Guide to 6000 Series Aluminum | Materials Talk Series
Guide to 6000 Series Aluminum | Materials Talk Series

Welcome to the Online Metals “Materials
Talk” series. This video dives deeper into aluminum alloys, more specifically, the
6000 series alloys more commonly used today. 6061 aluminum is the most commonly
used aluminum alloy. Primarily due to its strength heat treatability
and comparably easy machining and welding. The main alloying elements of 6061 are
magnesium and silicon. These elements give it an edge in maintaining corrosive
resistance, even when the surface is abraded. If that wasn’t enough, it can
also be anodized for an additional thin layer of protection. 6061 is available in
many forms including extrusion, sheets, and architectural shapes. You’ll find
this alloy in applications ranging from food packaging and fly fishing reels to
firearm suppressors. 6063 aluminum is often called architectural aluminum for
two reasons. First, it has a surface finish that is far smoother than the
other commercially available alloys. Second, its strength is roughly half that of
6061. This is because while its main alloying elements are magnesium and
silicon, it has far lower levels of each. This makes it suited for applications where
strength is not the primary consideration such as non load-bearing
posts and roofs or decorative structures. 6063 rates well for performing in cold
working operations is excellent for anodizing and fair for machining. While
it is easily welded or brazed, you should carefully select filler material
to compensate for reduced strength in welded regions. 6101 aluminium is best
suited for applications involving moderate strength and maximum electrical
conductivity. It’s similar to 6063, but with minor chemistry changes that
enhance electrical conductivity. Although 6101 offers slightly lower
connectivity than 1350 and offers way greater strength. It is typically used in
busbar applications and can be used as an alternative to copper. Thank you for
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  1. Marcos Ruvalcaba says:

    I'm trying to find out which aluminum alloy, specifically in a trekking pole style is the strongest choice. Is it 6000 or a 7000 series?

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