Hands Free Yoga Workout – Yoga With Adriene
Hands Free Yoga Workout – Yoga With Adriene

– Hey everyone, welcome
to Yoga with Adriene, I’m Adrian, and today we
have an awesome no hands yoga practice for you. It’s fiery, it’s full of integrity, and it’s sure to feel
good. Let’s get started. (gentle guitar music) Alright, today we’re gonna
begin standing with the feet hip width apart. And in general for
today’s practice, we’re gonna be working,
kind of hip width apart, working on these
two parallel lines. You’ll hear it mentioned
in yoga from time to time, these, railroad tracks,
this idea of two skis rather than a tight rope. So that’s how we’re gonna play. Homie play like that today. So take a second to lengthen
the tailbone down, it’s dumb, and lift up through
the arches of the feet, and just find your footing. You can take a
look down, lift the toes, start to engage
through the legs, then when you’re ready, all the way up through
the torso, the spine, finding a little awareness
through the shoulders, and the neck. And finding a
little lift up through the very top of the head. So for a moment here
we’ll close the eyes, and just open the palms,
soft and easy, in the hands. Begin to notice your breath. And choose to commit to
the duration of this video, take this time for you,
check in with your body. This hands free practice
is just really great for anyone who’s wanting
to nurture the body, do a little energetic hygiene. Begin to deepen your breath. Notice if you’re
locking in the knees. See if you can find
a little softness, a little buoyancy there. (breathes heavily) And then use the breath
to kind of drop a pin, you know on like Google
Maps, you can drop the pin? Just drop the pin right here. Our practice is not long
today, so we’re gonna make the most of it, working to stay present. Moment to moment. With the body,
and with the breath. (breathes deeply) Awesome, then take one
deep breath in here, and then on an exhale,
open the eyes, and on your next big breath in, we’re gonna reach the arms
all the way to the sky, just taking a big
full body stretch here. Stay here for a couple breaths. Notice what’s going
on with the rib cage, with the shoulders,
with your feet. Maybe open the palms, notice
if your feet have moved. Breathe deep. Then wiggle the fingers,
take one more deep breath in, stand up as tall as you can, then bend the knees, and
take it all the way down. Forward fold, feel the blood
rush opposite direction, and bend the knees as
generously as you need to here, find what feels good. Notice if the feet have moved. Toes still pointing forward. You might find stillness here, and just use the power of
the breath to move you. Or you might want to
improvise a little here, freestyle, grabbing the
wrists, excuse me, the elbows, rocking a little, side to side. Shaking the head. (deep breathing) Breath and tuck the
chin into the chest, and bend the knees even more. Begin to roll it all the way
back up to your mountain pose. Pressing all four corners of
the feet firmly into the Earth. Drawing energy up, up, up. Great, find that lift through the sternum. And on your next inhale, we’re
gonna send the fingertips out left to right, palms
facing down here to start. Pull the pinkies back, kind of like, Kate Winslet here, Titanic. And then just shifting
a little front to back, toes to heels. And then, come to stillness, head over heart, heart over pelvis. And we’re gonna open the
palms, open the chest, total Kate Winslet as you
lift the chest, big breath in, exhale hands to heart. So that’s our flow
here for a second. Inhale, fingertips reach
out, palms face down. Exhale, pull the pinkies back. Inhale, rotate in the
shoulders, open the hands, open the heart, lift, lift,
lift, and then release. Exhale, hands to heart, namaste. Great, one more time, inhale,
spreading the fingertips, reaching left to right. Exhale, pull the pinkies back. Inhale, open the chest,
lift your heart, open the palms forward. And then exhale,
hands together, namaste. And it’s crazy, just that
awareness in working with integrity kind of brings a
little warmth to the body, really awesome, so nice. Okay, so soft knees here, you’re
gonna want to zip the legs together as you’re normally
used to doing them, so today I’d like you to
keep the two parallel lines as you take the right foot
forward and the left foot back. Left heel is lifted, and
we’re just warming up the legs here, so bend that
left knee so you can find a little length down
through the tailbone. We’re definitely firing up
the muscles of the legs, so, breathe deep. Find that energetic lift
up from the pelvic floor. Okay, if this is too much
for you, you can lower that back knee, all the
way down, ah, so nice. Breathing deep. Great, spike the left heel towards the back edge of your mat. Pull the right hip crease
back as well, and again, lifting up from the pelvic floor. The thumbs, the hands are here,
so you can lift the sternum to the thumbs, little reminder,
so we’re not collapsed. Breathing deep, you might
even find active arms. Whatever feels good. (deep breathing) Inhale in. Long exhale out. Beautiful, inhale in. Long, even exhale out. Beautiful, then we’re gonna
straighten the right leg, pivot on the back foot, and then just take a
second to adjust the feet so that the left toes are pointing in, and the right toes
are pointing towards the front edge of your mat. Great, beautiful here,
we’re gonna inhale, reach the fingertips
all the way up. And then exhale,
left fingertips back, right fingertips forward. Pull the pinkies back
just like you did before, and remember that
lift in the heart. Triangle pose, inhale in,
as you exhale, send the hips back as you reach the
right fingertips forward. Keep that length in
the right side body, as you send it all the way down. So, our core workout
today is triangle. So careful not to
crash into your shin, you can use the fingertips
to guide you on a block or on the leg here, but don’t collapse. Really tap into that
fire in the belly here, as you breathe deep,
open up through the chest. Left hand can be on the
waistline too, here. No need to crank in the neck,
so maybe keep the gaze down, or take it straight out, if
you’re wanting to take the left arm all the way up, find
length through the crown. Big breaths here. Great, one more big inhale. And then exhale, root
down through the feet, lift your heart, find that
lift up from the pelvic floor. Beautiful, let’s bring the
hands to the waistline. We’re gonna pivot back to
that nice low lunge here. Or high lunge, rather. Big breath in. Big breath out. You’re gonna step the back
foot up to meet the front, feet hip width apart, inhale in, exhale, connect to your center,
find that Uddiyana Bandha, draw the navel inward and
upward as you step up. Beautiful. Big inhale in, big exhale,
hands come to heart. Great, nothing fancy here,
feel free to look down. Stepping the right toes back,
front knee over front ankle. Make sure you’re not on a
tightrope, two parallel lines here, bend the right knee, find length, all the way up through the torso. Again, we can lower the right
knee down here, no prob. Breathing deep. So you’re not waiting
here, you’re refining. Building strength,
using the breath. Inner thighs kind of hugging
to the mid-line here, we lift up from the pelvic floor. (deep breathing) Great, then take one
more deep breath in here, and then use your exhale to
straighten that front leg, pivot on the back foot. Check your foundation, the
rotation of this back leg’s super important, right toes
pointing towards the front right corner of your yoga mat. Left toes pointing forward. Lengthen tailbone down,
and when you’re ready, go ahead and take the
arms all the way out. Lift the heart. I think I did the arms
different but that’s okay, it’s really about the legs here. Lifting up. Find your breath. And on an exhale, triangle, reaching left
fingertips forward, sending the hips back, trying to maintain this
length in the left side body, as your pose unfolds. Again, this is our
core workout today, so hug the low ribs in. Open the chest up towards the
sky, find length in the neck, breathe deep. Welcome that heat. One more breath here, you got it. Beautiful, we’ll press into
the Earth, lift the heart, come all the way back up. Go ahead and bring the
hands to the heart here, we’ll bend the front
knee, dial it forward. Strong legs. Stepping the back foot
up to meet the front, nice and slow and in control, see if you can find that lift
up from the pelvic floor. Big breath in, big breath out. Awesome, so feet are
hip width apart here. Toes pointing forward,
palms still together. Inhale in, as you exhale, sit back. Utkatasana, I said that
really weird, Utkatasana. Utkatasana with the feet wide, so we’re just sitting back here, the fingertips are
gonna come forward as a little counter balance. And we just find baby pulses. We’re trying to get the
knees over the heels. We’re trying to hug
the lower ribs in, keep the shoulders relaxed,
baby pulsing. You got it, five more. Five more breaths, sorry. Almost done, stay focused on
the breath, calm in the face, working the legs. Great, and then press
into the feet and release. Fingertips come down,
we take a deep breath in through the nose, and exhale, let it go out through
the mouth, shake it off. Great, close your eyes,
notice how you feel. Draw the palms
together at the heart. Awesome work everyone,
okay, here we go, stepping the right foot
forward, left foot back, come back to your lunge. So draw the navel
inward and upward. Remember this energetic lift
here, slow mindful movement. Inhale in, exhale step to the
top, soft bend in the knees. Inhale in, exhale, step
the right foot back. Inhale, step to the top. Exhale, step it back,
moving with the breath. Inhale, exhale. So you can take a breath
in between here if you need to move slower, otherwise,
moving with your breath, back and forth, keeping that
front knee over front ankle. And really, rather than
coming into this big lunge each time, we’re working
to keep this lift up through the pelvic
floor, sternum to thumbs. So getting our heart
rate going a little bit. (deep breathing) Knees bent. Great, keep it going. Great, one more on each side. Back to center. Inhale, reach the
arms all the way up, exhale, forward fold,
all the way down. Let it go, start to cool it off. (gentle sigh) Bend the knees, tuck
the chin to the chest, and begin to roll it up, all the way. Smile, relax your shoulders. We’re gonna reach the
fingertips around to interlace behind, opening the chest. Lifting the heart. Knuckles draw
down and away here, we rinse the upper back body,
lift the heart, lift the chin. Nice big confidence boosting
post here, inhale in. And then exhale, let it go, break free. Palms come together one last time. Awesome work my friends,
beautiful, beautiful. We’ll take one more
deep breath in together. And this time, as you
exhale, bow head to heart, chin to chest. We’re done. Alrighty my friends,
awesome work, great job, be sure to drink lots of water today. Supplement this practice
with your other practices if you’re attending
to sore wrists. Also check out our Yoga
for Healthy Wrists videos, a lot of times problems
with the hands and forearms and wrists can be
tended to with body work and with mindfulness. So check those out if you’re interested. Questions and comments
always welcome below. Subscribe to the channel
if you haven’t already, and share this video with your
friends and your loved ones. And your enemies. Alright, take good care, namaste. (gentle guitar music)

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