Happy Wheels – Part 1 | THIS GAME IS MY BITCH
Happy Wheels – Part 1 | THIS GAME IS MY BITCH

100 thoughts on “Happy Wheels – Part 1 | THIS GAME IS MY BITCH”

  1. Colby Hill says:

    Ah 2013, simpler times indeed.

  2. makayla sheffield says:

    2013: top of the morning to ya laddies


  3. Rinx and Łongnallow Gaming says:

    Part 1:cares so much to billy
    Part50 to 100:DIE BILLY! DIEEEEEEEE!

  4. Xxp3achy blamsxX says:

    2019 anyone?

  5. Emily Bradley says:

    Coming back to watch all of these the time is 14:13

  6. Emily Bradley says:

    Coming back to watch all of these the time is 14:13

  7. Ej Howard says:

    It’s so weird to see the old him

  8. GamerGirlMaria1 says:

    send help im sad now

  9. Spaghetti says:

    2013: top of the morning to ya laddies!

  10. Dethstroke gaming says:

    Did anyone realize he didn,t kill Billy on his first sword throw.

  11. Prïñcëšš Hãÿłëÿ Höłt says:

    Why is there subtitles

  12. vid126 _Youtube says:

    wow he chaged

  13. Hydreigon Commander 204 says:

    4:38 and thats how Happy Meals are made…. IM LOVIN IT!!!!! BADABABABA!!!!!!

  14. hhhgff ndjjd says:

    I realised he has played this before because it doesnt auto go to rating

  15. Yeet boi says:

    2013 jack: top of the mornin to you laddies my name is jackcepticeye

    2019 jack: BING BONG BING BONG welcome back to another episode of minecraft

  16. Selena Espinoza says:

    The beginning…

  17. Xhelloxshane X says:

    Beginning of the best series ever

  18. Daryissaplayz 231 says:

    As the time I watched the last vid was today… I am rewatching it all!

  19. itsyaboilayne 22 says:

    Just watched episode 100 and decided to restart again! Like i u agree

  20. Red Stone says:

    These were the good old days…

  21. PotatoChipGamer Plays says:

    Top of the mornin to you too😥

  22. Ghoul Slayor says:

    2019…. Pewds at 100 mil and ur doing a Minecraft collab with him…

  23. Aidan says:

    Hello I'm from the future sksksk and I oop you do very well in life and get 22 mill subs good luck baby Jackaboy

  24. Literal Trash says:

    Before demonization

  25. Oliver Arthur Ilves says:

    This was good content. I can't bear with the gay shit that he posts now

  26. KC The Gamer says:

    That quiet intro. This is baby Sean.

  27. grape gaming says:

    so it begins…

  28. Trash-Chan says:

    "I never played Happy Wheels"
    Oh past Jack,little did you know

  29. Zachary Meyer says:

    4:33 his reaction is priceless. I miss baby Jack.

  30. The SCP Foundation says:

    1:15 who else was suprised to hear jacksepticeye swear, cause you
    weren't used to it?

  31. Jessica’s Channel says:

    He missed ninja

  32. gacha niomi says:

    1:20 XD

  33. Dat fello I.T says:


  34. Chloe Fire says:

    Me when trying to do a pushup- 5:33

  35. Lilith [Alien hybrid goddess] {SCP-5002} says:

    2 hours ago I felt like absolute bullsh*t and now……..

    I feel good jack ye made my day! ^^

  36. Ryan Cornwell says:

    September 2019 still watching

  37. photos by james says:

    I wish he would play this a again who is here re watching?

  38. Derpy Pigeon says:

    a few minutes later

  39. Anonymous Assistant says:

    He looks sooooo young

  40. Corey says:

    years ago already!?

  41. canned bread says:

    literally the first gamer I watched back then 😍

  42. LAL0R PLAYZ says:

    Guys turn on subtitles trust me

  43. Shmudis Shurdis says:

    I think this jack is better then new jack srry to say

  44. Taylor Rhodes says:

    Jack 2013: Calm and collected Top of the Morning


  45. Lord Megatron says:

    Starts With Bmx Ends With "Jacksepticeye" 100"

  46. Sin Scrivener says:

    7:34 Me: Thinking I'm done with the test
    7:38 Me: Sees more on the backside

  47. Max Lenosky says:

    Epic kid

  48. Hollow Bones1 says:

    4:37 thats ever McDonald's

  49. Jacob Hicks says:

    So this is where it all began

  50. Ren Tran says:

    11:32 "Sleep on my wife"

  51. Derrick Turpin says:

    And soo it began

  52. Greg McLeod says:

    I was attracted by Happy wheels fascinating gameplay on 88kgames.

  53. Yuri Sarelin says:

    you have big fat tits

  54. death Uchiha says:


  55. Peace Prevails says:

    Such a classic! Love and respect from India!

  56. mm mm says:

    Ah the good old days!

  57. Shugo Tenshi says:

    Here comes the 2019 binge watching

  58. Mr. Teleport says:

    12:12 close your eyes and let your brain imagine everything 😉

  59. Lara Zhang says:

    The start of a legend….

  60. Kaylee Chiapa bendito says:

    2019? Anyone??

  61. Korbin Stansbery says:

    2019 anyone?

  62. please sub says:

    Put captions on

  63. Aiden Barker says:

    he sounds so much more different after almost 6 years.

  64. ineedtowait90daystoochangemyname says:

    Take a shot everytime you see 2019 in the comments you will be just fine…


    the tiny boiii

  66. silent ninja says:

    2013 Jack:top of the morning

  67. Nicks Vlogs fishing channel says:

    7:11 he missed the Ninja

  68. DropDash says:

    0:00 A tale of an Irishman's adventure has begun…

  69. Torpifys says:

    I miss this jack… he never wears his hat now

  70. Tyler josephs A coward says:

    I only just started watching him but wow he's amazing

  71. Ghostcos. Heehee says:


  72. Cayden Carroll says:

    4:46 "Here's your meal have a nice day!"

  73. Disclosed Empathy says:

    His intro was so mellow

  74. Senior Noscope says:

    Who else came back 6 years later to watch this?

  75. Senior Noscope says:

    This video marked history

  76. Jake Draws says:


  77. Call_Me_Swazy says:

    And thus,a legend was born

  78. Chrysalism_x says:

    Billy and bobby = bike
    Pete = Pogo
    Steve = Segway
    Willy = Wheelchair
    Larry = Lawnmower
    Mike and Mary = Motorcycle
    Harry = Helicopter
    Santa = Sleigh

    Then there’s Betty
    Betty owns a shopping cart
    That does not begin with B.

  79. Ayden Plays says:

    Watch 3:29 with eyes closed

  80. Ayden Plays says:

    3:20 with eyes closed

  81. gun master army says:

    Anybody else re watching the whole series because they miss happy wheels?

  82. Zoey Caitlin says:

    Nostalgia wh-

  83. Ash Wolfe says:

    :0 2013??!!!!! WHAT:0

  84. Ash Wolfe says:

    9:21 turn on auto captions '-'

    It isntreally funny but I still laughed XD

  85. Yo Sup says:

    Don't worry the added audio effects are fine

  86. 5vintege ! says:

    It's so sad to think about this

  87. Mythetical says:

    BMX STUNT !!! is the best level on Happy Wheels.

  88. Creeper Girl 43 says:

    2019 watcher he’s grown so much

  89. Anthony Weber says:

    Happy I wasn't the only one coming back to these videos after years

  90. Deplexer says:

    The subtitles make this even more enjoyable…

  91. Jimbo's land of awesomeness says:

    2013 Jack: Top of the morning to you laddies

    2019 Garlic Gladiator: DING DING DING TOP OF MORNING

  92. WAR-TORN gaming says:


  93. That_Lit_Banana says:

    Ahhh my favourite jack, the one l grew up watching 🙂

  94. Joe says:

    Memories just pure happy memories

  95. Potentially Polite says:

    Wht-what the ?!!

  96. Deshaun says:

    And this was the start of a legendary series

  97. bill cage 32 says:

    And so it begins……

  98. Supereme Society says:

    Jack: Falls off Building Balcony a Second Time to Try and Kill Someone

    The Person Jack is Trying to Kill: Sucks Jack's Dick when Jack Falls to the Bottom of the Building

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