How Does a Pulley Work?: Q&A with Nate | Design Squad

Hey, I’m Nate from Design Squad. We got in a question
to the website from berl88, who wanted to know,
“How do you make a pulley?” A pulley is a way to use a wheel
for lifting. You just need two things:
one is something round– I’m going to use a roll
of paper towels– and something to put
the round thing on so it can spin. Now, I’ve got a broom handle. The broom handle is going
to function as the axle, which is the thing the pulley
spins around, and my paper towel roll
is going to be the pulley. Now, the cool part about it is the word “roll” is actually
quite important. We like wheels on cars because instead of the car
sliding along the ground, the wheel helps it roll
along the ground. So in the same way, instead of having a rope
or string slide over the axle, it gets to roll over the pole. Now, over this pulley, I could put a rope or a string
and pull on one side and have it lift up
the other side, or I could attach
the broom handle to something I wanted to lift,
attach the string above, and then pull up
from the other side, which would make it roll up, and that would actually
make it easier to lift. Pulleys are everywhere
because they’re so useful. They help make work easier
by redirecting motion or loads. I used a pulley when I made
a cat feeder system to get food up to a cat
that lives two floors above me. The pulley helped me redirect
the cat food. When I pulled the string down,
the food went up. What other questions do you have
about how things work or stuff about engineering? Send them on in
to theDesign Squadwebsite.

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