Grooving at California’s Most Retro Roller Rink
Grooving at California’s Most Retro Roller Rink

– [Dominic] It’s a rarity to
go to a rollerskating rink and find live music there. – [Narrator] Most other roller
rinks have gone digital. But head to Southern California, and you’ll find one of
the last remaining rinks to employ a live organ player. (funky music) – My name is Dominic Cangelosi, and I own the Moonlight Rollerway. I’ve been playing rollerskating
music for 70 years. There are only about 10 or 15 roller rink organists left in the country. In the ‘40s and ‘50s, most of
the rinks around the country used live organ music, and then when Elvis
Presley and the Beatles all came into the picture
in the ‘50s and ‘60s, most of the rinks around the country phased out the live organ
to play recorded music. – [Narrator] But not
the Moonlight Rollerway. Wednesday through Monday,
the Moonlight Rollerway plays recorded music, just
like most roller rinks. But one day a week,
Dominic gets to dust off his Hammond organ, and throw
back to a different time. (organ music) – [Dominic] On Tuesdays, I
play from 8 o’clock ’til 10:30. The people that come on Tuesday
nights are a mixed crowd. A number of the skaters
are old-time skaters in their 70s and 80s who like
to skate to the organ music. This place is special because
it’s been here for so long. It’s a historical landmark. People have skated here through the years, met their boyfriends, girlfriends here. Raised a family, bring
their grandchildren. And it’s something from the past that I just want to hold on
to at least one night a week. I love coming here, I come every day. And I enjoy my customers. They appreciate it and
they like the music. I have no plans to stop playing the organ. I’ll play it as long as I’m here. Thank you for coming, and
hope to see you all real soon. Goodnight. (electronic tone)

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    Really love the style of these videos

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    first to write first

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    Thats really cool this guy is awesome!!

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    Hope he doesn't stop anytime soon. what an inspiration

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  13. Cjekov says:

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  14. Amanda I don't want to tell you says:

    The dude at 1:27, I know how you feel

  15. It's a Goodie says:

    1:25 I feel for the guy who is using the wall trying not to fall. I am the same.

  16. sam rusoff says:

    Feeling a little guilty that my home state is getting such attention in today's videos.

  17. Samuel Wright says:

    I saw that Hammond organ in the thumbnail and had to click.

  18. Just Drinking tea says:

    *Sips tea*

  19. Hermione Jean Granger says:

    Omg! This place is right by my house I've been there for a couple of birthday parties

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    Me and my friends love going to this place

  21. Niko Te Rangiita says:

    Thats great

  22. REZZY says:

    This guy is amazing and i'll definitely visit his roller rink some day!

    P.S. these videos are amazing and the production quality, and surprisingly, the framing is fantastic

  23. Yesica1993 says:

    This is so wonderful!!

  24. 오세륜 says:

    Cool..its good that old school roller ring still active hehe 😅👍🏻

  25. celenesty says:

    I've been here for a school fundraiser and I wish it was during the organ playing 😭

  26. Lincoln Renz says:

    We're going to cali

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    Where's ninja brian?

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    Would have been nice to hear him actually play the music in this video.

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    You guys constantly provide the best stories. Keep it up!

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    I almost cry.

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    This is so awesome! I want to go

  32. peytie says:

    moonlight is really such a special place!!! If you’re in the LA area you should definitely go ❤️

  33. Nokki says:

    It really is surreal seeing your city on Great Big Story xD I wish I'd known you guys were here so I could tell you how awesome you are in person!

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    This story made my heart smile ❤️🙂

  35. Ambition Only says:

    Lol, i pass by this place all the time.

  36. qrower says:

    there was a roller rink near me but it closed, but i think they moves, idk

  37. Kenny Tarver says:

    I actually just had a conversation with my father about how roller rinks used to play organ music. He said his favorites when he was a kid were 'Red River Rock' and 'Happy Organ.' Look them up, you won't be disappointed.

  38. asianfasian says:

    I live in Glendale and I come here all the time

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    I really love your videos, but it feels like they always end RIGHT when I'm getting good and settled in to watch another half hour of their story.

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  48. Nicolle says:

    This guy's great, I hope that his business gets more popular with the kids around the area

  49. kiku i says:

    Don't stop Dominic!! I'm coming to the moonlight roller rink as soon as I can 🙂

  50. Bot says:

    So let us hear some of his playings?

  51. namewithay says:

    Wes Anderson needs to make a movie based on this location.

  52. Rock amolie says:

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    I really hope the City of Glendale designates this place a historic landmark.

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    You can pay 25 cents for a song request I always spam funkytown

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    wow i was there 4 years ago maybe 3 times when i was visiting Glendale..I wish i knew this guy was going to be there i really would have enjoyed that

  72. abbie collier says:

    I would love for him to teach me how to play !!!!

  73. BOB ROTHWELL says:

    next time home, I have to make Bob's in the valley on Friday, moonlight rollerway when Dom plays the organ, hope to see the rexers at play.

  74. DandyDon says:

    Believe you me… there's no dust on Dominic's Hammond organ! 😉

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  78. 1000 Subscribers With No Videos Challenge says:

    I’ve seen this roller rink so many times driving past it

  79. George B says:

    Just stumbled upon this. It used to be Harry's when I went there regularly in the late 1950's early 1960's. I think it was Stan Wheeler at the organ. I lived in LaCanada and several of my Junior High friends and I would get a ride there from ones parent. Sometimes we would hitch hike back, walk part way or another parent would pick us up. Can't remember the bouncers name but one red-head guy in our group would always take the blame for others knocking him down and on his way down took out several other innocents with him and get kicked out. Several years went by and a couple of us decided to return to relive the good old days. Same bouncer was there and remembered my friend due to the red hair. He said "OK Red, I'll be watching you and one bad move and you're OUT OF HERE" Other times we would venture down to the Hollywood Roller Bowl ( no longer there) that's another story.

  80. George B says:

    Looks like George Bush even skates there @ 2:18

  81. code2high says:

    Started skating at the Moonlight in 1966…And remember Dominic on the organ…So happy to hear that Dominic and the Moonlight are still here !

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