Harley Davidson rotor and stator diy repair replacement e21 Roma Custom Bike

In this video we’ll replace a burned stator
and we’ll take part in the shooting of a cool music video Hi folks, I am Custom Cez for Roma Custom Bike and I’m very happy to get back to the roots of the show with a nice home shop episode.
We’ll replace the burned stator on my 91 softail.
An other good reason to be happy is that the crew of the show was featured in the latest
music video of Roman rock band “Le mura” Supercherry, now available on Itunes by following the link
in the description. We’ll take you behind the scenes to meet the beautiful vampire strippers,
lead characters of the video. An other big news is that i’m separating the
Italian channel from the English one because youtube is not yet really equipped to tailor
to a multilingual channel so in the next few months we’ll be moving the English videos
to the new channel CUSTOM BIKE. I invite all of you guys to please subscribe to it by clicking
here or the link in the description. But let’s get to the project, when we shot this footage i was still wearing a cast from the tearing of theAchilles tendon last summer, so I asked Jacek, a new member of the team, to give me a hand.
So we started working… with Polsky Rage’s blessing… A basic test anyone can to to assess if the stator is working properly is to connect the two terminals of a standard voltmeter set
on AC to the plug on the front left of the engine. With the bike on you should read a voltage in the range of the specs on the shop manual,
in my case between 16 and 20 volts at 1000 rpm. An out of range reading means that something is wrong. And as u can see mine is properly dead!!! We began with purging the oil so we can let
it drip while we take things apart that block access to the primary cover, such as the foot-board or the shift peg. It’s now time to take the primary transmission
cover out. Although we let it drain for a while, as you can see, we made a mess on the
floor and that’s why is a good idea to do this outside.
Now all that’s left is everything!!! If you can name that quote leave it in the
comments and let’s see who is right. Once open we have to remove the compensating sprocket to access the stator and to do so we start by loosening the chain’s adjusting shoe. Now comes the fun part, to remove the compensating
sprocket you can ether buy the appropriate tool, or made do with what you got. I used
a ratchet extension to lock together the two sprockets to allow for the bolt to be unscrewed. This ain’t gonna be easy, so before we do that let’s
get back to the music video that i mentioned previously. All the music you have heard in this episode is by the band “Le Mura” and the all team
of Roma Custom Bike is featured in the video of their latest single: Supercherry. My very good friend Luna is the director of
this project and she decided that we would be perfect for it. I needed some true bikes for this video
because I wanted a “Tarantino” style atmosphere. It’s pretty much a tribute to “From dust till
dawn” by Rodriguez Fortunately I’m very good friend with Custom
Cez so I called him and he arrived with his all
crew and the were fantastic!
I couldn’t ask for anything better they “sacrificed” themselves for the cause
On top of that I had the opportunity to shoot their awesome bikes
and by the way, the all beginning scene is shoot inside Custom Cez’s home shop You can imagine how happy we were when we
were told that it involves strippers vampires that are gonna do with us what ever they want. So with Polsky Rage, Jacek and Sergio we arrived
on set ready for battle and to give the best performances of our lives. Our beautiful acting partners, professional
actresses, were awesome to help us get comfortable in the scene, especially for those of us not
in the “business”. Thank you girls, you were fantastic. But before taking a look at some
of the shoots from the video let’s get back to work and try to get this job done. So, once we locked the sprockets in place
we begun trying to extract the bolt. Obviously with the right tools it would have been much
easier, but this is Roma Custom Bike and we make it work with what we got. Even Polsky come to help, especially because
with my foot still out of order I’m not much help in this type of task. In the end, using a plumbing wrench, we managed to get it loose, so I could finally remove the compensating sprocket, the chain and rest of the rotor. The stator is under this magnetic dome, the rotor. To remove it you can use a specific tool or, like i did, you can find an
alternative: grab trough the holes and pull. From an initial inspection to the rotor it
seems ok, no cracks or signs of ware. and finally the hidden treasure, the stator.
From first glance is obvious that a big group of windings is totally baked. The replacement is pretty basic, remove the screws … and slide the plug from the crank case. Here is the brand new stator, as you can see it looks pretty different. At this point some of you that have a lot
of accessories on the bike, might choose to install a more powerful than stock stator
that, generating a higher number of Amperes, will provide more energy if needed. Sliding the plug back in place was a bit of
a pain. We coated it with engine oil and pushed it in, and be we i mean Jacez pushed it in. Remember to put everything back like you found it, like the cable holder in the back of the stator itself. After double checking all the screws and inserting the rotor is time to re-install the compensating sprocket… and chain. Hopefully it will be easier
than when we took it off. I so wanted to see the bike running right away but…
battery’s dead! of course, Murphy’s law. After a quick transplant from Jacek’s bike
there it goes! Pretty cool watching it run without the cover. And now, before finishing up i think is time
to take an other look at the set of “Supercherry”, the new single available on Itunes from the band “Le Mura” My very dear friend and super awesome director
Luna decided to make a “from dusk till dawn” style music video and she figured what better
people to cast for the vampire strippers dinner if not yours truly and his friends from Roma Custom Bike? I came from an actors family so I’m quite
used to this, but i have to say that the guys really impressed me, they are not actors yet they were great in taking the directors input and giving a very nice performance. bravi
Polsky, Jacek and Sergio. I also want to thank the make upoo girls for
the holes on my neck, so they didn’t have to make real ones with all the blood spewing… Since we are taking of spewing, we left the
bike spewing oil on the floor of my garden, but at list it works. Now we put back the primary cover making sure
we align the gasket… ok that Harleys are supposed to lick, but let’s keep it under
control. Once all the screws are nice and tight following
a cris cross pattern Jacek opens the clutch inspection cover to fill up the primary case
with primary transmission oil. The manual states it needs to be filled to the rim of the inspection cover wile the bike is in vertical position, and so we did. We finish the assembly by putting back the
shift pegs… and the foot-board… and after a quick wipe we are ready to check if we’ve got the power we seek. I stick the leads in the plug and I’m ready
for the moment of truth! Fantastic!!! just about 20 volts at idle speed
and over 40 when accelerating. My baby girls is back to being self sufficient
and doesn’t need a battery tender every time I park it It took us about two hours to do the all project
and we used what ever we had available and that is the true spirit of Roma Custom Bike. well, it was a lot of fun to get back in the
shop and do some actual bike work. I want to thank “Le Mura” for letting us take
part in their video and for the music that you have heard all the way trough this episode.
If you liked it you can find them on itunes by following the link in the description,
you’ll be supporting real artists. A special thanks goes to my dear friend Luna,
with her incredible talent she has made us come out like super cool bad asses and we
really really appreciate that! Remember to subscribe to our channel, share
our videos and support the show! I’m Custom Cez, and I’ll see you in the next
episode of Roma Custom Bike.

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