How I Fixed My Broken Shock Linkage Bearings
How I Fixed My Broken Shock Linkage Bearings

hey guys I am back out in the shop
working on the cr250 once again so what I’ve got going on today I’ll be
replacing all the shock leakage bearings and if you remember right when I went to
go pull apart this linkage all the bearings fell apart and it was a
complete disaster with the help of my friends over at pivot works I’ve got a
linkage rebuild kit here it’s got all the bearings seals and bushings that
I’ll need to make this linkage brand-new again and what’s cool is it doesn’t
require any special tools to rebuild the linkage here’s where I’m at with a
linkage right now two of the bearings are out and this is what it looked like
when I pulled it apart just a bunch of bearings and rust and dirt pretty nasty
of course the first step is going to be to push these two bearings out as well
as all these bearing races I’ll be using a vise and a couple of sockets to knock
the old bearings out of the linkage the larger socket fits on the outside
diameter the linkage just like that and the smaller socket goes on the inside
this is what’s gonna push the bearing race out of the linkage I’m gonna set up
the linkage in the vise just like this with one socket on the inside making
contact with the bearing race and the other socket on the outside of the
linkage so I should be able to tighten the vise down and I’ll push those
bearing races right out of the linkage and this just occurred to me I have
actually never done this before so I’m learning just as much as you guys are if
your races are being stubborn like these ones are you may want to apply some heat
to help it out this bearing has two races one on each
side I pushed the one race over to the other
and now it’s getting a bit difficult so I’m gonna apply some more heat to give
it a hand well this is pretty slick the races are actually moving on their own
just because of the heat as long as I have pressure with the bike here once I
apply heat the races will slide over by themselves so if I didn’t explain this earlier
what’s happening is the smaller socket is pushing the races out and into the
larger socket so we’ve got one race out and the other one is just about there
I’m just gonna knock it out the rest of the way with hammer Creek that’s hot
Oh burning my hands over here alright one last smashing it will be out all
right so that’s one set of bearing races I’ve got one more up here and then
another set right here it’s amazing how big of a difference
adding heat makes I don’t think I’d be able to push these races out without the
torch those ones came out pretty easy just got
one left now all right that’s it for this piece onto the connecting arm it looks like we’ve got some blind
bearings on this connecting arm so what that means is the center diameter is
smaller than the diameter of the bearing so that way I can’t push the bearings
all the way through like I did with the other ones so I lied you guys you
actually do need some special tools to pull out these bearings I’ll be using a
blind bearing puller for this situation first off I’m gonna have to empty all
the needles out of the race all right so I found the right size
polar insert for this linkage it’s gonna pop it in place and when I tighten down
this bolt here it’s gonna expand and I’ll be able to attach the slide hammer
to this insert and pull the bearing out of the linkage with the linkage in the
vise and the slide hammer attached I should be able to apply some heat and
yank this race right out that was actually a lot easier than I anticipated
this slide hammer worked pretty good the linkage is now completely bare just
gonna give it a little cleanup before I pop in this new bearing set all right I’m gonna lay out all these
bearings bushings and seals make sure I got everything and then start slapping
this thing back together looks like everything is here got the seven
bearings all the pins seals dust caps and they even included some grease so I
am all set so once again I’ll be using the vise and a couple of sockets to
press these bearings into place I’m going to start with this bearing right
here before I pop the bearing into place I’m gonna apply some grease to the
inside of the linkage and it’s also not a bad idea to apply
some grease to the bearing as well on this first part I’m not going to need
any sockets just gonna get the bearing started and pushed all the way in until
the vise bottoms out you’ll definitely want to make sure the bearings is
straight before you start cranking on the vise at all at this point the vise
bottomed out so I’m gonna have to use the socket to push the bearing in the
rest of the way so I’ve got one bearing in now I’m gonna pop the other side in
one thing I didn’t mention earlier is there’s a rounded side and a flat side
to the bearing the flat side of the bearing is marked you always want to go
with the mark side facing out all right I’ve got both bearings pressed
in till they’re flush with the inside surface now I’m going to set the depth
the depth on these two bearings should be six to six and a half millimeters
from the outside surface of linkage here so I’ve got my handy dandy calipers here
and I’m gonna measure the depth hopefully it’s around six millimeters we
are at five point five so it needs to go a little bit deeper gonna go ahead and
measure that again we are at six point one so that is within the recommended
range and of course it’s always a good idea to stuff a bunch of grease inside
the bearing to keep your lubed up this is about as packed as you can get as far
as grease goes never hurts to be on the safe side I’m just gonna grease up the
bushing as well and slide that into place let’s see how she spins man that is
smooth that’s a good feeling right there and then on this particular bearing
there’s a washer that goes on each end and of course it wouldn’t be complete
without some fresh seals and dust caps just going to apply a little bit of
grease to the inside of the linkage before I pop in those seals just going to make sure it’s pressed in
and straight and I’m going to move on to the other side and last but not least
got some dust caps got one bearing out of the way only three more to go all right on the second bearing I’ve got
both sides pressed until they’re flush now I’m going to set the depth the
recommended depth on these ones is four point four to four point seven
millimeters this side is just under four millimeters so I’m gonna have to press
it in just a little bit more I’m just about at four point four millimeters and
I’m gonna call that good now I’m just gonna pack the bearing with grease and
pop everything together now it’s on to the last bearing for this
triangle piece so for this one I’m going to press it all the way into the linkage
and then Center it to Center the bearing I’m going to use the calipers to measure
the depth on each side until it’s equal on this side were at one point three
four and this side looks pretty close maybe a little bit deeper oh it’s at two
point three six all right one side we’ve got two point one one and 1.53 still a little bit more work one point seven seven and one point
seven five so that is going to be close enough the seals and dust caps on the
lower shock bearing are situated a little bit differently so the seal goes
over the dust cap just like so and then it is pressed into the linkage so with
the smaller part of the dust cap facing out well folks that is it for the
triangle piece just got a few bearings left on the connecting arm it is time to
pick the winner for the giveaway of the scotch-brite wheel from the previous
video it’s gonna head over here to the random comment picker looks like we had
a thousand 82 comments and once I click this button it’s gonna pick a complete
random comment and that comment will be the winner all right we’ve got Deegan m
and he says 2002 cr125 well d again i hope you can find a use for the
scotch-brite wheel I’m gonna grab your shipping address and nail that thing
over to you Congrats dude thanks for all the
comments everyone it was really cool to see all the bikes that you guys have
pressing the bearings into the connecting arm is gonna be pretty
straightforward there’s a ridge down here inside the link I’m just gonna push
the bearings all the way in till they meet that Ridge all righty guys the linkage is now 100%
back together and I am really happy with how this thing turned out the pivot
works bearing kit had everything I needed and the whole setup went together
very smoothly so if you guys are in need of any sort of bearing for your bike
whether that’s wheel bearings or leakage bearings like the ones I just installed
or perhaps you need a shock or fork rebuild kit definitely go check out
pivot works I would highly recommend them I’ll put the link to the website as
the first one down in the description below thanks for watching the video guys
I will catch up with you all in a few days
take care

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