Furler Restoration (Finfurl & Profurl Roller Furler) [Yacht Refit & Restoration Week 70] (Ep.79)
Furler Restoration (Finfurl & Profurl Roller Furler) [Yacht Refit & Restoration Week 70] (Ep.79)

We broke the bearing apart. You know the story about the ship mechanic.. He knew where to tap. Sir clip pliers are the bomb! Now that is packed with grease inside there. She was old and neglected, so we cut her to bare hulls and built her up from the ground with our blood, sweat and tears. So follow our journey as we plan to sail her to new destinations and make lasting memories. While we waited for our heat exchanger to arrive we got started on servicing our fulers. So this is the base of our fuller, the drum goes on here. There is two bearings on either side. That bearing is completely seized on. we finally, we actually broke off the whole bearing, we broke the bearing apart that’s how we managed to get it out but that top piece was completely sealed on so we just gonna put a slice in it on both sides and get her off. There the other bearing. So anyone out there that has fin furls They are built in South Africa. & yeah, they are a little bit problematic. If don’t keep them nice and well oiled and looked after There is the remainder of the bearing this went inside like that.. and the remainder still stuck inside there, we’ll get it out. So there is a.. what we only realized now is there is a groove there and the only thing that could be a groove on top of a bearing is a sir clip. They used a standard sir clip so the whole thing is rusted That’s probably what caused the bearing to seize in there. Well not to seize the bearing itself but it’s so stuck AHAHA! Beautiful! Very nice! You know the story about the ship mechanic.. he knew where to tap. maybe not… It’s all about knowing where to tap. No.. i’m going to put your fail in.. It’s all about knowing where to tap!! Bliksem!! Take three! It’s all about knowing where to tap! Oh my gosh! YAY!!! Ah, you know why.. we don’t have it center! The bigger the problem.. the bigger the hammer. That’s what you always say. Sir clip pliers are the bomb! I was struggling to much to get these out! manually, so i went to go buy a pair of sir clip pliers If you don’t know what they are they got two points like that and you can pull your these kind of sir clips out You get internal and external ones These are to do… The type that compress then you get the ones that open up Two different pliers but this one can work for both. You just gotta mcgyver them like that when you want to open. That seal is buggered! For those of you that know profurl that’s what my seal looks like. It’s seen better days Super hard.. Lets see if there is another o ring inside here. That’s how easy it is now with the right tools. Sir clip out! Okay.. now we got to bang this bugger out. There we go. We going to send these for anodizing again to make them look like spiffy new Refurbishing fulers and that’s what our seals look like. Oh my gosh it looks bad and what the bearing looks like. Buggered!Pretty stuffed Sir clips are out! Seals are out. Yeah so these will get acid washed by the guys that are going to do the plating and then they will plate it for us Just love tapping the bearing out at the moment slowly working it out Presses are always better to fit and remove bearings but if you don’t one of these puppies do the job well. She’s coming..almost out So we got our furler all disassembled, the bearings were all bad that you saw we cut and got them off got new bearings, stainless steel bearings and now we going to assemble everything together and make sure she works perfectly smooth and the nice thing about. I mean this is a fin furl furler built in South Africa very well built, it’s got some nice anodized aluminium quality of the bearings and the way it goes together. Really Really Nice! but uhm.. since it’s been standing for so long it needs a little bit of TLC and that’s what we gonna do, and these are internal surfaces so this will never be exposed I just want to make sure everything gets a good generous amount of waterproof grease Make sure all the mating surfaces are nice and clean apply some grease to it, where the seal is going to seal on Now that is packed with grease inside there Let’s test that turning action. Ah, that’s nice ! Clean her up and she’s got a allen key grub scew over there we’ll tigthen that in and secure the whole part together. Cool, so thats the first piece complete It’s turning, that’s very nice. Awesome, I wish I had two of these furlers actually I’m very happy with the way they are built and kinda, the build quality on them, pretty straight forward to service. Okay, so that is thee furling drum We got the furling drum clean and it’s going to take on stainless steel bearing over there one stainless steel bearing over there. and a cap that sandwiches the whole system together. and then that bolts onto the whole system so let’s get those two on. See, here’s our two very nice, stainless steel bearings and they go on there. So we got top side, bottoms side of the seating area. Filled with grease and some in the middle, why not for good measure. Base seating with the bearing, and these are plastic sealed bearing Push them nicely into place like that. Look like that and the reason i put grease on the top is to give them extra protection So this shaft runs up the middle and then takes a… sir clip up top there which then holds it up from seperating from the drum. So this is pretty much the furler drum and what it was is those two bearings, as we showed you were seized put them back in,the shaft got a little bit damaged with those bearings being seized but it wasn’t from us cutting them They were damaged, we polished them up all nicely as you can see there is the back ends, still showing how shiny it is, but check at that! Now that is super smooth! Brand new bearings. Everything is stuffed with grease to the maximum! and starting to put her back together, but she’s rolling there is not even a little.. hiccup, she’s going to flow so so nicely So what I needed was a sir clip, we went to thee bearing guys again. Jeeze we bought so many bearings I actually forgot that the sir clip had completely corroded away so we got one out of better material and I also got some spares So for those of you that don’t know what a sir clip looks like. It looks like that that’s what we attach and that’s what holds the whole system pretty much in place I’ll show you there That’s how that sir clip seats. Right inside there All these furlers are built with incredibly tight tolerances Everything goes in really tight and fits like that So it’s just to reduce play if you feel it like that, there is like zero play at all! Okay so.. The furler was completely assembled, the bottom side is working perfectly. but I felt that this wasn’t turning that nicely. I decided I’m going to take it apart and what I found was that one of the seals were actually damaged. It could have been that I damaged it on installation or that it just aged The bottom seal, the one that I thought would be fine was actually completely damaged so I had to strip the whole thing so we are going to stick it back together again. This piece couldn’t even turn before hand not it’s turning nice and with ease maybe got a little bit to much grease in it. Some methods that I used were probably not the most ideal methods to use so perfect to put those bearings in would be a press but we don’t have a press so we kinda make do with what you have. Lets get started with furler number 2! We took our profurl to get anodized and looking new again! I don’t know if I should you how this looked but it’s a pro furl, we got it re anodized into this color and just because they didn’t have green from the profurl color. So lets assemble this baby, but check at that nice anodizing on there. Looks freaking Awesome! It’s been a while since i’ve worked on these things so i need to re check all the diameters on the stuff Before we start.. assembling everything together we got to make sure we got all the right parts So we just going to do a dry fit assemble just to make sure that everything fits perfectly fine double check the bearing spacing, seals that we have and here is some of the new seals Make sure everything fits nice and tight Snug snug as can be. These pro furl takes a heap ton of…and this is a old profurl Takes a lot of sir clips and stuff and I’ve never done these furlers before especially the pro furl ones and the fin furls there is no information apparently these were built in south Africa but i couldn’t find anything on it Apparently actually built in P.E So i’m starting but putting the bearing on the piece that goes into the bearing carried like that I can put a sir clip in there, the seals are already and then I can just drop this one in and fit the final sirclip in with the seal. With everything, I’m gonna put a heap ton of grease That wasn’t to bad. The first bearing is in there Now we got to do the stuff on the back side which is put the seal in we are gonna go through there. and go in like that that needs to go all down into there and obviously you can see that those clearances are frikkin tight! So i just finished up with the furler, man these things were a mission! I couldn’t find any plans. This is the bearing type ones. One of the older pro furls Yes we made it orange They take one bearing in the middle and surprisingly there is almost no deflection with only one bearing Two seals and a whole bunch of sir clips, the tolerances on these things are super fine so it is a mission to get it going but finely after the third time rebuilding it, I built it right Hopefully she will last a while Stay tuned till next week, where we tick off some more items on our list. Launch day is getting closer and closer! Thanks for watching, don’t forget to subscribe below if you haven’t already and give u a bug thumbs up If you would like to support our production you can do so by joining our awesome patreon family, make a once of donation via our paypal or buy a shirt via our website. Links are in the description below! Thanks to our awesome new patreon Joshua Milat

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    thanks for the informative video,i was just searching on the net the other day on how to service my facnor furler and found nothing about how to disassemble.
    you might also want to replace some of the nylon inserts that go at intervals inside the foil to keep it aligned with the forestay.
    i found some of mine were a bit worn,and the furler is only 3 years old.

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  8. Al Campbell says:

    Thanks for the great video guys. I was a helicopter mechanic in the US Marine Corps, so you know that I really appreciate all that greasy bearing R&R. and cir clip removal. OF course we had all the right tools for the job, like bearing pullers and installers. Incidentally, the rotor head on our aircrafts was held down with a large heavy duty nut. We called it the Jesus nut. Can you guess why.

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