Hot Wheels Tracks Swimming Pool Bridge Adventure!
Hot Wheels Tracks Swimming Pool Bridge Adventure!

– (Carl) I think it’s time,
I think the time has come. It’s Hot Wheels tracks across
the swimming pool time. We’re starting the vlog with a song. If you know that whole joke,
you’ve been here for awhile. You guys are awesome.
Every day’s a new day. Let’s make it an awesome one. You can see the steam coming
off of the water, look at that. Look at that, yeah, it looks
like it’s made of glass or ice or something, it has
those really cool orange wheels. (upbeat music) Three, two, one, go! (upbeat music) First things first, I
think we gotta open up the swimming pool. Otherwise, it would be really easy. You could just go whoop and
it would just go right across. The whole point is to make
a bridge across the pool and then see if we can get it across. We’ve done magic tracks across the pool, now we gotta see if Hot
Wheels can make it across the swimming pool. Is it cold? – No, it’s really warm. – (Carl) Is it warm? – Yeah
– (Carl) Yeah. – We can finally swim in it. – (Carl) I know, we’ve
had this swimming pool under maintenance for
probably since before we went to Hawaii and did all that stuff but now we’ve got it all cleaned up. Wow, it looks so good. You can see the steam
coming off of the water. Look at that. That looks so nice. Perfect. As you guys probably know,
we’re buying this house. It’s only a couple of weeks away. We put in a new swimming pool pump, we’re doing a few things and
here in like the next week a lot of the furniture
and home decorations and everything like that and
the beds and the whole house are all gonna be gone,
and we’re going to remodel the whole living room. It’s going to be crazy. We’ll show you pictures on
Instagram and stuff like that so make sure you’re following us there. It’s going to be a big
project but when we’re done, this place is gonna be like a dream home. Let’s see, it says it’s
81 degrees in the pool so that’s perfect. We’ve done magic tracks across the pool, which has worked awesome, we’ve done that a couple of times now, where we’ve been able to
take a bridge across the pool and do it, but we always have
to duct tape across the bottom like a whole strip of duct
tape because the magic tracks when you pull on it kinda pops apart. That’s an advantage that I think we have with the Hot Wheels today. What’s Gumby doing out here, Kyle? – I don’t know. – That’s like a Stretch Armstrong Gumby. We should do another
Stretch Armstrong test. We have this Gumby one. We haven’t even taken him
out of the package yet. Speaking of which, we haven’t
taken the Hot Wheels tracks out of the package so I
think that’s the next thing that we need to do, guys. Let’s get these things open. We have three boxes of
these Hot Wheels tracks that we got off of Amazon,
and they’re really cool because each box is like
40 feet so honestly, I think one box is enough to go across the swimming
pool the short way, and I think we ought to start
small and work our way up to see if we can do this. Let’s see how many pieces of
tracks come in this thing. – (Kyle) Holy moly – (Carl) Wow, look at that. They really pack them in there. – (Gauge) That’s like an entire wall. – (Carl) I know, look at that. There’s a ton of Hot
Wheels tracks in there. It even comes with like,
some little connectors. These go in between the sections of track so that they snap together, and I think there’s even a Hot
Wheels car in here somewhere. Where is that… – (Kyle) Oh yeah, right there. – (Carl) Get ’em out of there, Gauge? – Yeah, I think I got it.
– There we go. – (Carl) Do we have any
more Hot Wheels cars? I think we have a whole bunch
of them somewhere, don’t we? – Yeah
– Yeah, we do. – (Carl) Kyle and Luke, you
guys should run and see if you can find any of our other
Hot Wheels cars so that the people can comment down
below, which Hot Wheels car they think is the coolest. – (Gauge) This one’s cool. It’s like a see-through, neon one. – (Carl) Look at that, yeah. It looks like it’s like made
of glass or ice or something. It has those really cool orange wheels. I like that one. – (Gauge) Yeah. – (Carl) Did you guys find them? – I just remembered, there was a family that wasn’t gonna have
a very good Christmas, so we gave away all of our
Hot Wheels, remember that? – (Carl) That’s right.
I remember that, yeah. We had like a huge box full
of Hot Wheels tracks and ramps and loop de loop’s and all
of these Hot Wheels cars. It was really awesome, but
there was a family that we found that wasn’t going to have
a very good Christmas so we actually gave it to them. So we’re starting from scratch here. We have all these Hot
Wheels tracks, and that car. Maybe we can dig the Hot
Wheels car out of the other two packs, and then we can see
which one we want to use today. There’s a realistic possibility
that all three of these Hot Wheels cars that we’re
using today are gonna end up in the bottom of the swimming pool, so smash that like button and
give them a good thumbs up so that maybe they can
make it across the pool. I’m not sure how we’re going to do this because if we just string the track across the swimming pool, it’s
just gonna sag in the middle and the cars are just gonna roll out there and stop in the middle. – Yeah – We need some sort of
like physics going on. We need some momentum. Maybe we should use one
of the ramps or something. – Or wait, there’s the wall. We can just hook it up to the wall. – That’s just so far away. – We have like three boxes of tracks. – That’s true. That’s true. I say we just grab one of these ramps, we just give it a little head start and see if we can get it across there. This is the Hot Wheels car
that came in the first pack that we opened, and this is really funny. Look what came in the other two packs. – The same Hot Wheels car. – The same Hot Wheels car. So we have three
identical Hot wheels cars. They’re all this like
blue ice looking one. It’s really cool. I think they
all have names, don’t they? This one’s called the stalker,
or something like that. That’s really cool. It’s
got like a roll cage, it’s got these orange rims
and everything in there. It’s a see-through shell. It’s gonna look perfect, but
it’s gonna be hard to find when it falls to the
bottom of the swimming pool because it really looks like the color of the water, doesn’t it? – Yep. – First things first,
we gotta put all these Hot Wheels tracks together. We’re gonna string them up
and then we’ll see what we got to work with, OK? – OK. – Alright, let’s do this. (upbeat music) This is crazy, this isn’t
even one entire box. This is only like part of
one box and it’s this long. Will it be long enough to go
short ways across the pool? I think this is gonna work
awesome for today’s test. (upbeat music) Let’s go right over to the deep end here. – OK. – Should I just push him in? – No. (laughs) – It’s always so tempting
when you’re around the swimming pool and someone’s
not really paying attention. You just kinda want to go… (laughs) Don’t you get that instinct? You just wanna go like… (laughs) I think that’s gonna work. We got a ramp here, we’re
just gonna duct tape the track starting right up here and
then we can set the car and go… and try to make
it across all the way to the other side over
the deep end of the pool. Alright, here’s the challenge guys. We gotta hoist this up over the water, over the swimming pool,
without it popping apart. So Gauge, you gotta come this
way and Luke’s on that side. – (Gauge) Oh wow. – Be really careful. Try not to let it duck-a-roo in the water. Luke, you’re gonna have to go that way. Oh no! Oh no! You know what that means? – (Luke) What? – That means we’re definitely
going to have to do a duct tape strip across the
bottom of the whole thing, just like the magic track. Alright, let’s do it. There’s no way around it. We’re just gonna have
to tape this whole thing all the way down to make
sure it doesn’t pull apart. – (Jinger) That’s a lot of tape. – I know. Hopefully this roll
that Gauge went and grabbed is long enough and actually
makes it to the other end. (laughs) Jinger still has a squeaky voice. – Are you talking about
this squeaky voice? – Yeah
– This one? – (Carl) You don’t have a voice anymore, it’s like a dog squeaky toy. Like a squeaky squeaky. (laughs) Right? – It seems like if I yell,
I have a better voice. (laughs) – (Carl) You don’t. It’s still
really ragged, I’m sorry. – If I go, how about
if I go deep? (laughs) – (Carl) Yeah let’s not do that either. Alright, we’re almost done. We’ve almost got this duct taped. It’s about half way, let’s finish this up. Here we go, attempt number two. We’ve got our duct taped, Hot
Wheels track already hooked together and taped all
the way across the bottom. OK guys, let’s go across the pool. – OK. – Gauge has got his swim suit on now. We have to try not letting
this drop in the water. While we set it up on the ramp here. Alright, let’s start here. Give me just a little bit of slack. Right there. Pull back a little bit. I gotta try to tape this down, without letting go. Oh gosh! And without letting the roll of duct tape fall into the pool too. This is kinda tricky, actually. Jinger, I might need your hand with this. This is kind difficult. – (Jinger) OK. – Here we go. I’m getting the first piece on there. I’ll tape it down. Maybe that will give
me a little bit of help while I tape it good the
rest of the way here. – (Jinger) Carl’s like a duct tape pro. (laughs) Did anybody understand me? – (Gauge) No. (laughs) – I think that’s pretty good. I don’t know that it’s going
to come off of this end here. I am worried about the slack of it like dipping in the water, in the middle. – (Jinger) It is really
close to the water. – (Carl) We’ll see. We’ll stretch it across
and see what we can do. Alright, we need a good downhill run Boy, that looks pretty awesome. – (Luke) Yeah it does. – We gotta get it so that
there’ no uphill climb. We figured out, I was
taping it down to the ramp so it would like swoop
in but the problem is, it would have to come uphill
to make it up the other end, and that just won’t work. We’re gonna actually
have to pull some tension so it’s just a downhill run
the whole way to the other end. – (Luke) Because it’s
not powered or anything. – Yeah, it doesn’t have a
motor or batteries or anything. It’s just using gravity to try
and get it across the pool. We’ll see if this works. I’m just gonna tape it across right here. We’ll consider this having made it across to the finish line. If it gets to here and stops then we know we’ve had a
successful run of the day. I don’t know, Kyle. Come and look at this, you guys. Look at the track. When you look down the angle
that this car has to go, see how it’s like wobbly? I don’t know. It’s like… – (Jinger) That track might dip. – (Carl) It might dip. It’s totally twisty. I don’t know. We’ll just have to send
a couple across here and see if they can
make it across the pool. Should we do it? – Yeah! – Alright, let’s do this. Kyle are you ready? – (Kyle) Yeah! – Don’t let go yet, we
gotta get in position. Let’s see if this first car
can make it across the pool. Let’s let mom get in position and ready. Safety diver, are you ready? – Yeah! (laughs) – Alright, let’s do our first attempt. Three, two, one, go! – Yeah! – We totally made it! First try, Kyle, I noticed you gave it like a little power boost. You gave it like a little shove and that totally made the difference. Man, it cruised right across. No problem, whatsoever. That was awesome. I think next we gotta try
and do two cars at once. Kyle, you’re gonna do the lead car and then I’ll go right behind you. You ready? – (Kyle) Yeah.
– (Carl) Let’s do this. Let’s do a countdown. Ready? – (Kyle) Three, two, one, go! Mine caught up! They both made it! – Yours kind of pushed mine. – I know, yours was slowing
down and then mine went… And then they both made
it off the finish line. Now we gotta do all three cars
and see if they can make it. We got all three cars
on the track right now. OK Kyle, are you gonna run the first one? – Yeah. – Alright, Luke let’s get
a countdown over there. – (Luke) Three, two, one, go! (cheers) – How can you not push
him in the pool, guys, he’s got those goofy goggles on. We did it! Gauge, that actually looks really nice. – It feels really good. – (Carl) Is it really…
it’s like 81 degrees in there right now so
you’re basically like swimming in a spa. Is it warm? – Yeah, that’s warm. – (Carl) Maybe we should
all go swimming tonight. That looks awesome. I think that was one of
the most successful things that we’ve ever done. We set it up, we put it all together, and it worked on the very first try. It worked every single
time didn’t it, you guys? – Yeah! It was so awesome. – (Carl) We didn’t have a single failure where a single car fell
in the water or anything. Our bridge across the pool
with the Hot Wheels tracks totally worked. If you haven’t seen our magic
track bridge across the pool, you definitely need to go check that out. Click anywhere on the
screen in order to subscribe or to watch more videos and check out all of our other stuff. All of these guys have awesome
videos on their channels too. We’ll see you guys next time! Bye!

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