Happy Wheels Highlights #89
Happy Wheels Highlights #89

“Pongo VS Missles”, huh? DODGE ‘EM UP! You think I’m afraid of your furrrkin missles BRUH!!! Oh-hoh-hoh-hoh. Oh-hoh-hoh-hoh! AAAAARAGHARRHAAAAAHHH!!! The dildo was too big! You ain’t gonna get past my defence! I’ve improved the strength of my butt-cheeks and you ain’t NEEEVER gonna— OOHOHOHOH MY GOD! What— OH GOD! Alright, this time is going to be the winner because i’m just going to lie flat. Present my buttocks… to the OOAAARGH!!! Hohoh, hohoh, HWAHOH! HWAHOHOH! Eehh Eehhha hahOh… Hohohohohoho WhoahohoHOHO! HohowhaHAha! You’re all a bunch o’ liars! OH GOD, DON’T KILL ME!!! AHHAHA Don’t do it! I don’t want to die! AAAAAARGH!!! AAAAAAARGH!!!! Lilil! Lilil! LILILILILOO! AAAAARGH!!! Oh, f***! Did I win? YES! Okay! Whoa! You troll! I saw that last one… Hi buddy! How are you doin’? O MAI GAWRSH! I have to hop over you. Well how-dee-do! I know it’s not exactly a “western thing” to be in a desert and talk all southern to a camel. But, oh boy! You have the lifeless, soulless eyes of a demon. Excuse me, while I just pump on your rumpy hump. BOINK! Free throw! Bpla Bplonis, if I can AAAAARRGH!1! GOD!!! No-ho-ho! Ahh, I’m still alive- Ahh, God Dammit! I wasn’t ready for that! Am I alive? No, those were just the spasms of the baby stabbing me. Hello! Ok… Alright, lets try this one more time with less stupid. And what is with my legs? Alright that’ll… that’ll stop ’em! Yep! That’ll all.. Oh.. Hey, let me just hold ya… I’ll take this from ya! Ahhh! God dammit, mah face! Wait, you demon children, aren’t gonna get the best of me! I know how to defeat you! Apparently I don’t- holy shit. I’ll just… oh my god! I didn’t mean it! AAAUGH! Oh nooooo! Noooooo! I had that! You think you can beat me? Ohh jeez… You can probably beat me through that… Uh, that ain’t good. THAT AIN’T GOOD! GIVE GIVE GIVE GIVE AAH GIVE GIVE GIVE GIVE AAAAUUUHHH! GOT IT! Oooh I got him! (Mark’s evil laugh) YYYYEAH! Oh. OH! Oh hello! Why am I grabbing the death ball??? Ooh, this probably isn’t good. IIIIII’M SORRRRYY! OH JEEZ I’M SORRY! OH GOD! Oh these people are just having a nice picnic out by the car park! Aaauuuhhh god AAHH HE’S TAKING A SHIT! Rope soccer 3.0- WAUGH! YEAAAAH! I’ve never played a game of soccer in my life! Can you tell?!? Hnnnnnnnn… The impossible. I WILL SEE ABOUT THAT! HUAAAAH PLEH! AAUUHHHAHAHA! I’ve been flombe’d. Alright, Don’t-AAAHH! OH HOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO OKAY. IS IT OVER? HAAH! Oh shit… that ain’t gonna do it. WOAH! OH GOD MY- WWOOOAHH! Hohohoho HANG MAN GAMEZ! TYPE THE BOX. Ooh really? UH, IS THERE AN S ? Damn it! R? SSSHHIIIIT! T? Or a F? U? O? I? WHAAT?!? A! Alright, P! L! E! YYYYYEEEAAHHH! Okay. 3D Challenge! The fastest wins a shoutout in my next level! Well, i’m already not fastest because I- WOOOOOAAWOOAWOAHWOAH WOOOOAW OKAY! (pretending to die) ROPE SWING 12 DESERT! EEUHH! AAAAAHHHHH GOD WHY- MY HEAD IS IN MY ANOOS! MY HEAD IS IN MY ANOOOOOOHOOHOOS!!!! Slide right through! Ooohoohoojeez! Not like that! SLOJIT! OOOOOOH! WITH BARELY MINIMAL DAMAGE! I’m da best! LLOOOOOooong spike fall! OK. Alright! Ok! Heheheaurhuhuhuhushet- UUUARGH! MUH BUUTT! LLOOOOOooong spike fall! Lil’ bit farther out. Do I need to pull back? forward? Am I on the money? Am I– OOOOOH YES! STILL DEAD! STILL DEATH! (santaplier voice) KIDDIES! OH I think we’re on the wrong level! *Unintelligible* AAAAH I’m not gonna let that stop me! Thank you, kiddies! that guy was reeeaaaly annoying! REAUghuuuuuuugh (death noise) (regular voice) Lots of stuff! OOOOOO KAAY? AAAAAAGH MY BUTT! Ok, well that turned out pretty well for me! I dunno what’s gonna happ- oh shit. EEUAH SHEH HAH EN EUGH SHYENYE HAAAAAH YENSLEH AAAAHH You go by, too! ok! And then one more for the rooooad Nope. Get away. Alright, spike fall! I can do this! Huhehahehuaehuaehuhho! AHAHO! WOAHAHO! WOHOHO! WO- OW. Mah butt. Don’t move! Wooeugh god. I don’t know if I should move. eah! I MOVED JUST A TINY BIT! IS THAT GONNA RUIN EVERYTHING? (weird noise) SURVIIIVE! AAAAHH! I’M JUST AN OLD MAAN! OOOHOOOHOOOOO! WUAAAGH! DON’T KILL ME! I’M JUST AN OLD MAN! AH! OH! I AM SELF SACRIFICING MAYBE? YEEEAAAHH ANOTHER IMPOSSIBLE L- there’s a hooole there! (wheezy laugh) AAUUU HAHA GOD DAMMIT! FUCK YOU! ALRIGHT FINE! TWO CAN PLAY THAT GAME! IMMA GO IN DA HOLE! AAAAUUUGHH IT WENT IN MY HOLE! SHIT! Alright, apparently this one’s dicking with me! HAHAHA! OOOOAAAUUUGHHH! AM I ALIVE? AAAUUGH GOD NO! IN THE HOHOHOHOOOOLE! THIS IS A BIIIIIT- DYA Fuck you! HABIFFIGER aw fuck- EEEEEEUUUUGHHHHH! UHEUBVU HWAA! HOKAY Everything’s fine! HOOOOOOO Golly golly golly golly! AAAAUGHH! OOOH FUCK! Hedebe. Hedeb. OHHHHHOHOHOHO!!! OOOHHHH GOOHAHAD!!! NOOOO!! Heh. Wooo weeeeeoooohhh ok. Everything’s fine! HAAH! [While singing] EVERYTING’S GONNA BE FIIINEE IN MY LIIFFFEEE!! Ah, ok, everything’s still… kinda fine Hope-don’t [Monkey-like sounds of amazement] YEAHA!! Ok! Alright! Oh no. Oh no, not a torture chamber. Oh no! I don’t wanna click! Why do I gotta click it? Ok! Pretty par for the course when it comes to Happy Wheels! Click. Uhg. Not really torture more execution chamber. Well this ain’t gonna be good Oh god! Oh, I’m so sorry! Why the boomboxes? Whoa, that’s why the boom box! Oh god, no! Just JUMP, dude! No! Huh, alrighty then. OH! Pelvic
thrust OH YEAH! BUT SLAM COMBO! Holy shit, how are you doing this,
man?! And how do you have such a strong grundle? Wow. Welcome to Pogo fight three YOU READY OLD MAN?! Fu–uhh that was just a warm-up I just want to intimidate farm COMIN’ AT YOU EVENTUALLY! That’s right, that’s what I thought. All
right. You ready old lady? That’s right, I called you old! Gonna kill him with your machete and that was actually a pretty good move. OHH SHIT, MY TOWER NOW, BITCH! OHH FUCK YOU! YEAH I BREAK YOUR KNEES! AND YOUR TORSO. Oh no, I’ve broken everything of yours Hello hatchet head! How you doing? Do you like your hat with hedges hatch says… Hello!… King Towering Hat of Machette! Aww shit. The Horrors Park. Oh no, it’s so spoopy out here AHH!! OOHHOHOHOHOHEY! What’re you doin’ overthere? You think– whooOOAAHHHooo! Was not a ghosty goo? Oh god, indeed! YOU AIN’T GONNA GET ME! You ain’t gonna get me. Ain’t nobody gonna get me. Oh, what do I do here? Oh- SHHEEEYET! AHH! Well, took care of her! Glad that happened! OOWW MY buuUUUTT!!! Well, I’ve got this permanent addition to my family. And I’ll never ever get out of here
again. Eh. EH! AHH! Aw f***. OH IT’S JUST DRIVING IT FURTHER UP MY ANOOOS! [Outro] This has benn Happy Wheels Highlights! Thanks for watching! If
you want to see more happy wheels right right now, check the description or click the annotation for the full Happy Wheels playlist. And if you want to see more
Happy Wheels in the future, please click the “like button” to let me know. Thanks again everyone, and as always I will see YOU… in the next video! BUH-BYE!!

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