Garage Door Bearings By North Shore Commercial Door
Garage Door Bearings By North Shore Commercial Door

Hi I’m Matt today I’m going to talk to
you about bearings typically the bearings are going to be found on garage
doors with torsion springs the shafts are gonna be going through these you’re
gonna find these on the end brackets on each side by the track and you’ll find
it in the center bracket where the shaft goes through and this actually supports
the center of the shaft and these stationary cones for this spring these
are very common you’ll see this one’s actually installed in this bracket this
is a football bearing this can be installed and spanned on the exterior
one of these you can see that and you know heavier duty doors is typically
something like this we have pillow block bearings on the website which are for
extremely heavy-duty doors even the rolling doors we have a huge selection
of bearings so it can get confusing as to what you need but we’ve gone through
great lengths to make sure we put good descriptions on the adds it’s going to
have the dimensions the sizing weight kick capabilities of them and you know
of course if you’re still not finding what you need to chat with us you can
call us email we’re always here to help you and we look forward to talking to
you thank you thank you for watching this video from
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