How Did I Get This CR250 Frame Looking New Again?
How Did I Get This CR250 Frame Looking New Again?

what’s up guys I am all bundled up and
you know what that means I’ve got some cleaning to do outside in the freezing
cold but hey whatever it takes this is what I’m working on today a subframe
swing arm and frame off an oh three cr250 this is before any cleaning has
been done and this is after a lot a lot of scrubbing has been done keep watching
if you want to see this transformation take place I’m gonna start with the
funnest part first the frame I’ll begin by hosing it down with degreaser so I’ve
got the spray bottle filled with simple green and I’m just gonna spray down the
frame let it soak and then hose it off and start scrubbing I’ve had the frame
soaking for a good amount of time now I’m gonna hose it off with just the
garden hose I normally would use a pressure washer for this but good ol
winner destroyed my pressure washer now I’m gonna give the frame a nice little
scrub down with degreaser and a brush this will be more of a general cleaning
I’ll do the detail cleaning later on at this point the majority of the dirt
and grease is off the frame now it’s on to the little details for this step I’ll
be using the mag wheel cleaner along with a combination of these brushes this
is where the results really come in I found its easiest to work in sections
I’ll start at the head of the frame and the down tube get that as best as I can
then move on to the cradle do one spar and then the other and finish it off
with the shock tower frame is looking pretty good now on to
the best part of all getting that shine and nice factory finish and that’s where
the scotch brite pad comes into play this is what’s gonna push your frame
from just yeah to everyone saying holy shit I’ll show you what’s up all right
to get a super good finish you’re gonna want to work with the scotch brite pad
in the same direction just like that and you can fold it up to get in tighter
areas as well stuff is pretty versatile the frame is all finished up and man is
this thing beautiful you guys want your frames to look like this I got something
for you so click the first link down in the description to pick up where these
scotch-brite wheels trust me on this one best purchase you’ll make in a while and
this is what I use to keep up on the 125 as well a year and a half later after
building this bike and it still looks as good as ever so you can use these wheels
on anything aluminum engine covers kick starter brake pedal subframe even the
swing arm the list goes on and on now let’s hope I can get the sub frame and
swingarm looking just as good so I’m gonna dunk these guys into the parts
washing tank and while they’re soaking I got a giveaway for you I’ll be giving
away the clutch cover from the cr250 all you have to do to enter is write down in
the comments below what pipe you think I should run on this bike for these parts
I’m gonna scrub them down with a brush to get rid of dirt and grease and then
I’ll bust out the scotch-brite and mag wheel cleaner to brighten them up pretty hard to get any closer to new
than this right here I cannot wait to start putting this bike back together
hope you guys enjoy this one it is always so much fun seeing the
transformation these parts go through I will see you all in the next video and
go do yourself a favor and pick up a scotch-brite wheel you will not be
disappointed one day happy new year everyone

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    Stay safe you guys , saw your weather looks bad . Another great vid.

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  16. Landon says:

    Hey Cameron keep up the good work love your vids

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    I would do FMf. I love your channel

  18. ditchbank racer says:

    Stock pipe, paint removed and blue the welds with a torch.

  19. Tommy Anderson says:

    you should pick up a pro circuit platinum pipe. I have one my self and it sounds amazing!!!

  20. Jeremy Hood says:

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    Run the stock pipe! The stock pipe runs the best and looks the best.

  30. Puckgrinder85 says:

    You should invest in hot water cabinet style parts washer and maximize your time spent doing other things. We use it for transmission cases and will take all that caked on shit off and depending on your solution will brighten that aluminum a bit all in the first step. Meanwhile you could be doing something else.

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  41. Darcy Kipfer-Pryce SEA says:


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    Sick vids man loved this one especially. That mag cleaner really makes the difference.

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    I'm an Apprentice motorcycle mechanic in the UK and I love your videos! We only really get to work on new off road bikes so its great to learn the inside and outs of off road bikes. Id love to know half as much as you!

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    Love all the details you include in the videos. Video quality looks great. You list pretty much all the things you use. You are my go to for restoring my 2002 cr125r.

  53. Jacob Livingston says:

    Stock, OEM Honda

  54. Anthony Solan says:


  55. Power Wagon says:

    I just did my KX 250 F frame last night using Comet cleanser and Eagle wading aluminum polish in a rubber tub in front of a wood stove (I’m in the Colorado mountains and it’s snowing). The bike needed a top end so being somewhat ocd I took it down to the frame. I bought it used but it is super clean winter project.

  56. Power Wagon says:

    FYI Scotch Brite pads are color coded blue is fine, red is medium and blue is fine.

  57. Taras Kompaniyets says:

    Love your cleaning videos!

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  59. Erik de noorman says:

    the dents in alu u can clean upp whit fine abrasive paper from coarse to fine to finish whit scotsbride for uniform look. Also u can polish it whit cotton weel and (bleu) wax stick polishing compound,helps prevent alu corosion becose of the smood finish and looks very shiny! nice video’s u are a real mecanik ,and very aducassional 🙂

  60. Saved from the grave says:

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  65. Scott wolverine says:

    dude your work is awesome but ive got a 2000 cr250 and the welds look just like yours!!!! who did the welding? looks terrible!

  66. DirtyNinja09 says:

    Any alternatives to Mag Wheel Cleaner? It doenst get sold in my country

  67. Devon Stewart says:

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  76. TheDesertsweeper says:

    Ok so you you have cleaned up the frame all nice and shiny…is there a way to seal it and stop oxidisation? Do you just clean them and leave it like that…? A frame is not something you are wanting to be "pulling out" every weekend, if you know what I mean. I was thinking about some kind of sealant…? And on another topic – what are the possibilities of customising such a frame with colours…anyone tried anodizing one?

  77. CallMeCloud says:

    pro circut

  78. Ringo Gingo says:

    Nice job on the CR-250 Did you buy it used and wanted to take on the rebuild project or is this someones bike?
    How can you have water coming from the pipe in the ground in the dead winter? One would think it would be frozen .

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    you've got me inspired to become mechanic, particularly working with engines. thanks so much.

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  95. Thisisaj14 says:

    So on the upper tubes of the frame about where the tank sits there are two grooves in it one on each side. Why? My 00 has this too and I can't find a reason why…

    Thanks man

  96. Kevin Nguyen says:

    Hey Cameron, did the frame have a clear coat on it?

    I’m wondering how mag wheel clean and the red pad work with a frame that has that clear coat on it that’s tired

  97. Tommy Torres says:

    Good work

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