Front wheel bearing replacement Volvo V50 1.6D 2010 / 78mm HBU2.1
Front wheel bearing replacement Volvo V50 1.6D 2010 / 78mm HBU2.1

Broken bearing causes vibration. I can feel it by crabbing the suspension spring while manually rotating the wheel. Brake caliper has two 15 mm bolts Be careful not to drop the caliper. Do not leave it hangin by the brake fluid line. I used some iron wire here. Remove the ABS wheel speed sensor cable. Remove rotor / disc. Splash guard has three 8mm screws. Tie rod has one 15 mm nut. Bang! Screw the nut back on for protection. Removing the drive shaft bolt you have reached the point of no return. Control arm ball joint nut is 21mm. I hit the control arm and then stepped on it. Attach the dismounting sleeve. Some grease for the bolt. Check the knuckle for corrosion. Old bearing inside the tool. Some grease for the new bearing. Assembly sleeve around the new bearing. Easy… What the.. Oh yeah. The centering tool! Maybe the other way. This side fits better. Also notice the ABS speed sensor head. The bearing must go in straight. Not quite there yet. Let’s skip to the end of pressing. Here the bearing is pressed all the way. This is the plastic dust cover that came with the bearing. ABS speed sensor wiring. Drive shaft with dust cover. Control arm nut is next. My torque wrench is very cheap and the scale is not very accurate. Some calculations and measurements 35 Nm Click! Click! It’s very close to 35 Nm now. Drive shaft bolt should be tightened to 35 Nm + 90 degrees. Click! That’s 35 Nm. Now the 90 degree turn. There! That’s it!

4 thoughts on “Front wheel bearing replacement Volvo V50 1.6D 2010 / 78mm HBU2.1”

  1. angel rodriguez says:

    Thanks fpr this video

  2. Edward Wing says:

    Wanted to make sure bearing puller is 78mm and not 82mm ?

  3. diffivittjarv Lars Burman says:

    Is it ok to use the torque wrench to more than it's setting?

  4. chris stokes says:

    May I get name and manufacturers of the press tool?

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