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Houston Oil Seals
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713-956-9305 Houston oil seals Powerhouse Supply, Inc. has many Houston oil seals in stock in many varieties and materials. It does not matter what type of application, a new manufacturer or for general maintenance, our oil seals are only a phone call away. When you are working with shafts that range in size from ¼” to 40″ our company is ready to supply your Houston oil seal need. The manufacturing companies that develop Houston oil seals have done years of research on the proper elastomeric properties that are necessary to create an effective sealing. We are able to provide our customers with standard seals or custom designs to meet your manufacturing needs. Do not fear if you are having problems with heat or chemical attacking your seals, we also offer vitons and polyurethane materials along with the standard silicones and nitriles. Profile of the standard lip seals: • Series A — The outer rubber elastomer covering bears thermal expansion along with roughness in the bore of the housing. Corrosion fretting will not be found. To reduce or eliminate wear and damage to the housing bore it is important to replace the Houston oil seal regularly. The A Series is acceptable for use on sealing gaseous and liquid media. • Series B — The metallic casing allows for quick and easy fitting. The negative with regard to this B Series is the demand of closer tolerance in the housing bore to guarantee proper sealing on the outer covering. • Series C — The C Series is designed with a metallic casing and reinforcing cap. The sealing and mounting used with this series follows the same guidelines as Series B. This is the best option when dealing with operating conditions that are rough and where larger dimensions are employed. This series of oil seals are not as delicate as the A and B series because of the reinforcing cap. The rotary shaft seals are vital to the operating life of a bearing system. The function of this seal is to retain lubricants for the bearing system to function in optimal levels of lubrication. The secondary function of the rotary shaft seal is to prevent contaminants from entering the system. If you are looking for a local company to meet your Houston oil seals demands then contact Powerhouse Supply, Inc. at 713-956-9305. We have a large supply of seals to meet the needs of your equipment and keep them performing at top rate production. Powerhouse Bearing & Supply, Inc.
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Houston Oil Seals

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