Happy Wheels – Part 4 | LEAVE BILLY BEHIND!!
Happy Wheels – Part 4 | LEAVE BILLY BEHIND!!

Top of the morning to you laddies. My name is Jacksepticeye and welcome back to some more HAPPY WHEEELS Get off my lawn. You d*mn kids. This is my lawn! Me and my wife Betsy we spent a long time, Creating this here green grass you’re not gonna mess it up Betsy, Betsy my love. What are you doing? You move along now Betsy down to pineapples Betsy. We’re all friends here Betsy Betsy No Bets, no No, matt, sir. Told you to put down them pineapples my love Hey, let’s give them a hand ah perfect perfect lovely Green Grass oh Hello, hi, hi. Sorry. Sorry. oh *Random Noises* I wanted to go downtown Spike fool extreme Segway Sam you are the best at these spike fault show these bi*ches how it’s done. What aah? Watch, what do you see? What do you see? NOOO! Will you see me losing legs gave it further go Sam Yeah!, Sam! second attempt Sam is the f*cking sh*t at these spiked falls, human rope bridge Don’t look billy. It’s multiple clones of your daddy. We’re gonna fly over. What what I’m sorry oh? I Wish your arms are stronger. Okay? Go again, billy? Oh fell at the first hurdle Backflip Billy, it’s because of you, you’re dead weight. I keep telling you just lay off the cookies. Okay. We’re gonna do it We’re gonna do it shh shh? Shh? We’re gonna do it yeah? AAAAH!, there is a technique to it There is a way of doing it there is a technique to it there always is, there’s a technique to everything. Billy eat some knees let’s do it this way Billy. Let’s do- AAAH, onward. No, Billy! Billy, Where are you? Billy Survived! Billy’s fine, Do your Daddy proud Billy Sword throw advance, we’ll just see how advanced this sh*t is, *Jacks attack cry* Yeah!, *Grunts while throwing another sword* Jesus Christ, the swords are flying everywhere, oh my god! And we’re into a ball throw Whoever made this is a f*cking genius. Where are we going good, nothing, nothing? That’s good. Nothing’s. Good. Nothing’s. Good balls, balls! Next level, next level f*ck yeah!, oh!! you f*cking you just you punch this game in the *ss, and you say submit! Let’s search for my name and see what happens. See if Summer made a level for me. *Jackaboy Is Sad :(* Why does nobody help me? extreme water slide! What what do I do? WOAH! I didn’t do it right. I don’t know what water sighs you’ve been unbuttoned. They’ve never been like that for me. Yeah, AAH! Sucks, there we go! That’s a good one. Yeah. They’ve made it somewhere. I don’t know where I am. Oh God what the hell is going on through the ring of fire! *Death* Oh. * Do I need a head? I don’t know if I do. oh, holy… That is not the proudest victory I’ve had Fanta, Finn, Finn the Cannon sounds are you fat? Uh-huh you go, and you go plug your fat ass in there, there you go Santa good boy. Good boy. Oh. *He sees santa getting pooned.* You deserve that Santa you’ve got to lose some weight Okay, plunk your little plump *ss in there Santa. We’re going for a ride ,um It’s not what I had in mind, Santa but okay Epic obstacle course? we’ll just see how “epic” your obstacle course really is, get over it. Ohh… *Steve Gets His Head Stabbed* well Well, that’s not good! Oh my god, agh.. What’s the point of wearing a helmet if it doesn’t work? Billy, I’ll do it. do it wait’ll you see wait’ll you see Billy? I’ll do it. Billy, billy. What are you doing, billy? Oh!, Billy! We did it billy. We did it. We’re gonna have to get over this now. We don’t have a jump Billy *Jack worrys in horror of spikes* We’ve did whoa… Oh, okay. F*king arrows, Harpoons. Billy, I’m sorry! I have failed you as a father and a guardian! Okay, hold on your *ss Billy. I want to do it this time. I want to do it wait’ll you see. Do daddy proud, you do daddy proud Billy, Do it, do it dude. Oh, yeah Yeah, Billy. Oh, yeah, we’re doing it all but run f*ck no my god, ._. Bossing it off, Billy! Oh Those do not feel good at my face. We’re blasting it up like a faucetronio, Billy Ha ha, speed is our friend! Those arrows are not last try Billy last, *While billy is spiked* F*ck you, Billy. You’re staying behind Daddy gets on so much better without you Yeah, I’m gonna put you up for adoption Daddy on his own daddy is a champion at life Keep going Daddy keep going yeah See that Billy, billy, where are you? Billy’s still stuck in a f*cking spiked roof just don’t trust kids, *ss asian? um oh That doesn’t feel like a victory, *another try*. come on come down here, buddy I keep getting harpoons up my *ss. Huida Epica? Hmm. Let’s go with Santa! Santa Claus! Those are some nice intestines. Okay, Santa was not good Santa’s not good at that game. Lets go segway steve! Segway Steve is the best there ever was look at him like a f*cking boss. He don’t give a s*t *Jack just gasped* Give it back my leg! It’s my leg. I need it to progress segway Steve!! What The mother. this doesn’t like me. This game Doesn’t like me and I’m beginning to not like it. *Flying steve* Come On Steve! Steve. I believe in you ARRRGH It’s okay. You only need it’s just disappointment Surely betty’s not the one to actually do it. is she? let’s go betty. Let’s see what you got. Ohh… Betty you suck the big one! Oh my God. I already started with a sword up my *ss You was a little bee that become giant to kill all the humans eating honey Yum yum, I like honey. Oh, I gotta go pogo oh that’s bad ah Hey, huh, yeah, give me back that honey, but you got to taste my stinger. Oh My God, this is the dirtiest thing I’ve ever done in my life. Oh I pulled it off his arms nice Yeah, I made him stop himself in the balls Take that lawn Mower Larry Go pogo bee! I’m trying pogo master, but I’ve forgotten how to do I’ve forgotten now to be a person Ball throw easy? this sounds like my kind of level. Hey!, I like that one that one made me feel good about myself Let’s go for another sword throw. Oh, I like to look at this one already. Oh Did I play this one already who cares? Let’s do it again? Wow that’s for everyone f*cking kill myself Die betty you big *ss what what uh uh grind up that Betty grind up that Betty she’s nothing, but a bi*ch WHAA! too many swords! *Jacks attack cry*(Count 2) argh! Yes, see you later, Billy. oh arrrrgh! Need to get the sword out of my back I get the sword out of your back get it out get it out. I get you Billy I get you okay oh the oh see ya later Billy You and your father always laughing AH! no! Give me some of that face again No, the key is to not grab all the swords, what? Ya Can’t even grab them. Yeah Well that does it for this episode of Happy Wheels you know why because the f*cking game won’t load any levels for me! It gets to here And if it does load up all the level count when I go into rating it doesn’t load them if it does load them I? Click into a level. It doesn’t actually load It’s just a blue screen all day, so I give up p*ssed off, im annoyed, sick of it! I’m sorry if this Happy Wheels video is not as good as the last three like I said. this is just annoying and levels that I could get into ah… Just done. I’m done done! But thank you guys so much for watching this video. If you liked it punch that like button in the face LIKE A BOSS!! and, High-fives all around *WHAPISH* WHAPISH* Thank you guys, and I will see all you dudes… IN THE NEXT VIDEO!!!

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