HOUSE ON WHEELS – Tiny House on Wheels – DIY
HOUSE ON WHEELS – Tiny House on Wheels – DIY

Hi Guys What’s up? We’re Interesting and Ficus Today we’ll make a house on wheels To be precise here on this tow truck And then we’ll go to ride on it If you haven’t subscribed to our channel yet do it right now. And we get started Since there aren’t any big cargo wheelbarrows, we came up with such a life hack – from 3 wheelbarrows we made one big one. Well let see if it can carry them all. Everything is cool. We’ll make a house and a lawn here. Most important is that we’ll go for a ride on it. Here we’ll have a beautiful terrace with a lawn, where we can come out and ride like when the president is taken in America and he waves his hands to the public. We don’t know what it is, but Yuriy says that these are tree labels in the forest. Our construction is going on and our framework is kind of almost ready, now we are working on the roof, and of course we will make a fence as well Well guys, this is a nut’s skin, this green one, which is still unripe, if you rub it on your body, it turns brown and you can’t wash it off for several weeks It’s time to paint our walls, which are lying down, actually we decided to paint them first and will then attach Alright it’s the second day What’s funny? I have white sneakers Wow! It looks so cool in contrast to green Yes, pretty cool Completely dried up Despite the bad weather, we again started our work To avoid getting electric shock, we are using an ordinary screwdriver today The color is so cool and saturated I can make music out of anything Did you know that there are only 2 batteries used in the tow truck? of 24 volts From this, yes? Yes, each one of 12 volts It’s a big truck therefore you need a lot of power to run it What are you doing? Getting out the nuts House It’s still not a house With a real iron roof This is the home of Santa Claus, here you can actually live. Place a bed, and a TV and here’s a stove that’s it It’s already dark now, but we continue our work. It’s already the 3rd day and we still couldn’t complete our house, because of the bad weather And the last thing for our roof is this crest, which we’ll now fasten it to the top We miss our screw gun because the drill isn’t very convenient. Well how can we forget about our YouTube icon. We decided to do it here in front so that when the car will pass, all will know that we’re inside I adore this moment How can a house be without windows! And we’ll have today not just one but 2 windows Peek-a-boo Well, our house is ready but we don’t have any furniture here, so now So now me, Ficus and Yuriy will think of some kind of furniture for our house And in order to have less waste, we decided to use all the scraps that we had left over and make something out of it. Like with such wood angles we’ll make corner shelves. It’ll stand like this. We covered the shelf with a white cloth and now it reminds of a train journey, when you have a berth above you. You won’t believe with what we made our bed – we used 4 tires And a piece of OSB It’s quite stable And on the uneven roads it’ll be kind of bouncy since the tires are flexible I’ll go to the battle of psychics Well actually, it’s for the window curtains These curtains are very stylish and cheap, buy a women’s sundress in a second hand shop, cut in half and get cool curtains. Now just we need to put a lawn in our yard, the real artificial one Wow! Well that’s not all You covered the floor and also put a blanket The mascot of our house is this animal, but we don’t understand what it is. If you have some thoughts, then write them in the comments. And also need to name it Yes, we need to give it a name, although we call him beaver, as in my opinion it looks more like a beaver We thought to add a little bit of joy to our house and bought this kind of thing let me give you a short tour of our house. In this house it has everything you need for living: chair, table, bed, pillow, ottoman, there is a shelf and a guitar if you get bored, and instead of the usual mirror, we have a funhouse mirror. We have also got beautiful windows with stylish curtains, which we made from a sundress. There is a picture, a roof that doesn’t leak water, a beautiful Chinese chandelier (or Japanese, I do not know), there is a shelf and even there is a pet. It’s so cute. Well, the best thing that gives our house integrity is that it has a yard, with a lawn, Deckchair, and there is also chair and a table where you can sit and enjoy our coffee with the sunrise. But this is not the most important thing in this house. The most important thing is that it is on a tow truck and we will ride on it. Guys, it’s time for a ride! Yuriy, are you ready? Let’s hit it We’re on a ride. It’s really so cool. Me and Ficus always love to have fun and try extra ordinary things, just like today we’re in a House on the tow truck Yes, house on the tow truck Well everything turned out pretty well for us. We didn’t expect that our house would be so realistic and strong. I thought it would be flimsy. How do you like this trip? This is cool. We can really travel in it. Well guys did you like our cool house on wheels? If you liked it then be sure to hit the likes Yes, and you guys know the rules if we get lot of likes in this videos then the next video will be mega-ultra cooler. Well that’s not all. There will be a 24-hour challenge in this house by Yuriy auto Gang-star. Yes, today he will go for a ride in it, will spend the night, and probably he got some cool ideas to try. So guys, hit the likes And leave your creatives ideas in the comments Subscribe to the channel And don’t forget to click the bell to not miss out the new videos Thanks for watching See you soon Bye

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