuc says:

    This work for unregulate beads?! Gemstone chips, 0.9mm holes.

  6. Betty Mayfield says:

    Thanks for this helpful tutorial

  7. Kaari Giella says:

    I use the wooden one for bead-knitting. 10 tubes of size 11 seed beads must be fed onto crochet cotton before knitting begins. I use thin thread on the curved needle, the thread fastens to the crochet thread. Size 11 fit on my needles just fine, but the occasional bead has too small of a hole so I remove those irregular beads as they turn up.

  8. Edona Ebru says:

    I want to buy a replacement needle and machine . please can you help me . my number +90 538 368 96 66 from turkey you can call me on whatsapp please help me

  9. Kaitlynxoxowdw 5 says:

    You make it look so easy omg

  10. Margaret Pettis says:

    Talk to much💋

  11. Fred Guerra says:

    I have problems with the Darice needles, too. I did straighten out the hook, which greatly helped. I also use my needle-nose pliers to hold the needle to keep it from turning in my fingers.

  12. Mz Dee Mz Dee says:

    Where’d you purchase the wooden one at please? Thank you I subscribed!

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