How do I Ship a 1,018 # Wagon Wheel? | Engels Coach Shop
How do I Ship a 1,018 # Wagon Wheel? | Engels Coach Shop

Well, that’s what I get for just turning my back and walking away. About had a wreck. Anyway, thanks for tuning back in this week to see how I’m gonna ship this wheel. I gave it a kind of a lot of thought, pondered long and hard about how I was gonna do this Initially, I thought I was gonna lay it down That was my intention, but a couple of things were kind of nagging at me one, that this is an 80″ wheel and the length of my forks are only 48 inches So I was just gonna barely get under the half way point of this wheel and I was concerned about keeping it balanced. Then I got to pondering, if I laid if flat it’s be pretty easy for the trucking company to put other boxes, or what other cargo on top, whatever, so that kind of bothered me. So I thought maybe I’d probably stand it up. And also I think it would be the most efficient use in the trailer, as far as space goes. So then if became the question of how do I stabilize it to keep it upright, cause it’d be kind of top heavy. Well, I had a little extra large pallet here. Most pallets are 40 by 48 I had one that was 48 by 50 so that’s the one I chose to use. And I put a half inch sheet of OSB on top of it to kinda give it a little better foundation And then, in the middle of that, after I got it pretty well screwed down, I put a lot of screws in this whole thing as you’ll see as we go. But, uh, underneath, where the wheel is gonna set, I put another 3/4″ piece of OSB underneath it to take the weight of the wheel itself. So, I hope it’ll work. We’ll see how it kinda goes. It took me a long time to crate this up, and there was a lot of stopping and pondering, and, well,, what am I gonna do next? So, not to say that I really had this all well planned out. I kinda flew by the seat of my pants and it kinda just evolved. So, this is what happened and we’ll hope it works. So, it’s supposed to be about a five day delivery time from Montana to Virginia So, sometime next week we should maybe hear how well it traveled. Yeh, we hope we crated it up sufficiently. So, once again, thanks for watching!

100 thoughts on “How do I Ship a 1,018 # Wagon Wheel? | Engels Coach Shop”

  1. Ron says:

    Looks good to me but you sure do a lot of screwing around! πŸ™‚

  2. Chuck Shaffer says:

    As a driver the one thing it appears to me that you should have done was to put something between the wheel and the wood finish. When it is unpacked they may find rub marks on it.

  3. Howard Luken says:

    And fedexupsusps immediately dropped it off the back of a truck…

  4. Bob Kemp says:

    if they dont have a building to put the wheel in where its going you are sending enough wood to build one

  5. Fiore Vitola says:

    I did not have a clue when you started to create the wagon shipping creat until the frame was built. I hope it makes it there safely. Nice works on shipping creat. The wagon wheel is superb.

  6. Jim Willoughby says:

    I had a feeling the crate would be a thing of beauty in and of itself, and I wasn't wrong. Just because of my part time work, I'm into transportation. That tractor-trailer ain't brown so NPT or OD?

  7. Bob Johnson says:

    I gotta say that pallet you choose for the base was just a hair on the rinky dink side! With all that bouncing down the interstate to get to Virginia, I'm betting that pallet turns into kindling from that 1018 pounds of weight on top!

  8. Howard Schaefer says:

    Wonderful job Dave. If only we could see it in its final resting place.

  9. Clyde Balcom says:

    Well. I don't think that wheel is going to roll away on it's own again. Might even say the wheel has been put in the doghouse. Lol.
    And to answer your question. Very carefully.

  10. Jonathan says:

    Seems safer, and less work to lay on its side and build HD box around it. But easy for me to say.

  11. Alasdair Hamilton says:

    πŸ€” Buyer collects πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ΄σ §σ ’σ ³σ £σ ΄σ Ώ

  12. James Gilliland says:

    Packaging it up was almost as detailed as the building of the wheel. Thanks for sharing and I hope it makes it safely.

  13. Arthur Jones says:

    Just wrap it up in bubble wrap and Saran Wrap then ship it. The bubble wrap is really just there to give the husband something to do while his wife is operating the crane to hang it in just the right place.

  14. John Collins says:

    Bet your cordless drill batteries saw a lot of time in the charger with all those long screws! LOL

  15. patrick dean says:

    built a house around that wheel so it is comfortable when it travels very very secure looking

  16. Christopher Maurer says:

    I laughed when I saw the the old pallet. I thought you were having a lend of us, but no the final product was a masterpiece . Very impressed , as always. Thanks for sharing Dave.

  17. BBFour says:

    Hope the driver got out of the trailer, lol. Looked like a pretty snug fit.

  18. Richard H Fehrenback II says:

    Let's see one trip to the hardware store for some 2 x 4's, two 5 pound boxes of screws and what else?

  19. Wayne Shirey says:

    I bet it was close to 1300 lbs with the crating.

  20. Shain Andrews says:

    That is certainly something. When the crating gets its very own episode. I think standing it up was a good decision.

  21. mumblbee bee says:

    I can not conceive of you ever having a dissatisfied customer! Even watching you crate a wheel gives me the comfy feeling of some crafts folk still keeping the spirit going!

  22. 41magfan says:

    Don't send it there FedEx or UPS!!!

  23. Needle Noddle-noo says:

    That is so elegant!

    I would have bodged up something massive that would have added half again to the shipping-weight.

    Craftsmanship and a lifetime of accumulated knowledge and experience always wins in the end!

  24. Rodney Wroten says:

    Been seeing a lot of broke up shiping here lately. Hope yours will be ok

  25. Steve Adams says:

    Shipping and handling… $$$$$ Wow! Looks like a great job!

  26. BX B says:

    You're good at building everything.

  27. Tyler Hendry says:

    I love your videos. Seeing the price of diesel at the conoco across the street really drives home the cost of living in California when it’s $2.00 more per gallon. I miss the country.

  28. ClayZ says:

    God. As a machinist, this is nothing less than gorgeous. I don’t know what the customer specs are regarding how beautifully finished this wheel needs to be, but I’ll bet you guys exceeded it by a good margin. It is a functional wheel, which is the
    basis of the beauty.

  29. george fulk says:

    From what I’ve seen you did a good job on putting a crate around it.

  30. Brian Wood says:

    One screw for each pound of wagon wheel, yep, that otter do it!

  31. william freeh says:

    unless you ship it via U.P.S, it should arrive at its destination safe and sound. nice job as usual,

  32. shop shop says:

    If you can say, I'd be interested in hearing what the shipping cost turns out to be——–!
    I take it these are the biggest wheels you've made?

  33. Brown Milligan says:

    there is my best liked green wagon. thanks for a great show.hope to see you next wk.

  34. netterstyl says:

    Cost of wheel = X
    Cost to pack, ship, and install wheel = X times 2
    Total cost = you don't wanna know

  35. wayne p says:

    But they wanted a one of a kind wheel and you went an built two.

  36. Texadan says:

    Sir, Ya better be careful. The state Hwy Dept. may come lookin for you to help design and build bridges. If that dont work I dont know what would. I dont see anythin in the world wrong with the way you have that wheel all crated and trussed up. Lets see 1000 # wheel and 500# of lumber and another 50# of screws. So the total is gettin close to a ton. Glad I'm not payin for the shippin. Once again you have outdun yourself. Another fine job completed. Take care, please be careful in everthin you do and most of all, God Bless You and all yours………………

  37. Robert Woelk says:

    In the flat deck world we would have the wheels rest on the blocks slightly so it distribute the weight over a larger area. You did that with the extra osb. The better the crating the happier the truck driver.

  38. Khadijah Brown says:

    Twenty years ago we built a deck using screws. Half of them broke off in a year. I sure hope that they make the screws stronger now.

  39. Danish Piper says:

    1000 lbs wheel and a 2000 lbs palletπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  40. Bruce No ya says:

    Any chance of seeing the finished chandelier?

  41. RVA Maker says:

    Brilliant! I live in Virginia, love to see it!

  42. Enrique Cortina says:

    Great job . Thank you for all your good ideas. Blessings to all your family.

  43. Pockets MacCartney says:

    Imagine getting it like an Ikea kit.

  44. Tom F says:

    They can build a shed with the crate when it arrives! LoL

  45. Todd Haver says:

    I wanna see them install it

  46. Todd Haver says:

    I wanna see them install it

  47. Gene Goodman says:

    Well I think it's ok, I've uncrated some large things over time. This is as good as or better than some stuff I've seen. Good work
    Now what's next? Stay safe

  48. Rich Parker says:

    Of I order one through Amazon will it qualify for Prime ? Lol. Thanks for sharing your videos.

  49. rlm98253 says:


  50. Life After Work says:

    It looks well crated, but I just have had too many bad experiences with shippers to feel totally comfortable. Good luck, and let us know how it goes. Regards, Solomon

  51. Scruffy 61 says:

    You did and excellent job packing that up for shipping.

  52. Chris Bruinsma says:

    Your pallet was built stronger than many new homes today…….That is both a compliment……and sad of the poor quality of buildings now

  53. Richard Schmidtendorff says:

    This project will truly shine a little light on wheel making πŸ™‚

  54. Cadwaladr says:

    As a woodworker, former truck driver, and sometime carpenter, I think you did a pretty damn good job crating that up. I've had poorly fixed loads shift on me more times than I care to think about, but this was a job well done.

  55. pethoviejo says:

    Well done.

  56. Ron Mack says:

    Enjoyed the video Mr. Engel. I believe that will travel just fine. What's your plans for the other wheel that's like it? Y'all take care and God bless.

  57. Texantelidi says:

    I've been waiting all week to see this. And I wasn't disappointed (as usual).

  58. charlie don't surf says:

    Can see why that needed a bit of thinking….looks like you thunk it out pretty well…build a wheelhouse !

  59. Harrison Beckett says:

    you certainly are a master woodworker thank you for the video

  60. Milan Trcka says:

    Just the "crate" is a work of art and engineering!

  61. xander witt says:

    πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈπŸ€¨come and pick it up. Ps take a bit of a truck.

  62. aubreyaub says:

    Again, marvellous watching someone work. Just glad it is you Dave.
    nb. Love the single axle trailers in the States. Here in Australia, they love axles, axles are good. the more the betterer, and would have at least 3 under that bugger. Reckon the rules are made by manufacturers of Axles and Tyres, here.

  63. montewoods says:

    Very kuhl!

  64. Kevin Reardon says:

    If that thing moves, its the trucking companies fault.

  65. Jon Rothenbusch says:

    I'd ship with a note saying "some assembly required"…..theyll figure it out or they won't… I love your stuff man, keep it up and we'll both stay sane!

  66. Stan7670 says:

    Nice job making the wheel. On the side packing struts I would have preferred seeing you notch the bottom of the strut like you did the top.

  67. Tee Mac says:

    Awesome. A bunch of common sense and learned knowledge went into that packaging. A little bit of your own Fibonacci lol. Thnx for the video.

  68. Steph Boeker says:

    Yep, that'll work πŸ™‚

  69. ncsuperdad says:

    That wheel is a true work of art as well as function. Congratulations.

  70. Dick Meyers says:

    Me? I'd just roll it into the UPS store, give them the shipping address and say you figure it out!

  71. UnTiedMusicStudio says:

    Egad man, I've seen houses that weren't that well built πŸ™‚

  72. Frozen Lake says:

    After the delivery I fully expect to see the container for the wheel begin a new life as a recycled project. Too bad we couldn't follow it and see what happens. Thank you for another great video.

  73. Ray Taylor says:

    After watching these videos for the last month, I realize that you have expanded your portfolio, with horseless carriages and home decor.

  74. Joe Romanak says:

    Once again, thanks for showin us how. Looked like a fine bit of packaging to me. I’m not worried about the trucking co breaking it but I’m sure they’ll do their best to beat it up. Hope it arrives intact. The new owner will be thrilled I’m sure. Good job πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘πŸ‘

  75. Frank j says:

    from Montana to Virginia that wagon wheel will have some miles on it and never turned a spoke

  76. Joseph l frazier says:

    Looks good. How much more weight did that add for shipping cost. Is there insurance on it for the shipping?

  77. Frank Walker says:

    Next time tell them they only come in pairs, one in front, one in the rear with a 15hp hit and miss motor in the middle, hire a brave young jasper to ride it out.

  78. Duane Lundgren says:

    Looks like the wheel got a coat of polyurethane finish… Looks great!! I noticed a pile of old wagon wheels by the front door… I'm hoping business is looking up!! And it looks like diesel is $2.50 – $2.60 at Conoco… Did I see that correctly? Thanks for the video, Mr. Dave!!

  79. I amcarbonandotherbits. says:

    See what you mean about the screws. Its had more of them than a hooker on a buy one get one free night.

  80. Barry Roberts says:

    Good job, thinking can produce a good result!

  81. Mark Madrid says:


  82. Xinn says:

    I would really hate to be the guy unpacking that thing. A box of screws and nails to undo. oi

  83. Louis Schueler says:

    Did you not make 2 where is the second one going ?

  84. Ralph Mills says:

    This crate has more wood and fasteners in it than some homestead YT'ers have in their DIY chicken coops.

  85. Steve Skouson says:

    Dave, after seeing that crating job, I'm IMPRESSED!

    Almost think it would have been easier to make
    another Borax wagon. Your work is just amazing!


  86. Shane Etchison says:

    How I ship a thousand-pound wagon wheel:

    "H-hi," said the wagon wheel, looking bashfully at the ground.
    "Hello," replied Harry. "I saw you in potions class. My name is Harry Potter."
    "I know," said the wheel. She thought better of that and, turning a peculiar shade of crimson, added a bit too loudly,
    "I mean, pleased to meet you Harry, I'm a thousand-pound wagon wheel!"

  87. Lance Russell says:

    Not sure if that's over kill or if I was watching the Energizer bunny but its how you seem to do all your jobs nothing over looked I'll bet it will work just fine good job

  88. George Ladd says:

    Wasn't there two of those wheels? Both could ship on the same pallet, but it would be HEAVY.

  89. Eastern Woods says:

    Not bad. Beautiful work Now you know why slitters ship coils "eye to the sky" when they truck to stampers.I would have put cardboard or rags where there may be rubbing points to preserve the finish. And my dad would have sanded all the rough edges on the crate.

  90. Gregory Leppert says:

    Dang…I knew I should have bought Acme Screw Company stock.

  91. Frank Hurlburt says:

    Love to see the uncrating and installation of it

  92. Bob Hudson says:

    Which took longer to make, the wheel or the packing?

  93. Andrias Muller says:

    Your question: "How do I Ship a 1,018 # Wagon Wheel?" In a ship, of course, hehehe!

  94. Patman Crowley says:

    All I can say is THANK GOD YOU DIDN'T GO UPS FREIGHT. Old Dominion is very good. I used to build special skids for odd parts. It was fun watching someone else to the work and that was a great design.

  95. Bullet Begone says:

    Fantastic! ingenuity at its best. Nothing like common sense and skill and ability together.

  96. Suzi SaintJames says:

    What did you do with the other wheel? πŸ’β˜€πŸŒ΅

  97. ozz says:


  98. Paul S says:

    it wil take them a week to unpack it!

  99. Douglas Thompson says:

    Built like Fort Knox but I bet today's modern trucking companies/railroads can destroy it to where even the steel tire won't survive!! Take care. Doug

  100. Gil Core says:

    Must be up toΒ 3/4's of aΒ ton with the added weight from the screws. LOL

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