Hot Setting 450 pound Wagon Wheel Tires | Heavy Wheelwright Work

Well, last week we got the felloes to the point where we cn begin to assembling them on to the spokes. So we’re goin to go ahead and do that. I think it’s pretty clear as you follow through. I’m goin to speed this up a little bit, cause we’ve got a lot to cover and we’re goin to end up with setting the tires on these wheels. So, once I have the felloes on, I’m gonna to square it up to my belt sander. I also have it centered on my stand, and I’m gonna make sure that these wheels are round. So now I can begin to size the tires to the wheels. And I’m gonna do this by measuring just the wood, and I’ll jump across any spaces that might be between the felloes at the joints. The back tires for these wheels, just the tires alone, are at about 450 pounds. and are one inch thick, eight inches wide. So, now is when I can go ahead and insert these one eighth inch pipe fittings, with a grease fitting, permanently into the hubs. And before we set the tires I give them a good coat of my linseed oil mix. Well, all in all, things went pretty well. We started at ten o’clock in the morning and by noon we were done. We also started with the sun shining, ended up with cloudy and overcast, and it was just about starting to snow. Bobby Tanner from Bishop California who owns the mules that will pull these wagons, he came up to help. Dan Nemecheck, you’ve seen him work with me in past videos here in the shop, Jem Blueher from Livingston, and my son Nate, and his two children, Avery and Jack, also came over to lend a hand. And also Mark Smith, who restores antique furniture, also helped. And a special thanks to my brother-in-law, Rick Bischoff, who was kind enough to run the camera while we set these tires. All in all we had a good day. Next we’re gonna go ahead and put these on the axles and start assembling the gears. Once again, Thanks for Watching!

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